Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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WAtheAnum's News

Posted by WAtheAnum - 12 days ago


As for June, it went by pretty fast for me though, we already have july and im like wth.

Well i got some bigger problems "again" with one of my legs but it will heal, i hope.

So health wise, iiiim a bit on the recover side.

ARTwise, i think im save to say im over my artblock.

The small furiotic series will still go strong for some pictures. i still have some poses for it and by now, it basically replaces a super O L D comic idea i ones had.

Fact even, people asked me lately if i would not draw a comic because it suits the characters.

LONG ago, i made one ones already but it was just a lot work - already back than. Thinking about to make a comic N O W with the style AND work i would do right now, it would take a long long time to finish and im not sure if either i would enjoy that nor people if they have to "wait" for me to see what happens next in over a period of months.

THOUGH, as for said old adult comic i ones made, you still can read the old stuff on my FA account where i collected it:

https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/watheanum/folder/325280/LL-Comic-2009-NSFW (again its an ADULT comic)

I got sure some other nice n sexy n cute ideas i will draw as soon as im done with the furiotic series, just saying.

I also got an idea for a new game i might try to work on another day. to leave a HINT:


Posted by WAtheAnum - June 8th, 2024

1. Im having a hardcore artblock right now. First of all, it might be because next week it will be the death-date from my dad. the 3rd year in fact and yea, i miss him still a bit. i think it will always hit me hard around this days.

But yea, i have kinda an art block and try not to "force" myself so art might be slow for a wile when ever i "do" get an idea for something to draw.


2. Im in need of a new avatar XD

Right now im using a joke avatar from a YT video i found but i dont really wanna stay with it. Im known, as of late, to have one of my Spies as Avatar and it would be nice if someone maybe could do me a new one. animated would be best tbh and of course i would pay some for it (of course, NOT animated wouldnt be bad either just to tell). So if you wanna give it a try OR do know someone who could create me a new one, be my guest!


Posted by WAtheAnum - June 2nd, 2024


First things first

First, as of right now im not just low on money but my health problems came back. keeping it short as of right now i have some backproblems and actual Lymphedema. Im working on it but this will be a progress to work on.

Next, Im having problems with my mobile phone and i might be of need in donations (the addition that i have to get medicin on a good base and have to pay them makes is also a harder part...) so if youre so free you can always donate me some money viva my ko-fi here: https://ko-fi.com/watheanum

Since this all is happening, im also running low on ideas on what i could draw - hinting said artblock from my other journal already. I do have 1 more idea for the special friday this comming week but than im basically dry. I try to keep some ideas i got already in mind but not to many were useful. might need to take a pause on that, duno yet.


And now we miiiiight take a big one, the big one in the room and i have to be honest here.

As of the last years, i think (and at least on DA), i know i had to post something because i had to get something of my chest and it came always out missunderstood and in a wrong way.

I tr to sound right this time and people might will get confused of it but i will explain:

I DONT hate Pridemonth but i do hate the people which "celebrate" it.

I had to get this of my chest because i know some people were always confused from my side of this because i do have friends which are lesbians, gay, trans or bi - I mean best fact is that SL-Faly IS really bisexual and i knew her for a very very VERY long time by now and i dont care what she is or what shes doing in her bed time.

This is the problem - "i dont care".

I dont care of that because why should i? If you have a good time with a male, female or what ever in you bed, why should anyone care, right? This is the thing to many people in pridemonth "do" make a fuzz about, the sexuallity part - but wasnt pridemonth ORIGINALLY made that people with different sexuallity are handled equal? - ALL equal to be fair?

This is the part im talking about.

As of late, "pridemonth" feels not anymore as for what it was used for, that said people with different sexuallities are handled all the same like most peoples standard "hetro" people.

This is something respect because, as i said, i dont care what people are and so should you. Again, who should care what and who they love in their bedtime anyway (well, as long as its not a crime of course)?

But heres the problem

As i said, as of late, pridemonth feels more like a "thing" used like Valentines day for advertising and commercial - rainbow flag everywhere just because, it literally has even no meaning behind it. just "bang" a rainbow flag up and tell the people in your store youre also "pride" and make good advertising.

This...has nothing to do with the origins of pridemonth anymore - and yes, i hate it.

I hate this part because people overdo it - and in germany its worse.

As i said, i do respect people which "DO" fight in pridemonth to be equally handled by the society...

