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Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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WAtheAnum's News

Posted by WAtheAnum - 2 weeks ago

you know how "good" it feels if you wrote a journal some days ago and be like "soon it will be better" and THAN destiny strikes again and is like "we will see about that fucker~".


I dont wanna write a super long wall of text but basicly, today my phone "finally" gave up its last battery power and i was not even able to reload it. it LITERALLY "fizzled out" and since the battery cant be replaced by this freaking phone model i -HAVE- to buy myself a new phone. The problem HERE is: On my mobile phone, i have several services running which i cant change "in a short time" (ONE SAMPLE: my money works 80% now viva online banking and before i "can" log into my bank account i get a TAN sended...WELL AND GUESS WHERE IT GOES~~~).

This is just "perfect" and a gggggrrreat mood killer coz the next problem is: i have barely any MONEY this month to "survive" myself here. The last days i was already buying groceries and similar that a fizzled out mobile phone was SURE NOT on my list.

Srs to say that i really need some help. Im not the one whos "begging" for money but i really need a replacement for my broken ass handy. So if you guys could help with soem donations or similar, it would help me to get at least "some money" to get myself a new phone. I HATE it to beg but yea, such situations were not calculated into my already low income of money...

thanks everyone for helping me out. Maybe share the word around, it really really would be nice...

Posted by WAtheAnum - 2 weeks ago

Serious here to say that April was not really "my month" can already be shown by the fact that i was not really in the mood to create one of my "normaly" monthy journals. No really, i had no idea WHAT i should write or do in this month artwise, gamewise or whatever - literally. Looking back at my art from April, yea, lot stuff is weird and some stuff are like "out of the blue", not bad by all meanings but odd.

With that said, welcome to may, the month which should "barely" any better.

Since April (as you can guess...) i kinda have this "no idea" problem. Its like i really have no idea what i should do or draw or similar. I know as for May that there will be "soon" a picture i wanna draw since "its the date for" (thats a hint~).

Else, i was looking AND thinking about the stuff i "kinda" left behind or "on ice" wile i wonder if i should go back and finally finish it or work on it.

they are 2 BIG samples i want to name and call out since those 2 gave me really a headace over the month:

Reason one: Daredevil 2.

Im srs here, i "WANT" to finish this game. Its nice to play but the fact that i literally "CANT FINISH IT" coz of the reason that i have to create "boss sprites" which i cant coz im not a good pixel artist fucking BOTHERS me to hell. Im srs here, literally everything else which "is" still missing would be done from me in like some days of work - sure i need to test stuff and co but srsly. It just BUGS me to hell that i have this game LITERALLY 80% DONE sitting RIGHT next to me which pretty much "SCREAMS" for me to finish it. Thats ALSO the reason why my other game i "tried" to work on is also kinda on hold since i wanna really fucking finish the other game first god dang it...

Reason two: A comic idea.

Pretty much now for a long long long LONG time, i have a idea for a Comic, a LONG comic, with (and for) my Spy Vs Spy characters. The reason why i dont began to draw it is basicly this:

If i would go on and draw a comic, it would need a hell of time to finish it and since its not "just a small comic strip" but more like a WHOLE STORY (with some 18+ elements~) i would work on it over months - WHICH ALSO MEANS i would draw the comic and ONLY the comic, no time to draw something else than maybe some side-special pictures (like as for my birthday or halloween, you know what i mean, my special characters) but else my focus would be the comic and here is the problem:

Not many people seem to "enjoy" the Spy Vs Spy stuff that it would be really "worth" it. Sure, normaly i could say "to hell with it and i draw what i want", which i sure would even go and do but, again, the Spy Vs Spy fandom is not everywhere and addign the fact that this comic WOULD have a touch of 18+ elements MIGHT make it more a thing for Rule 34 lovers and not the furryfandom nor the Spy Vs Spy fandom IF i really go "to deep" with the 18+ stuff.

