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Posted by WAtheAnum - February 28th, 2022


I mean, for real though. febuary felt like way to short somehow. Of course i know it only has 28 days, duh but it felt like it was just a blink of an eye and it was done and gone...

Oh well, i guess.

With that, Lemmings Month is also over and i had some fun drawing my Lemmings again for sure.

Again, i know some people dont enjoy it if i draw so many Lemmings but im doing it for myself - Like every other flock is going for the newest and latest "Furry" like creatur right now which, so it seems, is right now the new Pokemons or the Kitty from the Kirby game...

I dont wanna say "dont do it guys" because, again, im basicly in the same boat cause i draw Rule 34 art from Spy Vs Spy and Lemmings...but being honest somewhat: We dont even know how such character "behave" and people go on them like crazy. Thats the reason why im not someone who enjoys drawing Krystal and such because i KNOW how they behave - and for sure not like sluts...

I could go on on a rent again here but than in that case i just nod it of because it basicly only shows who has real creativity and who is only following a trend.

And with this i can go to my other topic: Last time i was asking around if i should go and try to make some kind of "rent" comic. Im not quite sure after all. A LOT people told me i should sure give it a try, even more people which i THOUGHT would, but here is the thing about such comics: Yes, i have a LOT ideas i could go on for and try to "rent" about or "use" such rents for a comic stript, the problem is im worried that it could hurt some people in the progress since, AFTER ALL, they are still about a "rent topic" if you know how and WHAT i mean here. i still keep this idea in mind since it might be easier for me to progress such rents in an easier way than actually renting my ass off all the god dang time...

And with that out of the way let me go to another thing i wanna talk about...which seems like for some people the problem of how many "characters" i created and own and use or "used" to draw.

Yes, i know i have a lot characters (funny, some people still want me to create more or draw "other" characters~~~) and its even hard for me to keep them up on a regular base but than you might have to see and understand as followed:

- My "main" characters would be the furry ones, Aka: W.A., James, Black, Faly, Katrin, Shard, Lindia, Amanda and Sonja. Here is the problem the first counted 3 are the Male ones "left" i draw from time to time and, in my opinion, way to less. Its being a HOT minute since i drawn Black last time - James as well and W.A., normally my "main fursona" is basicly used for some naughty pictures and that something i sure wanna change somewhat somehow.

As for the others, those are my Female characters i already try to draw on a good base which you can already see. Of course, there are still people which are like right now "but but but why didnt you draw Sonja so far???" - Yes, its true i didnt draw Sonja in this year and thats the name of the game here: "THIS YEAR". it basicaly just began and i already tried to draw all my said main characters, Sonja didnt made it SO far because Lemmings month jumped in. I sure will draw her so keep your pants on mate.

- As for the Lemmings - or mainly my Lemmings Lady Lemina - Shes another character of mine i sure love to draw since im a gamer and nostalgie fan...and the design i gave her overall is something i like and enjoy. Its a simple design for sure and not everyone "might" enjoy it if i draw some Lemmings Stuff (or lewds) but to be fair, you still have to keep in mind that Lemmings are as big as maybe half of a finger of yours so i basicly cant draw her with other people i counted up "so far" because shes a charcacter which has/uses her "own" universe. Sure i could use a "dumb excuse" and draw her as big as one of my other females bu t logical it makes no sense. So i still keep drawing her from time to time since i LIKE to draw her.

- As about talking "own" universes, i also have my Spy Vs Spy characters Fuse & Ms Fire (god i stil love the fact i made this pun XD). The problem is basicly the same with this 2 as with my Lemmings stuff: They have their own universe and this one is already "VERY Limited" on its own and im not only talking "Colorwise". I wanna try to keep the original "base" they are based on in tact. I KNOW i could draw them in color and other surroundings and like but lets be honest here: Dont you think that would "ruin the flair" somewhat? Again: Spy Vs Spy is a over 60 year old comic series and drawing characters "based" on such is hard without ruining the base. The other problem i mostly have is to come actually up with "ideas" for them because most stuff HAS already been drawn or seens somewhat. Still, the universe is big and i sure come up with something for them.