...but why do people over do it "SO" much that people which are hetrosexual feel also somewhat "suppressed"?

Again, Respect for the people which work their asses of to be equally handled by said society but showing their asses around, waving their dicks around or having sex on the streets so "everyone" can see that they indeed ARE "gay" or "Lesbians" or what ever...think about what youre doing there. Do you really think that will add something to your scoreboard other than that you "showed" those "different people" who has "other kind of sex"?

No, seriously, that doesnt help. Not in the slightest - and thats why people WORLD WIDE began to actually hate pridemonth.

As i said, i dont hate pridemonth because, again, everyone should be handled equal and with that said EVERYONE should be handled equal - gay people, lesbians, bi sexuals - even hetrosexuals.

But why it comes that even the sexuallity-flag for hetros is literally...black and white? This feels like a remark, a sign which shows that hetros are monotone, the bad people.

This is what i mean and talk about: If said "pride" people want to be handled equally, shouldnt they also be equal as well to everyone else? How it comes that "we", since im hetrosexual, are marked with a colorless flag if we are all the same people at the end? You love your lover, what else is the differ? the gender? the skincolor? Srsly, why and who should care about that? Arent we all equal at the end?

So why the flag thing? I really feel like, sometimes, i did something wrong BECAUSE im hetrosexual - wile again, i respect everyone with different sexuallity.

I know i did write now a wall of text but than, you have to becareful nowadays what you say because people EASILY missunderstand so ones again:

there is, form my side at least, no problem for me about pridemonth - as long as you do in pridemonth "that" for what it was intentionally "invented", fight for your rights to be equally handled in our nowadays society.

But you use pridemonth only to...

- literally make advertising or commercial business with it

- dont really "fight" for your rights but insteed only "show off" what kind of sex you do normally

- dont really WANT an equally between sexuallities and literally judge every other sexuallity or hetrosexuals only because they are "seen" as "normal people" in nowadays society

- use said month only as weapon for your own problems in nowadays society and blame it on others

Than no, i dont like it.

We are all humans, we should be equally handled, no matter what gender, size, skincolor what ever "borders" you think exists. I dont care.

Im maybe "just" a "stupid" hetrosexual guy now here but again, most friends which are not hetro are with me there. Some even do fight still to be handled equally and i even support them and i hope people understand my opinion there.

SHOULD there still be something wrong or missunderstood, feel free to leave a comment and we can talk it out. Again, im also sorry if there "might" be something written wrong, reminder im german and not perfectly writting/speaking english so i really only hope the said wall of text makes sense.

thanks for understanding and reading.

Posted by WAtheAnum - May 22nd, 2024

Well tbh, i run as of late a bit dry of "good" ideas of what i could actually draw.

Sure i could do like evry 08/15 artist and draw some known characters p0rn or similar (yes, judge me i have standards lol)

but im not that kind of artist or creator and im sure people which follow and watch me know what i mean.

Anyways, i dont wanna make a big thing of said artblock but ask of personal ideas. You guys know what stuff i draw so what do YOU wanna liek to see from me drawn? Which character(S)? What situation? Something cute? something sexy? something "more"?

Srsly, leave a comment and i will see what i can do.


Im asking for ideas what i could draw and not offering "free requests" or something so P L E A S E keep that in mind (infact: when i should ever offer it, i sure know some watchers which should get some first because i for sure know some watch me and support me for years by now - just saying ^^)

Posted by WAtheAnum - April 27th, 2024


Well, April is basically about to end and it was ok for what it was.

- First of, i went sick for 2 weeks which was not so great tbh but was "ok" for what it was. Though, it came of course with the "no motivation" problem and all the stuff we know. So after said weeks, it was still ok.

- I got ideas what i can draw next but went with a small bikini series. After all, its about to be summer and it felt also fitting after the picture with Okami.

- I also got somewhat of idea(s?) for a game or 2. Dont wanna talk to loud about it because its more of a thing i have in mind right now but we will see.

What i lack most right now is the time to do something and, sadly, a bit of money ^^;

I had a big bill this month and im basically broke since 1 1/2 weeks now. I normally dont like to do that but i think if you can donate a bit, now would be the right time for that. I do run a Ko-Fi which you can find here:


Or if you wanna directly send me money viva paypal, dark120@gmx.net is my email to. Its just i need some money to pay said bill aaaaaaaand yea, i have basically no income right now ^^;

Anyways, else, i think the month went great so far. I will end said bikini series soon but will do some "male" part later as well. Though, as i hinted and said, i have some other ideas i wanna draw first.

