Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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Posted by WAtheAnum - 1 month ago

As of late i feel like i noticed a "trend" going around more known or long-time artists.

...No. This time im not talking about the fact that the most of them changed the characters into bimbofied whores, im talking about the fact that it seems like long-time artists and more known ones literally get worse and worse.

I mean...again i cant use samples here nor can i name someone but to go with "SOMETHING": go to some more known artists gallery and look at nowadays art - THAN look like 3-4 years agos art from the same artist.

It seems like a lot known/long-time artists lately got literally worse in their "level" or quallity of art,...like really worse. Some, so i noticed, are barely representing their style they are known for anymore but either draw literally the same anatomy over and over again, use washed up colors and lines or their style is literally nowhere to be seen anymore in their art.

Dont get me wrong here but isnt it normal as artist to actually improve over years and time of experiance? I mean i sure hope i do, if even slowly, but it seems like other more known artists get more and more lazy nowadays. Sorry but as i said, go to one artist you watch for a long time and check their art again, you might will see what im talking about.

Posted by WAtheAnum - April 4th, 2023


March is over and i also took some days to write that so that the "silly mood days" are over and i can write down something more serious.

March was for me pretty productive being honest. I drawn a lot art i wanted to draw AND did draw some requests for some (new) friends i found on a server i enjoy to be on lately. The people respect me over there and enjoy my art . Next to this, i found some other nice artists there as well.

So yea, artwise march went super well and i still have ideas for what i can draw in the next days for sure.

Also im super happy i finally finished my game "Daredevil 2". With a (right now) 3.30 on newgrounds, im glad people enjoy it - though it is sad not many people pay really attention to it since it already got called on the servers i advertised it as a "small gem" since it really is that good. I dont like to say "yes it is" but if people say so and the play numbers are not really "that high"...it feels weird for me ^^; Still, im glad i finished it and people can now play it. It took a long time to finish it and, again, thanks for every help i got. I will try to update it maybe in the near future, though as i said so often, i really am in dire need of feedback for that.

So yea, march REALLY was a productive month for me as you saw. finished my biggest game yet and created my own AND requested art...thats a lot right? :3

THOUGH and here comes the important part - this WILL change in the near future.

At the middle of April, i will try to work again - which means i have to try to live my life in a rythm again and i will have less free time. This comes also down to my health problems which i have to work on W I L E i work (or try to work): They didnt got a lot better and i actually suffer more from panic-attacks and similar. This also comes from the situation im in: My mother which i take care off also doesnt feel so well - in fact, right now shes in hospital and im really worried about her since i duno what could happen. I dont think something "super bad" will happen (i dont even wanna say "it" since it feels like i always end up having bad luck with saying something like that...) but i already heard from the doctors that stuff needs to change and she might ends up in something like a "Nursing home" which could be complex to either GET or "pay", depending the whole situation we are in right now.

So right now, im really a bit "stressed" because of all of that and that all this..."stuff" happens nearly at ones. as i said, mom is in hospital, i begin to work soon after easter, etc. So yea...

Basically, expect me to draw not as much for some days as soon as i work (which is around mid april) since i need o fix a lot things in my life right now. I just hope right now everything will be fine as soon as i begin my work in some weeks.

So yea, thats all for now. Just wish me some luck i guess.


Posted by WAtheAnum - March 20th, 2023

Long time watchers know i did also stuff in the past which is either not uploaded "somewhere" anymore or is just not online anymore to be found.

Just to say some stuff:

- Furiotic the Movies series

- the Starvixen game

- the space hunt downloadable version

Those are the more or less "more" requested stuff people want me to bring back and i really would, Faly (as for her part) as well. Again, the problem is that said stuff THERE at least is Adult/mature rated and hard to find someone hosting.

Upload pages like dropbox will not work in the long run since stuff gets really "big" in size and pages like p0rnhub changed their upload tos long ago.

I also think i did already a similar journal longer ago but yea, i know that some people want me to bring said "lost media" back but than, how? I want too for sure but its hard to do so tbh.

So yea, ideas are welcome for such stuff.

Posted by WAtheAnum - March 19th, 2023

Thiiiiiiissss....ok...how should i start that...

Ok let me try it this way.

FIRST of all, i T R Y to go with samples here. I dont name original names (EVEN if some people kinda deserve to be named here) since i think what happend should stay "as it is right now" since the people and persons got "punished" already enough, at least "hopefully".

So...im honest here.

I always disliked the way how people just "create" something and sell it for a quick buck. Of course, they have all rights to...but what if they dont~?

A wile ago, again im going with different names and samples, an artist i follow got into something said artist didnt want to but did it to proof a point.