Said that, even if i say "yay i draw it anyway" my worries are that its just not worth the effort. The last time i have drawn a comic is already Y-E-A-R-S ago and at this time my engish sucked (more than as it does today) and my art was not even "that good" but i tried to create a funny and romantic (somewhat) comic - which i did in the form of "lovely Longing" as you can see here (FA; you need an account there to see it since its 18+!): https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/watheanum/folder/325280/LL-Comic-2009-NSFW

If i remember correctly, i worked VERY HARD (for its time) ONE. MONTH. on this comic working all day n night to finish each page. Was it worth it? As for the time, i was mostly "new" around the artpages and people seem to enjoy them (at least on the pages i uploaded the comic). It doesnt gave me "fame and faves" but it was at least a comic people "enjoyed" since well...OBVIOUS~~~

With that said im just worried that even if i go and draw said Spy Vs Spy Comic, the feedback would be ZERO and that the effort is not worth it the pages i wasted on it, EVEN if i have already a storyline and stuff in mind (like for real). Again, its not like i dont want to but than i would mostly draw this comic and this comic ONLY...and i know a lot people dotn just "watch" me for said stuff.

I think you can see why i have some headaces right now and over the last weeks as well. I just duno what to do or "how" to do.

Said here, over the month i ODDLY got a LOT questions asked which i will now answer here again so i dont need to answer them again and again XD so here you can read them "again" if youre lokking for answers:

Q: Where is your Furiotic movies? / What happend to Faly PH?/ Will they be back up sometime?

A: Some time ago Falys (and my) PH went down since PH changed the rules and stuff. They literally wiped A LOT peoples profiles there so not "just" ours. Since this happend, our Furiotic movies (and similar what Faly posted) are down. Sure, i have the copys here saved on my harddrive so no worries about that BUT:

What we need is now a "new place" for such videos. The problem is: the videos are ADULT FURRY 18+ videos which not "every 08/15" video upload-page is willing to host - adding also the fact that the later videos of ours getting REALLY HUGE (sizewise) - like as sample the last we made was over 1 GB big... - We are looking for a new host for such videos and here is the problem: It has to be a "legit" and "virusfree" host and not any "p0rnside" you just jump in and go for a quick wank (i guess you guys know what i mean...)...AND again adding the fact our content is Furry p0rn makes it even more complex.

SO if you know "such page", tell me about and we will reupload our stuff there.

Q: Will there be new Furiotic content?

A: So far, no. Again, if we get a new "home" for our already older content, Faly would do create more with me (in fact she already asked me about).

Q: Where is "Starvixen 2"/ "Erowave"?

A: Again, as i said, its basicly on hold as long as Daredevil 2 isnt finish WHICH BASICLY IS ON HOLD AS WELL SO....yea...just dont ask about it for now XD

So yea, if you have anything to say, ask or similar, leave a comment. would be nice to see some other minds and thoughts about this stuff as well. ;P

Posted by WAtheAnum - March 10th, 2021

A word before:

Yes, this will be a RANT journal about a serious matter which might we shoudl talk about it. it gets out of hand and way out of control and i will come with proofs and evidences. So if you wanna stick here, this will be a wild ride.


Oh boi, in which time line do we live in right now? Is stupidity growing like a virus? Are people getting bored?

Maybe people dont know what im talking about but lets try to keep it short.

Cancel Culture.

I fucking cant stand it anymore and it has to be said. I will count up now some evidences AND proofes and im sure if youre a NORMAL LIVING BEING you will kinda react like me and can only shake your head about this or actually facepalm. hard. SADLY, said stuff is true and there are pictures, videos and like all over the place over the internet - mostly, for sure, social media pages...

Lets go back with something which is already a bit older...