So stay tuned for that.

OH also, i wanna open some kind of "Q&A" thing because i will soon actually celebrate my 20th ani for my art. So if you have questions, leave a comment or 2. Ask personal, ask my characters, ask SL Faly (yes, she will take part in it as well!), feel free to ask stuff ^^

Posted by WAtheAnum - April 6th, 2024

Okey being honest, the last 2 month i felt that great i did create more art than i normally do - mostly i do around 6-7 pictures a month, last to was like 10 -11 which shows i had legit fun again drawing and in addition i finished a game (+Minus recalculated) and even have some ideas for "Maybe" new games.

Though, i hit a brick wall right now, i dont really have an idea what i could draw "now".

Maybe some redraws? Maybe other poses?

I think here i can say if you have an idea for me what i could draw, leave a comment (with sample would maybe nice or the idea for redrawn pictures) but again, people which watch and follow me know my limit - and saying it here before: im asking for ideas, not doing requests for someone, thanks.


This is now the other part here which i have to say and i thought long about this.

Im really thinking i leave some gallerys/pages of me behind - Mostly im thinking about deviantart.

As of late, DA gets more and more toxic to "actual" artists. they not just promote AI art, they advertise it and makes it feels like that real artists are just a subclass, a species which is about to extinct.

This in fact can be seen by something like this:


The artist which was promoted here is only 1 year on DA and creates only AI art and made that much money? Yea, sure.

This has sure not something to do with envy but than, DA goes even so far and not just promotes that, they even promote to basically use copyrighted content for that - im serious.

I saw some ads next to my art where people were using copyrighted characters to sell their art - again, a topic i love to tackle anyway if we talk about patreon artist and similar which basically use things and stuff they dont have the rights for but using said things and stuff for their business and making money with it they should not even think about to do in the slightest - and yea, DA promoted that as well.

The scream against AI art is literally everywhere and to finally i should tackle it as well:

AI "art" is not AI "art".

AI art is generated, its not created and thats a huge difference.

I saw people which told me that things like AI stuff is already everywhere but came with samples like "digital art" or "electo music instruments" - those have nothing to do with AI art, those are helping tools.

the differ being:

A tool can be used to "help" something create, like using photoshop TO create art or using a tablet - same with a electric guitar which STILL someone has to USE and actually PLAY.

When "I" and sure others talk about "AI" generated content, they talk about things where a human hand has basically nothing to do with it or barely any touch "to" it.

I have no problem if such things are used if you "fiddle" with it around, create free things or jokes for that. I do know for a fact that not just art can be created with such said AI- programs - but also already Music. I did and still do as well fiddle a bit around with a page which let you GENERATE some fun AI music - but i do that for fun which can be seen here:


The thing is, i didnt create it, i let the AI generate that for me and thats again the differ. I might did some lyrics there and SAID how it "should" sound, music, voice and vocals are not done by me but AI and thats the differ and problem a lot artists have:

YOU didnt do it, the AI did.

A lot people dont think about this and that is the problem if people sadly, coming back to the DA sample here, like those people on DA use it to earn money with - they didnt do (barely) anything than maybe adding some Tags to an AI program and might made some AI-fixes to it but nothing else.

Its not art, its soulless and AI created which should answer already another question people asked my opinion about:

DO I think that AI art can replace real artists?

No. I dont think so. The problem is just to many artists DO draw a lot "soulless" art and thats why AI art can sometimes really be confused with real art because both "can" look (scary) similar.

Though, if you see and FIND some artists which DO draw with their emotions and show them in such art than No, AI can not replace such great artists ever.

So yea, comming back to the topic after that rent, i really think i might close down my DA gallery and leave DA behind. I duno when but i think "soonish" tbh. Im not supporting that, even if it might be my longest running gallery i do have in the internet but than, DA nowadays was already slowly turning into a shit show with double standards everywhere like someones art gets banned because there might be some sex to see or a character only slightly aged up WILE if you look on DA for longer, you can find way WAY harder stuff there which exists there already not just for month but Y E A R S and it never ever got taken down whatssoever.