Heres the situation (which IS real though):

A more "known" artist did create an adopt for sale for around 300+ bucks. It was a furry. the design (this is the sample here now) was a bunny character with lila main fur, front white fur, darker purple feet and hand paws, long black hair and brown eyes. The sale went on and the "adopt" got sold for around 500 bucks.

Here is the thing though. 2 days AFTER the said adopt got SOLD, someone left a comment at the said mroe known artists page and posted a comment WITH a link that the adopt he just sold was very very VERY similar to someone elses, not really much known artists creation.

It indeed was: it was also a bunny character with lila main fur, front white fur, darker purple feet and hand paws and long (a bit mure curvy) black hair. Literally the ONLY differance was the eye color, which was green on this ones artist creation. Else it was "LITERALLY" a near perfect 1:1 creation. Imagen Garfield, just with an eyecolor change to make it more simple here.

And here is were the fun begins...

Said more known artist means he didnt know and he still sold his creation wile some fans from the other not so much known artist actually said he literally tried to rip the other, not so much known artist off.

In fact, the not so much known artist got TOLD about this and even he was like, yea...this is a bit "to" similar for a "unique" design there.

And oh boy, shots were fired but HERE is what i call "a dick move"~

The more known artist literally SAID and LAUGHED that he disrespected the lesser known artist for "trying" to "ruin his image" by calling him "thief" for stealing someones unique creation qhich is just an "odd coincidence" - in fact, some of his fans tried to attack the lesser known artist...because why not i guess.

And here i say, hats down to said lesser known artist~

Do you guys know what he did~? He actually, went on COURT with this :3

And hes the reason why for the most part at least from what i KNOW and HEARD: It was not even the reason that this other more known artist stole his creation, basically. it was more the reason because he thought he could get away with it AND being a literal asshole. :>


Sorry but i loved that the lesser known artist went on court for this AND WON. YES. The More known artist told on court that he actually D I D know the design and that it somewhat exists but not a lot people were didnt know of the said lesser artist so he though he can just take it and nobody would care. Yes, this is what was told on court.

At the end, the known artist lost and had to pay the lesser known artist 60.000 Bucks for Copyright infringement and "slander and public insult" (i duno the real word of it which brigns you on court) XD

Im srs i love that the lesser known artist won and only shows yes, even if youre more known and do create adopts, you might should check twice what design you try to sell.

I posted this also because i saw designs, VERY PLAIN AND SIMILAR, which people try to sell but im sure is existing somewhat. Im not nameshaming here but just as hint here: A cat furry character with long black hair and normal white fur is sure already taken, as for ONE plain sample here...

Again, not nameshaming but...





This is just one sample and what i basically try to say is: if you create adopts, make sure that it is LITERALLY U N I Q U E . Such simple design is very similar to other designs and, even if in my sampel the design is somewhat simple, check always TWICE noone took it already.

thanks~ XD

Posted by WAtheAnum - March 14th, 2023

Ok f. There was a bug (at least in the downloadable version) i had to fix with bulletcolision. So i updated the browser version as well , JUST IN CASE.

new version should be online in around 10 mins from this posted time...

Posted by WAtheAnum - March 14th, 2023




  • Shows on the top left corner now which version the game is (in black letters to fit the theme)
  • (WAY) Better bullet spread
  • Boss Inv. time got halfed
  • In trade-off, bosses have around 15% more health overall
  • Boss 3 got slightly harder
  • Shop prices got changed (mostly lowerd)

Play it here:

Download it here:


Posted by WAtheAnum - March 11th, 2023

I finally found it again!

As of late i really see more and more and MORE of this..."deformed" characters.

Funny for me, i got reminded of something i nearly forgot...and said thing is already O V E R 10 years old and feel like way more "up to date" than ever.

...And im sure if you look at it you can only sadly nod nowadays~


(direct link: https://d.furaffinity.net/art/zody/1329176487/1329176487.zody_popular_char_guide.jpg )

Posted by WAtheAnum - March 2nd, 2023


Lemmings month is over and as i said, the first half went well, second i had some personal stuff which made stuff not easy for me - in fact i had a panic attack, felt left alone and basically my whole world was for a moment collapsing. Yes, it was that bad...but today i stand here and feel at least better to stay up and do stuff again.

As you might also noticed, i changed my avatar (on Sofurry, im sure it will randomly roll up sometimes~) to something which im sure maybe only die-hard adult cartoon fans know~

After all, i admited to myself that im basically a nsfw artist anyway and love the good old times so i thought about, yea, this might be fitting if somoen gets the ref.