The latest and newest "Smash brothers" game for Nintendo switch was about to come out. People which know the series know that, as one sample, "Mr. Game and Watch" is one of the fighters. Said figur is based on Nintendos old...well, game and watch portal games. hes very "basic" in design, SO basic that hes just BLACK. And here comes the cancel culture~:

An old Nintendo game and watch game was based on a "fort defending" game in which the player played, if i remember that right, a cowboy which had to defend the fort from native americans which would set your fort on fire. The character Mr. Game and watch used 2 frames of animation from this game for one of his ultimative attacks in which he turns himself into a native american-like figure which looks similar to the ones used in the original game and watch game, only "equiped" with a feather on his head, leather shorts and, to resample the original game, a torch for 2 frames.

2. fucking. frames.

It was not even a full animation, just 2 frames which you might be even ABLE to see for maybe a 0.25 second.

Guess what: The SJWs were OFFENDED by this and Nintendo "had" to change that. Look it up, im srs.

Here one sample of it: https://www.eventhubs.com/news/2018/nov/07/nintendo-remove-mr-game-and-watchs-native-american-reference-super-smash-bros-ultimate-update/

But thats not all...



Here comes now something which i thought was more of a JOKE but ended up for the dev team to be "way to serious"...

This time, we go into Adventure-like games. The name of the game is "Chuchel" and here i really began to facepalm already. hard...

In said game, you played something which looked like a small black-fuzzball like "figur" which has a orange "nut"-like helmet, 2 eyes and a big red mouth.

...Maybe if you put all together or have problems with it, let me show it with this picture:


It is a fun game to play and actually really enjoyable, if even for a short time.

But oh no...cancel culture strikes again:

In forums and other "similar" pages, people made JOKES (yes, those were really jokes...) about that Chuchel would resamble a picture of a "racist black person" - aka "the blackface". And guess what the devs did~

Im sure you wouldnt know if i would say that they COLORSWAPPED the MAIN CHARACTER. Yes, look at how Chuchel looks NOW, good 1 year AFTER the official release:


Its not even a joke at this point that who ever was offended by this is in my point of view now just sick but has SOME mental problems. Srsly, "how" could you get offended BY this...but oh no..im still NOT done yet...



This is something which happend kinda JUST some days ago and now, people which already had facepalmed or shaked their heads, i beg you now, better take a relaxing moment because now, we are into for a wild drive...

Lately, Amazon changed their Logo for their App on Phones and like. It was a picture from the "known" amazon smile which looked like is on a background which looks like a packet or paper. On top of the logo was a small piece of a blue "duct tape" which looked like it was cuted viva tape scissors.

And now, please everyone, i present you the next story with something you might think "how can you even get this idea". Keeping THAT SHORT, get ready...

PEOPLE were actually OFFENDED by this "new Logo" because...it would resamble Adolf Hitler.

Yes, this is not a joke.


Amazon had to change the blue duck tape which was cutted viva tape scissors into a normal blue duck tape with a crinkle...

I actually made myself a meme out of this because, at this point, i had to:


Also if you still dont belive me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxBOlEzlJY4

Im still not done yet because now are comming 2 samples fresh for the furry fandom and im sure at least ONE is right now well known~



Lately the newest Space Jam movie is abotu to come out and the creators shown pictures of the new design of the beloved character, Lola Bunny. Back in the day, she was known to be a cute and maybe a bit sexy character (carefully said but you will see why...) which pretty much resambled a normal female woman for the time...a bit over sexualised of course but as from the "design" she was pretty much like a cute girl, not to big boobs or "over the top" body shape - lets say "the perfect shape" as a lot of us would maybe say or call it. So her new design got a complied overhaul which nearly does NOT resamble any kind of female but more of a tomboy with "nearly" no breasts or female bodyshape whatsoever, looking more like a "teenager" than a real female as she was. The quotes of the creators of the movie about her change were:

"This is 2021. It's important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters."

So apparently, "strong female characters" suffer from the fade of not having any feminist remarks like having actual BREASTS of any kind or a female body, eh?