- As on a side note would be my so said "Side characters" i either draw for special events or similar. Characters like my Easter Bunny, Good Luck Lynx Lady, Bad Luck Kitty, Somber(*) or similar. As i said already, those characters only appier at special times - like the easter bunny which sure gets drawn soon again for this year. The only character which I have in mind is something i enjoy to draw to much from all of them IS my Enderwoman which, i duno why, is just really smooth to draw. I srsly duno but the actual way and design i gave her makes her a character i enjoy to draw, even if im not even that much into Minecraft. So you might see her, next to halloween time, sure drawn from time to time because "why not".

*Somber is a character a lot people still dont get is NOT a character -I- own or created. She is created and owned from a friend of mine and i only have the permissions to draw her and since a lot people, even she, loves to see her around Halloween time, it got basicly an tradition for me to draw her around this time and it "should" stay that way i guess. I could ask the owner to draw her more often, IF wanted though for sure.

So there you have it. I already have a lot characters and im sure there are already some character i either dont draw "anymore" or "less" or were created in the past or similar. Some of said characters either sadly "died out" or "didnt make the cut" because either they were not fitting into the style i draw or were, over all, not really much liked - either by me or my watchers. Im normally not a person which "gives up" on characters but the problem is as i said already that i cant even hold and create MORE characters if im already flood with the ones i TRY to keep. I mean if you think its easy to give each character you own and like to draw an "equal time of shine" - aka equally often drawn - than you can guess why a lot people dont own 20+ characters..because it is literally hell to handle so many characters XD

I mean i dont think now i HAVE 20 characters (but over all im quite sure if i would begin to count up ALL characters i ones created since i began to draw, im sure i would add up to a LOT characters...) but as you saw for yourself, i already have a lot "active" ones to handle.


was now a huge wall of text about THAT topic so let me get only short on the last subject which would be "what am i going to draw over this month?"

Honest here, not quite sure. I got some "redrawn" ideas i might go for and for sure my easter bunny will be in there as well. I got also an idea for my Spy Vs Spy characters but else we will see what i gonna go with soon. :3

So stay tuned and if YOU have thoughts and ideas for and about my characters, feel free to leave a comment because those are sure welcome! :D

EDIT: yea the typos come again. i sure mean RANT and not RENT...

Posted by WAtheAnum - February 19th, 2022


Ok a word before i start here. Its the last week of Lemmings month and i sure will keep doing this months stuff as usual, dont worry about "that".


Ok im srs here now. Im a person which is honest. DEEPLY honest.

You saw in my last journal my mind about NFTs already and if you follow me longer, you basicly know what i think about "typical Patreon artists" and other, similar topics like YCHs and "Selling Adopts".

The problem i have is that its not "only" my "opinion" and a lot people feel more or less, yes this is true~, offended if you basicly tell them with honest words how shits going down the drain, literally.


Look, i can be an sarcastic asshole if i want to and so i thought "what if i put my rents into a comic series which show what i mean but in a sarcastic matter"?

AKA: If i would go and create such comics, they would literally be super simple, so my guesses, and would literally "brutal tackle" the topic it wants to talk about.

As sample how a comic "could" look like:

ANY 08/15 Artist which might has a name and some place in some community will be sitting on a chair, in the dark, creating a bunch of lazy drawn YCHs and be like "Oh yea baby i gonna be fucking RRIIIICH from all the idiots which pay from this poses i literally just copied out of random magazines muhahahahahahahaahaaaa!" Wile in the next panel, there will be the "hero" (i think it will be a cartoon version from me) which is like "ok lets just wait 3 weeks now till i can use this YCHs pose for free to redraw and reuse it as literal FREE SAMPLE for poses for my characters." and boom. Sarcastic pur~

I duno if you would like it but there is literally so much stuff right now i "COULD" rent about, it was an actual thought i got.

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 31st, 2022

Normally i dont create SO fast a new journal if its either not important or something which kinda freaks me out but lately, the whole internet is basicly fallen into this whole topic so i only think its right that i give my 2 cents to it:


For people which doesnt know, i will explain them VERY shortly and easy...

