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Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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WAtheAnum's News

Posted by WAtheAnum - 13 days ago

I already thanked some of you guys but i got so many happy birthday wishes round my accounts that i say here now thanks to all of you for comming by and dropping a comment.

As for the day, it sadly didnt went really well for me, more like a regular day where i would like to hang myself. I got no gifts or like but i bought myself cake, some booze and got the new Luigi game for my switch. So insteed of celebrating it i guess i was just sitting here, alone, drawn my latest picture i uploaded, craked open some booze and got the cake ready wile sitting on my bed and looking around aimlessly. At the nighttime i tried the said new game and had some fun with it, i sure will play luigi a bit more if im in the mood. but yea, that was pretty much my day, sadly.

again, thanks to everyone.

Posted by WAtheAnum - 2 weeks ago

me, i guess.


Posted by WAtheAnum - 3 weeks ago


OK first of all, October was for me "not that great" tbh with you. Artwise, i sure had ideas for it somewhat and also even still have some ideas i didnt draw (like the re-drawn which i saved up for november).

Gamewise, oh boy, Stiff digging 2s update is comming its way for sure. As for a "new" game, i have something in mind i wanna try but im not sure IF it would run on flash nor html 5 since there will be a lot stuff going on on the screen and behind it.

Real life wise, i got pretty much hit with a hammer the last month. i dont eat regular, i dont sleep on a regular base, some times i nearly sleep WHOLE days, my health problem doesnt went better and my "family" pretty much gives a shit about it - literally. No im srs here that i might "celebrate" my birthday (which will be on the 6th November, just said) totally ALONE - i already got myself some frozen cake i will make ready for it. Boy, i will be pretty lonely this day i guess >>

However, i think i have some ideas i wanna draw this month so i will have at least some fun drawing. As for th list:

- The said 2 Re-Drawn pictures. i didnt forget them, it was october so i drawn other stuff for this time :P logical heh

- Another, deep emotional picture i guess?

- A birthday special picture IF i dont forget XD

Thats all i got for this month so far but im sure i got some others soon.

Next to this, Starvixen got over 10K clicks last month, its not that much but i thought i "might" update it soon with some stuff. I have SOMEthing in mind but since Faly is right now not much able to help me out (laptop problems, we still collect money for her viva her calendar! check my gallery for that!) i might have to either wait or come up with something else.

I hope at least you guys will have a happy incomming halloween in the next days and for sure had a better october time than i had. Cant wait already to eat my birthday cake all alone, yay... <<;

Posted by WAtheAnum - October 4th, 2019

Do you know this letter long posts when people be like "i have to share where you can find me" and post link after link in this post?

Well i found someway which makes it kinda easy to stop spaming people with links and links and links.

Just send them a carrd.


(thanks to my friend who shown me this, it makes online life way easier to share)

Posted by WAtheAnum - September 30th, 2019


Okeyyy here we are and were should i begin...

Let be begin where i exactly think the stuff runned down the hallway.

As i said i finally got myself a new PC, which works fine dont worry. The problem seems like that more my Dad didnt like the idea that i got a New PC and "some" of the money from "strangers from the internet" (quoting my dad~).

Since we pretty much are not really "that close" and the last day are...kinda hell here, sometimes. Which more or less means, stress every day.

Ok here i have to finally talk a bit more about the situation:

As i said so often, i have some health problems, making me unable to work which "might" change in spring next year, which also means "moving out" is something i cant effort just by "doing" it. I know i would get some stuff "paid" but its not that easy and way more complex if youre not able to work or have such health problems - and thats what my dad doesnt "WANT" to understand.

Next to this, he also doesnt like what im doing nor does he really care - like my drawing, creating games or like, which feels like he really thinks im just a "useless shit" (trust me he said worse already).

Anyways, right now (past half the month~), its more the "silent stalemate" here and thing are going "slowly" to be normal, i hope.