I dont wanna sound wrong of like a "horny bastard" which only has eyes for the obvious but im honest here: It was not the DESIGN which was wrong. Lola was, fromt he design point, FINE. The differance is HOW she got animated. Srs to say that if they would JUST take out EVERY "sexual" act she was OBVIOUSLY DOING just to "please" the audience (or all the horny animators) this WHOLE thing could have gone way more smoothly over the table. Srsly, remember when Lola literally moved like a fucking slut sometimes, hip waving from left to right, wiggling her ass all the time and like? WHERE was that a problem of the DESIGN?

Think about it that way for a moment: Imagen youre a cute girl and you might know youre "well rounded" and tease with your body left and right everyone close to you. Some people enjoy it, some people dont.

WHAT do you do?

A) change your attitude and kind and move more like a normal person and stop being "like a slut"



Im srs to think about that people really "try" to force thier idialistic idea of something they CANT change ON something they "MIGHT" can change. No really, think about the sample i said in REAL LIFE. Do you think someone would actually DO "B"???

But oh boi if you think we are done with Space Jam 2...get ready for some more action...




This. This is all i have to show and say and this was for me the reason to finally come out here and write this HUGE wall of rant text. People dont know, people dont understand and they want to "cancel" it for a reason THEY DONT KNOW. I dont wanna go on further but only point on the video there. This is laughable. In which time line are we living...


With that all in mind i have to ask you guys which REALLY REALLY REALLY got offended by maybe 1 or MORE of those things, WHATS the deal? Im srs, how can someone get THAT OFFENDED by SUCH small things in the life? Are you one of those persons which stand up, get your coffee machine ready AND COMPLAIN THAT THE MACHINE NEEDS 18 SECONDS LONGER THAN USUAL??? Srsly WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE? Do they have NOTHING better to do than to NITPICK about






PLEASE leave a comment and tell me im not the only one who thinks that stupidity in this MASS has to stop. PLEASE.

Posted by WAtheAnum - March 4th, 2021


Well with february done, Lemmings month is over. I had a great time tbh drawing all such Lemmings and putting them together for thebig final picture. Over the month also "not so happy" stuff happend - me as fan from them as sample was really really sad about to here that Daft Punk, the music group i kinda listen over all the ages, split up. Its kinda funny to think about i was talking with my friends and other abotu what my fav music band was and i sure said Daft Punk, talking even about "when" the next album would come out...well and just soem mins later i watched their final video heh...

So yea, february was kinda a wild ride down the road i guess. Still i had, over all, a great time.

Now march is going on in full speed and im here and be like....i have no idea what i could draw XD

No im srs, the last pictures i had drawn (the one with Shard and the other with Faly) were ideas i had already in mind but right now, im pretty blank on ideas XD

I know there might be a picture with my Easter Bunny but thats about it for "ideas". The problem is lately i had my game i was working on in mind and "how i fucking finally would like to finish it somehow". As i said so often its basicly "nearly done" and i hate it if i put a project on ice or "on hold" only because of a small thing, you know? So maybe i will try and draw this month what i get so in mind for ideas over the weeks since i have nothing right now in mind but MAYBE i focus to finally finish my game or ONE of the 2 at least (talking about "Daredevil 2" and "Erowave" - wile said here, Erowave is literally int he beginning of all the work wile Daredevil 2 is nearly done tbh).

So if you have ideas or stuff you would like to see, leave a comment with said idea ^^

Posted by WAtheAnum - February 14th, 2021


"Lemmings is a puzzle-platformer video game originally developed by DMA Design in Dundee, Scotland and published by Psygnosis for the Amiga in 1991 and later ported for numerous other platforms. The game was programmed by Russell Kay, Mike Dailly and David Jones, and was inspired by a simple animation that Dailly created while experimenting with Deluxe Paint. " - Wikipedia


With this words i say hello to you guys today to leave a friendly reminder that im a freaking gaming nerd who enjoys way to much retro games...and that the Lemmings series got its 30th anniversary TODAY because the official release date (so wiki says) from the very first Lemmings game was the 14 February 1991.

