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Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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Posted by WAtheAnum - 10 days ago


"Lemmings is a puzzle-platformer video game originally developed by DMA Design in Dundee, Scotland and published by Psygnosis for the Amiga in 1991 and later ported for numerous other platforms. The game was programmed by Russell Kay, Mike Dailly and David Jones, and was inspired by a simple animation that Dailly created while experimenting with Deluxe Paint. " - Wikipedia


With this words i say hello to you guys today to leave a friendly reminder that im a freaking gaming nerd who enjoys way to much retro games...and that the Lemmings series got its 30th anniversary TODAY because the official release date (so wiki says) from the very first Lemmings game was the 14 February 1991.

As you know already, if you watch me and saw my stuff, i really enjoy Lemmings - not only cause it was a great game "series" in the 90s but also that the universe and the characters pretty much just need more love. I remember somewhere anyway that, i guess, the original creator(?) said that the universe of the Lemmings and its characters are "way to unexplored and offer so much more" (again, at least something like) - in other words, if the copyright holders of them "now" would use Lemmings more wisely they could create basicly a lot with them since they have a lot great potential tbh.

With that said, i wanna try and tell a small story about the Lemmings (not a fanfiction or something, dont worry) and their universe "so far" and what i feel and did (/do) with them. As sample, most of us fellow video game nerds might remember that Lemmings is kinda a full series with some sequals and "side versions" like "OH NO! MORE LEMMINGS!", "Lemmings 2 the tribes", "All New World of Lemmings" and "Lemmings 3D"...but did you know (if you didnt read the wiki) that there were VERY different Lemmings games which played totally different from the usual Lemmings-formula like a very good looking 2D Platformer where you save Lemmings and Help them as ONE of them - called "Adventures of Lomax in Lemmingland" (or mostly known just as "Lomax")?


Yes, it was actually a real thing and sadly pretty much forgoten for the people which did know about it. Lomax is actually a pretty nice to look at- platformer and also a pretty good one and fun one to play - even up to this day. The only thing i would say is that it actually is pretty short AND can be kinda hard in some later levels. But than there are also other, more odd and "random" side games like "Lemmings Paintball" in which you control either 1 Lemming or a small squad of them.


This was kinda an "oddball". I would explain the game myself as mixture of Cannon Fodder and Lemmings. It was not really "that bad" of a game...just an oddball. I cant tell TO MUCH about it since, well, i didnt own it (i still played it a bit somewhere somehow if i remember) back in the day but it still looks just wierd to me.

Anyways! Lets not go on the wrong tone and track with this journal and let us remember the stuff we did and had with Lemmings. Today, mostly the first true Lemmings game counts as "true classic". Very few and little ports did also port the first addition to the first game, the "OH NO! MORE LEMMINGS!" Levels which added not only more levels to the game but also were way more difficult than the classic games. The foruma was pretty much the same as from the original Lemmings game that you have a number of Lemmings and a number of Lemmings you have to save "at least".

This should slightly change in the "real" sequal, Lemmings 2 the tribes.


In this game, you have to help a actual TRIBES of Lemmings from one start of the level to the end. The differ of it from the original game: Each Lemming you save in ONE level also enters the next level. MEANS: you HAVE TO save as many Lemmings as you can WITHOUT losing some in the progress.


Not only am i more "familiar" with the sequal, in the time i played it i finished it 100% with a full golden medal ("save all possible Lemmings from every 12 tribes")! This is something i did on my own back in the day, even if i cant remember ANYTHING anymore how to solve the level or how i even did that myself XD it still was something nice to achieve since well...IF you know ANY Lemmings game (which is not a side gem in the series X3), its a hard game! X3 Sadly, one day i overwrote my savefile and lost the progress ^^; - STILL! I know what i did and i remember it as the nerd which i am! X3

And with that said, yes, i actually was a long time Lemmings fan. I even created Lemmings fangames back in the day and with it a small series of games i made, called "Lemmis Adventures 1+2" and "Lemmingsvania". Those were sure not "superb great games" but actually Lemmis Adventure 2 (which was hell of effort for me to do in the first place...) was for a over 1 month the most downloaded and played game on the page i uploaded my games on - maybe old german internet users remember the page "spieleportal(dot)de". :3 I guess it wasnt "that bad than"? hehehe.