But wile that is just ONE part of the mess, the other one would be that i also got pretty sick the last day.

I have sleep problems, headache, i cant breath pretty good (cough and sneeze/mild flu), my right ear went NEARLY totally derf - i have a lot problems heh...I love my luck... <<;

But yes, you can pretty much see here i sure wanted to draw something but the last days, i just kissed the bed blanket - i even slept nearly some whole days whats how bad i was feeling.

Nowadays, im still a bit sick and the dad problem doesnt make it any better but i sure try to "survive".

But yea, since october is around the corner rolling - and i give a fuck about "inktober" since im a free thinking person - i have collected some ideas over my sick days in the bed:

- FIRST OF ALL, about some games of mine:

-- Starvixen got a small update some days ago which fixed some intern errors with spawnrates and like (Version 1.0.55). You shouldnt lose your saves (if you know what i mean~~~) so you should download the new version.

-- The work on the new version of Stiff Digging 2 is in the final phase. Well, kinda. My dude works on it and its, right now, mostly just small bugs to fix and stuff to do. The hardest problem might be that it will work not really good on flash or H5 so we might ending up with a full download - WHICH in the end would be still nice since on that base we could do way more with the game - STILL, we dont know yet and i dont spoiler anything here.


I have some ideas like

- A Spy vs Spy cosplay picture for the halloween time

- I also thought about i might draw another halloween picture with Lemina, a tiny and cute one. I mean, come on, why not? :D

- Somber, for suuuuure~ :3

- 2 (at least) Re-drawn pictures ^^

So i hope you guys had and will have a better time then me here heh...

Posted by WAtheAnum - August 29th, 2019


I kinda have to say, in august already happend way to much.

So whats new and worth talking about:

- First of all, for peopel who still dont know, I got my New PC. First, the programs i were using on my old Laptop were not working but i think now it seems to be "fixed". i cant promise it but i THINK they are, which makes drawing for me again worth doing and fun to do.

THE ONLY THING i need is a new monitor now. i got one gifted with my PC but its more like "you can use it". its not bad, sure not but not good for art coz of the size, which will be fixed in september since i will get myself a new one too.

- Over this month, 2 GAMES of mine got or will get a new update:

First of them is actually Starvixen which is right now version 1.0.53

It got some updates for people who doesnt know and you should check them out on the said page and might download the new version:


The other game which pretty much gets a TOTAL overhaul will be Stiff Digging 2 were a good friend of mine, named GlitchyDust, overworked pretty much everything on the whole game. its not done yet but it will have a LOT new stuff to check soon. there IS already a teaser from the new intro which you can check here:

With that said "overhauls & updates" i already got a new idea for another game i might work on some day but right now, honestly, i relax a bit and enjoy my new PC with games like Monster Hutner World or try to fix artistical problems X3

- Said that, ARTWISE i have NO CLUE what i could draw. Normaly i have a tiny letter here with ideas pinned on my wall...but there is none for this month so im really out of ideas.

ONE idea will be a designs overhaul for my Spy Vs Spy characters. I duno how but i might give them a more "detail" change like the old art from "DarkPenguin" - a sample from his art:


So i duno if i keep them more classical or go with a style more "fitting" to the one i already draw OR even one mixed up with my regular one - said that, im really not sure.

As for my other characters, as i said i have no clue what i really could draw this month. im really burned out right now since all the stuff change with my lappi and PC and here at home, kinda hitted my health and stressed me out.

I need to relax a bit and might come up with something soon, else i might take some weeks off.

we will see.

Stay tuned!

Posted by WAtheAnum - August 21st, 2019

Well some good and some bad news:

GOOD news are: I got my NEW PC today! WOOOOOOOHOOO! :D No srsly its nice ^^

BAD NEWS: one of my artwork programs doesnt work on the said PC which i NEEDED to draw digital.

Said program was "Picture It! 10" from windows.