As you know already, if you watch me and saw my stuff, i really enjoy Lemmings - not only cause it was a great game "series" in the 90s but also that the universe and the characters pretty much just need more love. I remember somewhere anyway that, i guess, the original creator(?) said that the universe of the Lemmings and its characters are "way to unexplored and offer so much more" (again, at least something like) - in other words, if the copyright holders of them "now" would use Lemmings more wisely they could create basicly a lot with them since they have a lot great potential tbh.

With that said, i wanna try and tell a small story about the Lemmings (not a fanfiction or something, dont worry) and their universe "so far" and what i feel and did (/do) with them. As sample, most of us fellow video game nerds might remember that Lemmings is kinda a full series with some sequals and "side versions" like "OH NO! MORE LEMMINGS!", "Lemmings 2 the tribes", "All New World of Lemmings" and "Lemmings 3D"...but did you know (if you didnt read the wiki) that there were VERY different Lemmings games which played totally different from the usual Lemmings-formula like a very good looking 2D Platformer where you save Lemmings and Help them as ONE of them - called "Adventures of Lomax in Lemmingland" (or mostly known just as "Lomax")?


Yes, it was actually a real thing and sadly pretty much forgoten for the people which did know about it. Lomax is actually a pretty nice to look at- platformer and also a pretty good one and fun one to play - even up to this day. The only thing i would say is that it actually is pretty short AND can be kinda hard in some later levels. But than there are also other, more odd and "random" side games like "Lemmings Paintball" in which you control either 1 Lemming or a small squad of them.


This was kinda an "oddball". I would explain the game myself as mixture of Cannon Fodder and Lemmings. It was not really "that bad" of a game...just an oddball. I cant tell TO MUCH about it since, well, i didnt own it (i still played it a bit somewhere somehow if i remember) back in the day but it still looks just wierd to me.

Anyways! Lets not go on the wrong tone and track with this journal and let us remember the stuff we did and had with Lemmings. Today, mostly the first true Lemmings game counts as "true classic". Very few and little ports did also port the first addition to the first game, the "OH NO! MORE LEMMINGS!" Levels which added not only more levels to the game but also were way more difficult than the classic games. The foruma was pretty much the same as from the original Lemmings game that you have a number of Lemmings and a number of Lemmings you have to save "at least".

This should slightly change in the "real" sequal, Lemmings 2 the tribes.


In this game, you have to help a actual TRIBES of Lemmings from one start of the level to the end. The differ of it from the original game: Each Lemming you save in ONE level also enters the next level. MEANS: you HAVE TO save as many Lemmings as you can WITHOUT losing some in the progress.


Not only am i more "familiar" with the sequal, in the time i played it i finished it 100% with a full golden medal ("save all possible Lemmings from every 12 tribes")! This is something i did on my own back in the day, even if i cant remember ANYTHING anymore how to solve the level or how i even did that myself XD it still was something nice to achieve since well...IF you know ANY Lemmings game (which is not a side gem in the series X3), its a hard game! X3 Sadly, one day i overwrote my savefile and lost the progress ^^; - STILL! I know what i did and i remember it as the nerd which i am! X3

And with that said, yes, i actually was a long time Lemmings fan. I even created Lemmings fangames back in the day and with it a small series of games i made, called "Lemmis Adventures 1+2" and "Lemmingsvania". Those were sure not "superb great games" but actually Lemmis Adventure 2 (which was hell of effort for me to do in the first place...) was for a over 1 month the most downloaded and played game on the page i uploaded my games on - maybe old german internet users remember the page "spieleportal(dot)de". :3 I guess it wasnt "that bad than"? hehehe.