But yea, nowadays, im more mature and sure asked myself a lot questions about the Lemmings and the universe and one day was even the question for me "why i never saw a female Lemming" cause, to be real with you, did you ever saw other art from Lemmings than mostly anything where they just run around, look all like the same or nearly die in the progress? :P So yes, with that in mind i tried to get more knowledge about the Lemmings and found out that there was a Female Lemming in the Lemmings universe which actually was an enemy of sort, called Lemme fatale. "Lemmings immediately fall in love with this lemme fatale. After walking around a few turns, they are killed because off the love." - The Lemmings Encyclopedia ( https://tle.vaarties.nl/ ) With that in mind and the first thing i saw about "Female Lemmings" i came to the idea to create something like my own Lemmings character and, long story short, i created the character "Lemina" (first she had no name for a long time) and she was actually a pretty dang cute and somewhat sexy fellow you can see there in the very first picture i drawn her (NSFW):


Some month later, i stumbled over an old advertising from Lemmings 2 and its beach tribe where you CAN see 100% a female lemming in existance! AND: OFFICIAL IN BIKINI! Days can be great for an Rule 34 artist hahaha! ;>


Nowadays, what is the "now copyright holder" doing with the Lemmings (Sony) and what i am doing?

Well sadly as for the copyright holder, they dont do Lemmings any justice and created a "nagging and bad" IOS Lemmings version (NOT a port!) which a lot people, if they "played it", say its pretty "crap" - and i sadly have to agree since i also tried to play it but its pretty just created to milk your money and ride on an old nostalgie train. I found lately a german review of it and...this pretty much says the same i would say - you can watch it here:


So keeping the "story" of the new Lemmings short, it seems like we will not really see a good and "real" lemmings game soon from Sony since well...it seems like they even forgot that today is Lemmings 30th anniversary, which is a fucking shame coz even a smaller series like "Turrican", a game series which was pretty much known just in the early till mid 90s created a collection of their (main) games for newer consoles to get/buy/download and play calling "Turrican Flashback". So honestly here, the future of the Lemmings doesnt look good or bright in the slightest, at least from the "copyright holder" point of view.

As for me, the nerd who i am, i still draw Lemmings AND my character Lemina up to this day. some years ago i even creates, just for the fun of it, some fangames losely based on Lemmings.

The first i did years ago was called "Mr. lem" which is..if i look back to it not that great maybe but still a nice time waster, you should be able to get it here, if im right and if the download still works:


Its more based of the old arcade games "Mr. Do!" or in some cases, since im grown up with a C64 and clones and like X3, "Mr. Dig"


Later, another day i worked WAY harder to create something more original and "actually playable" which was the game "Underfoot" which starts my character Lemina on a small adventure. This game is also "really released" on gamejolt and you can download it there:


Else what am i doing with Lemmings? Well since we HAVE this month their 30th anniversary, i made myself this month to "Lemmings month" and already started it last year with a collection of art from me to recreate the Lemmings 2 poster with each Lemming drawn solo and put them all together for a great big collection and pose poster at the end. Someone was so friendly and made a pysical cpy of it which i have now on my wall! Nice! :D


As for THIS year, im already in the middle of the month and work on the next collection if you follow my artwork and stuff im doing. Im nearly done with it but i dotn rush it. So far, it seems like some people really enjoy the Lemmings i created and draw so that i sure will keep drawing Lemmings and mostly my character Lemina from time to time, next to my other stuff and characters i love to share and draw.

With what all told and said, i hope you have great lemmings month so far and happy 30th anniversary Lemmings day! No, I dont celebrate love commercial day coz "if you really think you just have this one day in the year to tell your beloved ones you love them, let me tell you, you have more than 300 days in a year left to do so." ;P

Posted by WAtheAnum - 1 month ago


Well the next month is knocking on the door and comes in with the name February~

With that in mind, its Lemmings month! Yes, this month will be again a full month full of lemmings and their 30th anniversary! YES! This is very special for the Lemmings series and so i thought i do, again, a full month just Lemmings art ^^

IDEAS (Poses and like) are welcome for the Abilitys from the main game! AKA:









So if you have "ideas" for Lemmings for this abilitys (and poses n stuff), leave a comment ^^

ANOTHER THING i finally wanna get done is my game Daredevil 2 and this time, im REALLY looking for help. I need someone who would help me out with sprites for bosses of the sizes of about 96x128 (around this size). I REALLY wanna try to finally finish this game, its way to long put on hold now. Basicly, what IS missing and where i need help:


- Shop menu

The shop is not done yet but pretty much all "for" it is already build in like counters, stats, money.