So maybe someone knows a good alternative (free) program which i could use insteed? It really would be nice if you could name one and send a link where i also could download it ^^;

Posted by WAtheAnum - August 20th, 2019


As for the game im talking about, im talking about my game which you can play on my accounts around the net like on newgrounds here:

As for people who might know and remember, i sure enjoy makign games but sometimes it needs a little help from someone else to create "what" you want. Said that, with a lot coding and artistical help from "Glitchydust" from Newgrounds, Stiff Digging 2 will get a HUGE improved overhaul in MANY ways.

So what was Glitchydust working on and what can i at least tell you without spoilering to much:

- First of all, Falling boulders. that alone will be a huge improvement over the original 1.00 version

- WAY better artstyle. Im srs here that my pixel art-"skills" are not the best so this will be really nice now

- Overall way better movement overhaul

With that said, im glad for Glitchydusts help since he created a better base and helped me not only with the code. He himself is also working on a game, its not finished yet. His Newground account:


So yea, as for the "new versions release date", i dont know and i dont rush it. i just want to say to get ready for a HUGE improved "new" Stiff Digging 2 experience. ;D

Posted by WAtheAnum - August 2nd, 2019



This journals "kind of writestyle" (you will read what i mean) is more suppost to ment for my accounts NEXT TO NEWGROUNDS. So watchers/people on newgrounds are pretty much not the reason "why" the journal looks like that. So again, you guys are fine ;)

Well, august baby and what can i say. lets get over some topics which i reeeeeeeaaallly like to roll over my tongue~

1. Im about to leave - e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

Yes. this is not a joke.

I asked for help and i ended up in a room of greedy people who didnt even have the 10 bucks to help someone to ask and offerd a handcrafted game with nsfw stuff in it. I know people want it, i saw on all my pages the interest -is- there since they asked me "WHEN IT IS FREE"!

You know how that feels~?

Its like you create something as "reward" for people who really help me out and people give a crap about the whole situation. I saw people on FA and co which asked for a LOT money for reasons which are far more idiotic then mine which actually was really a think of help - oddly THOSE got money and me? Well, let me tell you...


Thats right. noone. not a SINGLE one. i got nothing, no money, no copy from StarVixen was given anywhere to anyone...OH NO WAIT!

There was actually ONE, yes, ONE person on IB (and he also has a FA) which gave me a huge amount of money which i cant thank enough about it. I dont wanna make this said person look mad or i dont wanna call this person out but, being a fair man, this said person barely even know my stuff and art but still gave me a huge amout of money i am really thankful for. this actually, THIS SINGLE PERSON, helps me a lot getting my new PC i need "very soon".

Oh and to be sure, i sure shamed myself since it was just this single person who gave me such huge amount of money. i dont wanna say the exact amout but lets say it was sure so much, MORE then i get in a month, just so YOU GUYS who asks me "when the game is free" knows.

Im kinda sorry im a bit "in rage" here but, im honest here, shame yourselves at least a bit.

3. As for my good watchers! Something for ya :D

I have some watchers which follow me now a long time and actually care what i do. they might did not support me with money but with a feeling and the comments n stuff which let me know im creating something which is really worth doing.

As i so often said, i never ask for fame. if i ask for something, it would be respect for what im doing.

Yes, im not a mainstream freaking krystal and renamon titty furry fag artist, i do my own sheat. I draw Spy vs Spy, i draw Lemmings, i create games, i create music i love and like, i make pictures from me with a he-man wig, i do all the shit i want.

Im not born to be 1 single voice in the crowd, i want to be -A- voice in the crowd. Im not a fuqin yiff artist which creates OCS which get layed by nearly everything. i "create" figures which have a life and a romanic and like to tease and if they have a intim moment, it is a lovely one, not a rape one.