But yea, nowadays, im more mature and sure asked myself a lot questions about the Lemmings and the universe and one day was even the question for me "why i never saw a female Lemming" cause, to be real with you, did you ever saw other art from Lemmings than mostly anything where they just run around, look all like the same or nearly die in the progress? :P So yes, with that in mind i tried to get more knowledge about the Lemmings and found out that there was a Female Lemming in the Lemmings universe which actually was an enemy of sort, called Lemme fatale. "Lemmings immediately fall in love with this lemme fatale. After walking around a few turns, they are killed because off the love." - The Lemmings Encyclopedia ( https://tle.vaarties.nl/ ) With that in mind and the first thing i saw about "Female Lemmings" i came to the idea to create something like my own Lemmings character and, long story short, i created the character "Lemina" (first she had no name for a long time) and she was actually a pretty dang cute and somewhat sexy fellow you can see there in the very first picture i drawn her (NSFW):


Some month later, i stumbled over an old advertising from Lemmings 2 and its beach tribe where you CAN see 100% a female lemming in existance! AND: OFFICIAL IN BIKINI! Days can be great for an Rule 34 artist hahaha! ;>


Nowadays, what is the "now copyright holder" doing with the Lemmings (Sony) and what i am doing?

Well sadly as for the copyright holder, they dont do Lemmings any justice and created a "nagging and bad" IOS Lemmings version (NOT a port!) which a lot people, if they "played it", say its pretty "crap" - and i sadly have to agree since i also tried to play it but its pretty just created to milk your money and ride on an old nostalgie train. I found lately a german review of it and...this pretty much says the same i would say - you can watch it here:


So keeping the "story" of the new Lemmings short, it seems like we will not really see a good and "real" lemmings game soon from Sony since well...it seems like they even forgot that today is Lemmings 30th anniversary, which is a fucking shame coz even a smaller series like "Turrican", a game series which was pretty much known just in the early till mid 90s created a collection of their (main) games for newer consoles to get/buy/download and play calling "Turrican Flashback". So honestly here, the future of the Lemmings doesnt look good or bright in the slightest, at least from the "copyright holder" point of view.

As for me, the nerd who i am, i still draw Lemmings AND my character Lemina up to this day. some years ago i even creates, just for the fun of it, some fangames losely based on Lemmings.

The first i did years ago was called "Mr. lem" which is..if i look back to it not that great maybe but still a nice time waster, you should be able to get it here, if im right and if the download still works:


Its more based of the old arcade games "Mr. Do!" or in some cases, since im grown up with a C64 and clones and like X3, "Mr. Dig"


Later, another day i worked WAY harder to create something more original and "actually playable" which was the game "Underfoot" which starts my character Lemina on a small adventure. This game is also "really released" on gamejolt and you can download it there:


Else what am i doing with Lemmings? Well since we HAVE this month their 30th anniversary, i made myself this month to "Lemmings month" and already started it last year with a collection of art from me to recreate the Lemmings 2 poster with each Lemming drawn solo and put them all together for a great big collection and pose poster at the end. Someone was so friendly and made a pysical cpy of it which i have now on my wall! Nice! :D


As for THIS year, im already in the middle of the month and work on the next collection if you follow my artwork and stuff im doing. Im nearly done with it but i dotn rush it. So far, it seems like some people really enjoy the Lemmings i created and draw so that i sure will keep drawing Lemmings and mostly my character Lemina from time to time, next to my other stuff and characters i love to share and draw.

With what all told and said, i hope you have great lemmings month so far and happy 30th anniversary Lemmings day! No, I dont celebrate love commercial day coz "if you really think you just have this one day in the year to tell your beloved ones you love them, let me tell you, you have more than 300 days in a year left to do so." ;P

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 31st, 2021


Well the next month is knocking on the door and comes in with the name February~

With that in mind, its Lemmings month! Yes, this month will be again a full month full of lemmings and their 30th anniversary! YES! This is very special for the Lemmings series and so i thought i do, again, a full month just Lemmings art ^^

IDEAS (Poses and like) are welcome for the Abilitys from the main game! AKA:









So if you have "ideas" for Lemmings for this abilitys (and poses n stuff), leave a comment ^^

ANOTHER THING i finally wanna get done is my game Daredevil 2 and this time, im REALLY looking for help. I need someone who would help me out with sprites for bosses of the sizes of about 96x128 (around this size). I REALLY wanna try to finally finish this game, its way to long put on hold now. Basicly, what IS missing and where i need help:


- Shop menu

The shop is not done yet but pretty much all "for" it is already build in like counters, stats, money.