- "Game Over"

Enemies cant kill you right now since there is no game over. this is pretty easy done and im sure i can do that as soon as the shop is done

- Bosses

This is the point i need help with. I can design the boss stages and rooms but as for sprites, i NEED someone who would help me with it. I would sure add you in the credits for it. Since it will be a free game (keep that in mind...) it would be nice if you could help me "for free". i know this sounds like im begging right now but, again, its a free game and i work with what i get.

ADDITIONAL STUFF (stuff which is extra BUT not "needed" to finish the game)

- Game over- Stats

A stats screen what killed you how often and what you killed how often. stuff like. I think it would suit the game pretty well to have a stat screen.

- Art for the game

Actual art from the characters of the game which i might add/draw another day for the game. Sure, i go with retro style stuff but hey, i have something in mind~

So again, it would be nice if you know someone or ARE the "someone" who would help me out with the boss sprites. I would explain them what i have in mind and what they should create. i can only offer them to add them in the credits, of course, and link their art/pages in the game IF its (ever) done.

Again, Daredevil 2 is a great project from me so far and i really wanna finish it. its, so far, my biggest game yet and i dont wanna leave it hanging in the dust... :c

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 19th, 2021

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 3rd, 2021


If you might read some discriptions from my latest pictures i was very down and was really close to give myself and stuff i do up. I still dont feel "super well" since i still have some problems with my right eye, my leg and sure other health problems and alike.

Still, after a longer talk with some friends, closer watchers and people which enjoy my art, i tried to pull myself together and say, i stay for a bit and keep what i like to do.

So no, i dont leave, not yet at least.

As for this years plans...i duno! i dont care tbh and leave everything comming up to me at this rate.

I have some art ideas i wanna keep up drawing and doing.

Since years now, im a very big fan from retrowave, synthwave and neon styled stuff. I drawn a picture called "Blighted by the light" which already counts as one of thebest pictures from me last year. Maybe its not so special for you guys since, its a normal and cute picture, not much sexual, but as for me its really nice.

With that said, i got myself some synthwave music (or "styled" music) and i try to keep on drawing and testing this style a bit further like i did with my latest picture. Sure i keep drawing erotic as well, MAYBE even in said style, not sure yet.

I actually work already on a picture which will get this style as well, which is based on this music piece~


So yea. Thats one thing i gona try: working on a special 80´s styled, synthwave style. As for other ideas, next month, Lemmings will turn actually 30 and i SURE WILL draw something for that.

Another thing i finally wanna give a go is trying commissions for you guys. Im not sure if i can offer a "good price" for a picture from me but i think 20-25$ sounds fine and fair right?

SO yea, if you want a picture drawn from me, i try to open commission soon IF people WOULD want a picture from me (please leave a comment below if you would like one).

Hope so far everyone had a good slide into the new year and lets hope it will be better than 2019 - coz by now im sure we all can agree the last year didnt exist ok?

Posted by WAtheAnum - December 31st, 2020

Well its just some mins past midnight here in germany so its time to say happy new year 2021 from my side. Lets just hope it will be better than...well...LAST YEAR...

Posted by WAtheAnum - December 27th, 2020

Some days ago i posted a voice clip (or linked it) and you could pretty much hear (and read below - its still online just said) how i felt like.

Today i had a small talk with a friend of mine and with his permission (after i blur him out of course), i wanna show you the talk which pretty much shows the struggle i have with the "worthy" side of posting stuff of my art(and anything else) or not. Its long but if you wanna understand me, you should really read it if you have the time for. its really something to chew on, just warn you here.


comments would be "nice" about that.

Posted by WAtheAnum - December 25th, 2020


Posted by WAtheAnum - December 24th, 2020

Go please there, listen and read: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39812675/


Posted by WAtheAnum - December 6th, 2020


First im a bit sorry if im already a bit to late for my monthly journal but than it doesnt seem like a lot care anyway. With that out of the window...

Well yea,, we are on the final stretch of the year and oh boi, what a year it was, right?

As for plans and stuff whichi had, finished and did NOT finish..and some "future projects"...well

First, i think back in february, the Lemmings month was for me really fun to do even if people gave a crap about it for the most of the time. Next year, i gona do actually the same since 2021, Lemmings actually turn 30 so if that isnt a year for them to celebrate i duno. I like lemmings, yes, judge me for it XD but than, i mean why not? They are cute little characters and even the original creator(s) from Lemmings said they have a lot potentional.

