Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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Okey being honest, the last 2 month i felt that great i did create more art than i normally do - mostly i do around 6-7 pictures a month, last to was like 10 -11 which shows i had legit fun again drawing and in addition i finished a game (+Minus recalculated) and even have some ideas for "Maybe" new games.

Though, i hit a brick wall right now, i dont really have an idea what i could draw "now".

Maybe some redraws? Maybe other poses?

I think here i can say if you have an idea for me what i could draw, leave a comment (with sample would maybe nice or the idea for redrawn pictures) but again, people which watch and follow me know my limit - and saying it here before: im asking for ideas, not doing requests for someone, thanks.


This is now the other part here which i have to say and i thought long about this.

Im really thinking i leave some gallerys/pages of me behind - Mostly im thinking about deviantart.

As of late, DA gets more and more toxic to "actual" artists. they not just promote AI art, they advertise it and makes it feels like that real artists are just a subclass, a species which is about to extinct.

This in fact can be seen by something like this:


The artist which was promoted here is only 1 year on DA and creates only AI art and made that much money? Yea, sure.

This has sure not something to do with envy but than, DA goes even so far and not just promotes that, they even promote to basically use copyrighted content for that - im serious.

I saw some ads next to my art where people were using copyrighted characters to sell their art - again, a topic i love to tackle anyway if we talk about patreon artist and similar which basically use things and stuff they dont have the rights for but using said things and stuff for their business and making money with it they should not even think about to do in the slightest - and yea, DA promoted that as well.

The scream against AI art is literally everywhere and to finally i should tackle it as well:

AI "art" is not AI "art".

AI art is generated, its not created and thats a huge difference.

I saw people which told me that things like AI stuff is already everywhere but came with samples like "digital art" or "electo music instruments" - those have nothing to do with AI art, those are helping tools.

the differ being:

A tool can be used to "help" something create, like using photoshop TO create art or using a tablet - same with a electric guitar which STILL someone has to USE and actually PLAY.

When "I" and sure others talk about "AI" generated content, they talk about things where a human hand has basically nothing to do with it or barely any touch "to" it.

I have no problem if such things are used if you "fiddle" with it around, create free things or jokes for that. I do know for a fact that not just art can be created with such said AI- programs - but also already Music. I did and still do as well fiddle a bit around with a page which let you GENERATE some fun AI music - but i do that for fun which can be seen here:


The thing is, i didnt create it, i let the AI generate that for me and thats again the differ. I might did some lyrics there and SAID how it "should" sound, music, voice and vocals are not done by me but AI and thats the differ and problem a lot artists have:

YOU didnt do it, the AI did.

A lot people dont think about this and that is the problem if people sadly, coming back to the DA sample here, like those people on DA use it to earn money with - they didnt do (barely) anything than maybe adding some Tags to an AI program and might made some AI-fixes to it but nothing else.

Its not art, its soulless and AI created which should answer already another question people asked my opinion about:

DO I think that AI art can replace real artists?

No. I dont think so. The problem is just to many artists DO draw a lot "soulless" art and thats why AI art can sometimes really be confused with real art because both "can" look (scary) similar.

Though, if you see and FIND some artists which DO draw with their emotions and show them in such art than No, AI can not replace such great artists ever.

So yea, comming back to the topic after that rent, i really think i might close down my DA gallery and leave DA behind. I duno when but i think "soonish" tbh. Im not supporting that, even if it might be my longest running gallery i do have in the internet but than, DA nowadays was already slowly turning into a shit show with double standards everywhere like someones art gets banned because there might be some sex to see or a character only slightly aged up WILE if you look on DA for longer, you can find way WAY harder stuff there which exists there already not just for month but Y E A R S and it never ever got taken down whatssoever.

So yea, if you like my art and wanna keep "in touch" with my art and still wanna see it, here is my main page for that where i have all my accounts NEXT to DA:


So yea, will i "wipe" my DA gallery if i leave? Lets go with "YES" tbh. Im not supporting AI art if used in the wrong way. i have no problem if you fiddle around with it and use it for fun but if you really think you "created" AI art, news flash, youre wrong and everyone knows that.

Youre not "creating" art, you let an AI which is somewhere on someone ELSES server, GENERATE something which is feeded by a POOL of someone ELSES creations and art to MIX and GENERATE your outcome YOU wanted from ANOTHER ONES CREATED AI someoen ELSE CREATED to DO that FOR YOU generate. You did nothing that said AI generated your art than using your keyboard to type in something like you would do on google, literally nothing else.

peace for now.


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