- "Game Over"

Enemies cant kill you right now since there is no game over. this is pretty easy done and im sure i can do that as soon as the shop is done

- Bosses

This is the point i need help with. I can design the boss stages and rooms but as for sprites, i NEED someone who would help me with it. I would sure add you in the credits for it. Since it will be a free game (keep that in mind...) it would be nice if you could help me "for free". i know this sounds like im begging right now but, again, its a free game and i work with what i get.

ADDITIONAL STUFF (stuff which is extra BUT not "needed" to finish the game)

- Game over- Stats

A stats screen what killed you how often and what you killed how often. stuff like. I think it would suit the game pretty well to have a stat screen.

- Art for the game

Actual art from the characters of the game which i might add/draw another day for the game. Sure, i go with retro style stuff but hey, i have something in mind~

So again, it would be nice if you know someone or ARE the "someone" who would help me out with the boss sprites. I would explain them what i have in mind and what they should create. i can only offer them to add them in the credits, of course, and link their art/pages in the game IF its (ever) done.

Again, Daredevil 2 is a great project from me so far and i really wanna finish it. its, so far, my biggest game yet and i dont wanna leave it hanging in the dust... :c

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 19th, 2021

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 3rd, 2021


If you might read some discriptions from my latest pictures i was very down and was really close to give myself and stuff i do up. I still dont feel "super well" since i still have some problems with my right eye, my leg and sure other health problems and alike.

Still, after a longer talk with some friends, closer watchers and people which enjoy my art, i tried to pull myself together and say, i stay for a bit and keep what i like to do.

So no, i dont leave, not yet at least.

As for this years plans...i duno! i dont care tbh and leave everything comming up to me at this rate.

I have some art ideas i wanna keep up drawing and doing.

Since years now, im a very big fan from retrowave, synthwave and neon styled stuff. I drawn a picture called "Blighted by the light" which already counts as one of thebest pictures from me last year. Maybe its not so special for you guys since, its a normal and cute picture, not much sexual, but as for me its really nice.

With that said, i got myself some synthwave music (or "styled" music) and i try to keep on drawing and testing this style a bit further like i did with my latest picture. Sure i keep drawing erotic as well, MAYBE even in said style, not sure yet.

I actually work already on a picture which will get this style as well, which is based on this music piece~


So yea. Thats one thing i gona try: working on a special 80´s styled, synthwave style. As for other ideas, next month, Lemmings will turn actually 30 and i SURE WILL draw something for that.

Another thing i finally wanna give a go is trying commissions for you guys. Im not sure if i can offer a "good price" for a picture from me but i think 20-25$ sounds fine and fair right?

SO yea, if you want a picture drawn from me, i try to open commission soon IF people WOULD want a picture from me (please leave a comment below if you would like one).

Hope so far everyone had a good slide into the new year and lets hope it will be better than 2019 - coz by now im sure we all can agree the last year didnt exist ok?

Posted by WAtheAnum - December 31st, 2020

Well its just some mins past midnight here in germany so its time to say happy new year 2021 from my side. Lets just hope it will be better than...well...LAST YEAR...

Posted by WAtheAnum - December 27th, 2020

Some days ago i posted a voice clip (or linked it) and you could pretty much hear (and read below - its still online just said) how i felt like.

Today i had a small talk with a friend of mine and with his permission (after i blur him out of course), i wanna show you the talk which pretty much shows the struggle i have with the "worthy" side of posting stuff of my art(and anything else) or not. Its long but if you wanna understand me, you should really read it if you have the time for. its really something to chew on, just warn you here.


comments would be "nice" about that.