HONEST THING HERE, i was actually about to create a game for the Lemmings month but since my last game i made - and the next would actually be a better sequal to it - with Lemina, namely "Underfoot" - got nearly to no attention or feedback, i hold myself back doing it - mostly i think for the better.

As we got into the topic of "games", there is still Daredevil 2 which im not able to finish. I normaly thought ok i can finish it this year and NORMALY was my intention to finish it at least till my birthday...well i cant and thats a real bummer. What i need is some help from someone who WOULD help me working on game sprites and yes, this is basicly really ALL whats holding me back finishing it. the code is pretty much done, i just need to add the shop, how the bosses work, end screen and maybe a working savefile but else everything is done. weapons are working, enemys are working, powerups are working, title is working, got music and stuff like - JUST this dang boss sprites will hold me bak to finish it which is a bummer tbh.

As for the game i actually began this year, "Dungeon of fear", it still is a bummer that i lost the build since the virus attack i had but i came over it - sure a shame but still.

As for another game i tried to work on it would be "Erowave", an indirect sequal to "Starvixen". Already here i think people dont pay it much attention since "there is no Krystal in the title or like" - I mean if i would build Erowave just like "Starvixen" im sure people would ask me already when it comes out but right now, it seems more like people shrug it off than anything else.

The idea behind Erowave is already a thing i had in mind since eastertime this year but i didnt began with the work since i need, again, help from Faly Breen which has this year a very bad year so it seems.

Money wise she was able to barely effort gifts for Xmas this year (so at least she told me) and she is right now unemploied coz of the Covid-19 situation.

Said that, the calendar she created for next year gets again BARELY any attention. Yes, you have to pay for it but, again, its "just" 5 bucks. how many of you support a artist ALL THE TIME on patreon and pay EVERY MONTH there 5 bucks, just said here. The calendar would only be at least 5 bucks ONES and, as for it is, Faly put really a lot effort into it.

And you wanna hear how low attention the calendar got so far? Its only sold ONES so far. O.N.E.S.

So maybe you can read it already that this year was sure kinda fun to do since i tried to get myself (and others) busy but it seems like all the effort went into limbo, not worth the effort after all. I really play more and more with the idea to give up and "give a crap" about it. I mean, today i uploaded on FA a new ID which pretty much shows how i feel as well since i try to do something "on my own" put the mainstream of people do the thing they always do and just put out the usual stuff EVERYONE is doing. Im getting not only tired of it but slowly grow sick of it. I even thought about to "unwatch" some people because it seems like even those i watch tend to draw and use only known characters. Do you know how sick im getting if you see like a picture from krystal like 8 times a day? I mean, if you follow my new ID i uploaded on FA, i would have make over 100 bucks already, JUST for today.

Anyways, im sorry that i rented there a bit but it had to be said. I still wish you all a good winter and xmas (or what ever youre celebrating) time this year. I just wish i could do and help more but i feel like all im doing, all the effort ends in limbo anyway.

Posted by WAtheAnum - November 16th, 2020

Yes, as said last journal Faly was working hard for this years Calendar and i helped her, as always, again to give it some special touches.


This time, Faly added some VERY special (and naughty~) bundles with the calendar. So you will get:

2 full calendar versions for 2021

- One 12+1 pages full SFW calendar

- One 12 +1 pages full NSFW calendar

(the +1 is the Title!)

- A special "Thanks" Picture from Faly

- Clean Photos without calendar months or censors to enjoy


- Krystals special self meeting: A series of 30 adult pictures from our beloved Space vixen which ends up meeting herself~ (F/solo, F/F)

- Klonoas special dream cave adventure: A series 26 adult pictures from our adventure cat (yes, Klonoa is a cat) which seems like to enjoy a special cave of her own~ (R63 F/solo)


The price of this full bundle will be, at least, 5$. Here the infos how you get it now:

- Leave a comment HERE below this journal if you wanna get a copy of the Calendar and stuff.

- Send me a PERSONAL NOTE and how much you WANT to donate and sending me your paypal adress (just to check it if it is the right one) - (at least 5$ but again, if you wanna help more for future products like more shootings or full videos, youre sure welcome to donate more ^^)

- I will answer you asap (give me some time~) and give you my paypal adress

- AFTER i got the money, i will give you a link to download the bundle

- Enjoy!

Said here, FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS WELCOME. Also, all money will be donated to Faly after the sale is over of course. She will need the money for future products, fotos and maybe even full videos~ :3

We already hope you enjoy the stuff!