So yea, if you like my art and wanna keep "in touch" with my art and still wanna see it, here is my main page for that where i have all my accounts NEXT to DA:


So yea, will i "wipe" my DA gallery if i leave? Lets go with "YES" tbh. Im not supporting AI art if used in the wrong way. i have no problem if you fiddle around with it and use it for fun but if you really think you "created" AI art, news flash, youre wrong and everyone knows that.

Youre not "creating" art, you let an AI which is somewhere on someone ELSES server, GENERATE something which is feeded by a POOL of someone ELSES creations and art to MIX and GENERATE your outcome YOU wanted from ANOTHER ONES CREATED AI someoen ELSE CREATED to DO that FOR YOU generate. You did nothing that said AI generated your art than using your keyboard to type in something like you would do on google, literally nothing else.

peace for now.


Posted by WAtheAnum - March 1st, 2024


With Febuary done, Lemmings month is over and it was a good month for me, not just artwise but also all the stuff what happend and what i did in there hahaha.

- First of all, said remake/remaster of my Game "+Minus" got 3rd daily place on newgrounds. Its not much but im still glad about it. Its also DONE now and fully playable and enjoyable on Newgrounds and gamejolt :3

- I finished some great pictures from the Lemmings over the month. Nice poses, nice ideas, SFW and NSFW, both went great

- Another Artist took also part in Lemmings month and we both shared some ideas because the artist seem to understand why im doing this at all

And yea, thats "basically" it. Imjust a bit disappointed that only one artist took part into it and not more. Again, i wrote at least 15+ artists but only like 4 responded, at all. Im not mad as i said nor can i force them but at least having the time to say "No" would be one nice thing to do. Its a shame but again, cant force them.

I try Next year again AND earlier for sure. With that said, im also saying this to my followers and watchers everywhere: Youre sure invited to join my silly little Lemmings month to do anything Lemmings relaited ^^

In fact, i do that because of the Fun and for pur jy and nostalgia of the old times.

I do know that not everyone "does" enjoy if i draw only Lemmings or others but again, its for the fun and nostalgia and i enjoy to remind others as well why we should draw - not because we have to, because its mostly fun which let us begin to draw in the first place.

Its mostly a "me" thing so far but already the fact that someone else took part in it (i can link the picture from said artist if wanted! :3) makes me happy - even more because said artist got the message i tried to spread around as well ^^

So yea!

I hope you all had a nice silly little Lemmings Month! We sure see more from Lemina at least when ever i gonna draw her but for now, im gonna back drawing something else of course hahaha!

sty tuned! :D


Posted by WAtheAnum - February 27th, 2024

Today is the day where i updated +Minus Recalculated to the main release - its 1.00 version.

I fixed a lot stuff and added some as well. Its way better, smoother and easier to play, still difficult to master.

I really hope you enjoy and, of course, feedback is always welcome!

Posted by WAtheAnum - February 14th, 2024

I...i actually cant believe that +Minus recalculated got just like a day later 3rd place on Newgrounds.

Kinda funny because i REALLY thought its to "plain" and would get "blammed" (aka deleted from the side) there in like 3 hours XD

Funny. Srsly im kinda shocked about that - in a good way. With that in mind of course, thanks for that everyone. So i hope you enjoy +Minus and my other games as well ^^

You can still play said game here, i updated it today to make it more fun to play with some smaller (and bigger) additions hehehe

again, thanks everyone for that :3

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 24th, 2024

Ah yes, its febuary soon again, which also means it will be the time of the year again for me to ge down to business and get my Lemmings ready for the month as well haha ^^

This time, i also poked some other people if they wanna take part in it because why the heck not.

Here said, You can also take part in it! I mean why the heck not? Its just a silly little thing to remember the good old times long gone.

If you really wanna take part in it, why dont you spay the word forward, tell others, draw or create something Lemmings related ^^ Your mind is your limit there! :3

I did post to like 15 other artists and tried to "give the joy" around places, who knows who takes part in it hahaha ^^

Said here, i dont force someone to do so or want "free art" or something, this is something just for the fun. You can do and draw what ever Lemmings related you want for this month just to take part in it :3 I dont want any "Fanart" or something from Lemina, i even sended the people per note that this is just for the fun, nothing else.

So yea, expect me to go nuts next month again with the Lemmings. I already have SOME ideas just for the heck of it so stay tuned! haha

OH and IF you really would like to take part, just leave a comment and link your "part" down there so me and others can see what you did as well hahahaha ^^