As for all my watchers here again, i say thanks and i want that all my watchers which actually read that, write me please a note.

write me a note with 3 details from my characters, 3 different ones, and why you like or love or how you know about this details. Just for the fun of it. I will read those notes and will add something in return IF i like them/they are correct since you guys are also worth it, you guys were the reasons i keep so long going and doing this and you deserve it.


As i said, i QUOTE:


"Yes" but not right now."

Major look up two things here:

First i wrote yes with "" and i used the word "POOR BASTARD". Im actually thinking to release a so called "poor bastard edition" which makes the game very unfair next to the version my other people will get for free. HEY! i am in rage mode and, for real, creating a game which was normaly there to thank people got smashed with the question when it will be free, do you think such think feels good~?

Im srs here, i thought about to release the game very soon or at least as soon as i get the money i need. i got for sure now from this said single person a lot money and now i "could" say "the game will be for free". first, i think i wait a bit after all. Yes, the game is finished, just fixing some stuff here and there in the last days, but, like for real?

I think i will release the game for free, the full version (yes, i think it sure would be a dick move to create a "poor bastard edition"...but that doesnt mean i DONT keep it in mind~) at the end of next week or at least the end of this month, depending how thinks work out for me.


Well, since noone really gives a crap about as long as i dont draw any known character, fuck it i say it anyways what im about to work on.

- Another picture with Lemina. i have something in mind which is just to cute.

- A cosplay picture with someone, i dont tell which cosplay~

- A Spy vs Spy picture i guess

- another Re-Drawn! picture

- The picture pose from Starvixen for Krystal (yea, "krystal tittys")

Anyways, what ever i would say now here, fuck it. who cares, right?

Posted by WAtheAnum - July 28th, 2019

First of all, i know they were a lot problems about the link below the uploaded teaser pictures. The link was only there for a shorttime and doesnt really work anymore so i uploaded the fullsize picture here now too, to view it better for yourself and you know about what im talking about:


SOOOoooo well then.

About the game i guess:

Yes, It is basicly a pretty nice Shooter where you shot & avoid stuff which is basicly a 2D Starfox. Not with all the level stuff and different ways to choose but more a "the longer you play, the harder it gets" type of game - and yes, i really mean it gets really harder and harder.

You can choose where to begin. Easy begins really pretty "tame" with 1-2 enemy types wile "Hard" let you begin already a bit "forward" in the time-line were more and other enemys spawn.

Next to this, and i think this is for the most people the important part, If you shot enemys, you sure get points. Points are worth INGAME Money with a 100:1 Ratio (100 Points = 1 Money).

You will need this money to unlock the -50- (yes, 50) Cute and Sexy Adult pictures which you can find ingame.


Long story short, in my latest journal, i said im in n-e-e-d of money for a new PC. Working on this game showed me already that my laptop is on the hard end to break down - i had to work several times on this game from GROUND UP coz my laptop wasn saving the datas, just said.

With that said, HOW DO YOU GET IT NOW?

Right now, i offer the game for a small price which think is ok to ask for. i think 10 Bucks are ok, if you spend more, sure why not.


FIRST of all: NOTE ME. I NEED your email adress

Donate me 2 Shinies on FA OR Send me the money directly on my paypal (i will give you the adress).

If i got your money, i will send you a download link to the game. it willl work only ONE-TIME. (the game is about 85 MB big).

I think its just fair to say, again, i really need some money and the game was not easy to create. I MIGHT make a small video for it so you can see its really a lot fun to play.

Thank you still in advance for your intresst into the game ^^

Some Questions!


"Yes" but not right now.


Tell your PC to shut the fuck up. I can for sure confirm its not a virus.


Yes, and no. At the beginning it is sure easy, later on it gets harder and harder but enemys appier to make it sure worth it.

Does the game has a END or is it a ENDLESS GAME???

BAAAAAASICLY it has a "END" but i dont tell. IF you will REACH it is another story but if you do, make a screenshot. i wanna see it. No shit, i REALLY wanna see it (its build in, trust me~).