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Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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Ok i actually took some time for the journal since i didnt want to write it down to early nor to late, which it basicly is "now" X3 but hey its never to late to write a update ey?

So yea, whats new n stuff~

First of all im a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit worried about my laptop. its now not only getting old but i think i have to get a new one "soon". i dont say the old one makes now problems, not "big" ones at least, but lets say.....i can "hear" its getting old...

only problem: money. i dont have the money to get myself a new one tbh and i duno how i should get the money in the first place <<; which might be a big problem...

About life, well, i try to help my family here a bit more since my dad still has his problems and my mother actually needs a operation at her knee since her knee is heavyly damaged. So this also keeps me "busy", helping inside and outside the house and keeping stuff running.

Artwise, i got myself new gelpens, Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint Tintenroller (thanks @ cartoonwolf), since my older ones i used are pretty much...well....empty. Those are actually good so far, now i only hope they dont fuck up after i use rubber on them (for cleaning up the paper from the pencil sketch).

I sure have also some ideas i will draw in the "near" future, one of them is already in work but this time, i dont actually tell what i will draw, for now.

I also got asked about my teased "big project" or if the game i was working on was this said project.

First, no, it wasnt.

Second, Well as i said i sure HAVE the idea and i might work on it or not, which is the problem, it will take a LOT time and i would work on it for a long long time and would maybe draw this project only. So i duno still.

About the said game, im a bit disappointed that it is pretty much sitting in the dust right now, pretty less downloads or views (namely the Project bomberman 2 one).

This is also a reason why i really lose motivation to work on any game.

If its to small - noone looks at it or plays it for long

if its to big - noone downloads it or views it anyways

the only thing people look at if i would write "POOOOOOOORN!!!!" on it in big letters - looking back at my already created 2 small ero-snap games or "Shade runner" which got already over 1k views and lots of downloads, thinking about its basicly nothing more then a synthwave-pac-man game...

So yea, i will see if i "will" work on a new game but that for sure another day and if it would be for sure another sequal to one of my other games - and i sure hope its also playable viva browser. If not, well people still can download it anyways.

So yea, thats all for now. wish ya all the best and hope you do this for me as well ^^

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