Anyway, as i said, Lemmings month is over and it actually went pretty well (not talking about said last half though), at least artwise. I learned that a lot people actually do enjoy my Lemmings and that it is, for them, literally a call back to the good old times and i feel honored if they enjoy my art this way for sure heh. Again, i do enjoy the old times as well, a reason why i draw such old classics people might rememeber but dont get any credit anymore. This might doesnt grain me a lot of fame or money in the long run but again, as i always say, i dont do it for fame or money. I do it for me and if people enjoy it, thats the biggest payback for me.

Still i have a Ko-fi in case you would be so kind hahaha X3 i know right? heh :3

SOOOOOoooooo what are the ideas for this month...

Being honest, i have a small note here with a lot stuff written down, some of them will be some actual "re-Drawn" from picture i did in the past but wanna re-do. Some cute ones for some. I also wanna draw some more rare characters again like the Enderwoman, my Spies and, who knows, maybe i find finally the time to draw a good furiotic this month. Would be about time heh.

THOUGH, what i actually WANTED to tackle this month was something im basically pulling with me on my back since years.

Yes, i srsly wanna finish finally my biggest Game yet. Daredevil 2.


A friend of mine is working right now on the last boss sprites and as soon as those are done, i wanna try to really "fucking" focus on finishing the game. As i said so often, "it is basically nearly done" and it basically really is. the main gameplay, flow and enemies are already done. 80% of the shop is done. the biggest stuff missing is a game over screen, a winning screen and said boss fights...and i think those will take a wile to "even" them out. So i might ask people who wanna be "beta" testers soon or later before 1.0 release. Mostly to get the feedback if shop prices are "ok", bosses not TO hard and stuff like that - not sure but i will see, i just need the feedback as soon as it its done.

Again this was my MAIN schedule for this month but i might do even finish it next month, i have a L O T going on lately (literally) in rl that keeps me busy but as for now, i try to relax if i find the time for and go on with art. already have one art piece in the making with one of my other girls so stay tuned for that.

If you have ideas for art or what ever comments n stuff, feel free to leave it there mates~

Stay tuned hehehe :3

Posted by WAtheAnum - February 15th, 2023

On the most pages i did change my "main" profil a bit because it felt a bit outdated. I did change the whole thing in the way it was written and added some smaller details for you to read. Next to this, at pages were i still had my big-pcture set to my dad, i changed it as well. We all have to look forward and i think i really should do so as well. Still, just a heads up, i changed my profil a bit, basically.

Posted by WAtheAnum - February 8th, 2023


First things first

I know that not everyone likes it if i draw Lemmings or Lemmings in general. Again, You have to remember im an old school gamer and basically grown up with old classic games and thats one reason why i like the small cute greenhaired fuzzballs. I still understand if not everyone likes them but, again, I do this month mostly for me and, of course, for the people which enjoy such old stuff.

Though, i have to say it here that i actually never felt better than today to say and draw my Lemmings - in fact, i already did draw nearly of all my ideas i had for this Lemmings month that im actually surprised that its not even the middle of the month yet.

I already have another Lemming in the making, the Asia tribe, and 2 other ideas written down. IF i do another "grande finalle" for this year, which ends mostly up with 2 Cute Lemmings in a "private situation"~, i actually duno. MOSTLY because this time i dont have really a lot "Female" Lemmings for that part. Right now i have drawn 2 Female Lemmings, The School And the Playboy ones, but the School one...im worried this miiiiight get me into trouble so i dont wanna use her but the Playboy one is the only Female one "adult" enough to maybe use for such special picture - again, not sure but than im sure it would be mostly welcome´d to be drawn (IF you know what i mean).

So yea, i still have 2 (+ 1/2 which is already in progress) Ideas for said other Tribes and maybe i add another one since there is still so much time left. I dont know tbh, i will see.


ANOTHER info is, i actually got ask as of late why i dont draw my OTHER stuff "that fast". Heres the thing: My other characters sure have more details, for the most part, and i draw them in a big picture so you cant compare a smaller-scale drawn Lemming with a full blown half- or full body pose of one of my other characters. The only charaters which are similar in "how easy" they are to draw, next to the Lemmings, could be my Spy Vs Spy characters BUT here is the problem its hard to get for THOSE actually "fitting" ideas because they are from a different and WAY older universe than the Lemmings. I mean with the Lemmings, i can basically do everything, keeping in mind that they are maybe as big as a Smurf or even smaller but with my other characters or said Spies, its a different story.

So yea, pls dont try now to "rush" me with my other art only because i enjoy drawing Lemmings in Simple poses. You cant compare such easy drawn stuff with my more complexer stuff ^^; PLEASE understand that!

SO thats all for now, stay tuned for more Lemmings AND if you have an idea for a Tribe i should represent, MOSTLY with a Female Lemming (if possible), leave a comment with an idea! I sure would enjoy your ideas hahaha ^^