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and you can "Basicly" say an NFT explained kinda like this (here said this is a VERY easy and small sample so people understand it):

Imagen i would sell you a ticket with a number from 1-5 on it for, i duno, 5 bucks each. So i have 5 tickets in total with an equal price each. What i do "sell" you is THIS ticket. With this ticket, you can take a "seat" in a seat line. I dont sell you the "seat" but more the "privilege" to sit on one of the 5 seats i sell you the ticket for. Also remember: you can also trade your ticket YOU have with other people, aka sell, which want your "seat". You can sure sell it for what ever you want if you want which is basicly the "core" of NFTs.

Now lets go forward, Lets say i sold you Ticket nr 2, So you can take a sit on the 2nd place in this said seat line. Till now, you would say "why the F should i buy from you a ticket to take a seat right there? Thats dumb." Which it is but lets say, I would hang up infront of EACH SEAT something to look at, like a picture from me or a short animation, would you maybe than buy it~? You might would think now, ok that is worth it but the problem is, basicly, everyone ELSE IN this seat row can see the picture(s) AND everyone outside from it so why should you still buy this "ticket"? This is where the problem comes because i didnt tell you all that but YOU might "think" i dont sell you just the privilege to sit there, you actually think i sell you the picture which "comes" with it...as PLACEHOLDER.

A lot people THINK with NFTs they buy, they get what is "shown" but those are just placeholders.

Yes, you heard it right. If you buy yourself an NFT which shows some art or gif or mostly something similar, that doesnt MEAN youre the owner of said thing. YOU did only buy the PLACE which "identifies" WITH it. So basicly: Youre buying the privilege to take a SEAT INFRONT OF AN placeholder with the worth of, you guessed it, nothing . You dont get the art, you buy a little bitplace on a lobbyline which is worth nothing. Its literally like "buying a place on the moon". The sellers dont have (mostly) the rights to sell it and you will never really own it in the first place.

There IS actually a whole video about what NFTs are and this is really well explained, you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/XwMjPWOailQ

So whats my opinion about it?

In short: Its a brilliant scam but even if it IS brilliant, it is still a scam but people fall for it like flies. They dont get it and the biggest problem, not just people "create" such NFTs, bigger companies DO this shit as well! Mcdonalds, Konami, even YOUTUBE is about to sell those!

So if youre clever, DONT buy those and dont fall for those only because someone told you too, its stupid to do so and sure not worth it to literally buy nothing.

The biggest problem is also that it is basicly SUPER unsave (right now) and a place for art thief which "try" to sell (or in fact "just use") art they dont own...and another bigger problem is that they are artists even from the pages I have accounts on which TRY HARD to sell NFTs for prices which are around 1000 Bucks up to HALF A MILLION! FOR NOTHING! Just think about that for now.

So yea, my opinion is that i just laugh about people which think NFTs is something they need or is the "new boom" or something. If i want myself a beg full of nothing, i go to Ebay and buy myself a pack of WLAN-Cables...


Posted by WAtheAnum - January 30th, 2022


Welp Today i finished already the first bell which should ring the bell into the base for said february stuff, which will be as for what it also was for the last 2 years Lemmings Month which i will come to in a hot minute.

First, let me head back into the last month and i have to say that month was kinda a roller coaster for me. I had ups and downs and basicly "accepted" whats wrong with my health and mood - or in other words understood that i really need help with it that i try to tackled some stuff already. I bandadged my leg and its healing very well, "finally" at least. As for my "mental" health, i basicly "felt" whats wrogn with me since i played a tiny game which i enjoyed somehow - even that i cried and saw the story behind. Said game is a free one on steam, called "You Will (Not) Remain":


<<< you can download it here but said here a small spoiler: its depressing since it really tackles stuff like loneliness, depression and suicide.

But yea, after i played that i actually was VERY down for a wile and close after, that my harddrive broke didnt help the situation - in fact i nearly had a panic attack.

But yea...after that, i got my harddrive replaced (here said: thanks to everyone who helped me with that. I know it were not many but still the people which DID help deserve that little thanks i can give them!) and my PC is, as for now, ok again - i dont wanna jinx it though.

So and how was my art stuff for this month?

I think i did well this month.

Sure, at the beginning i was worried i would fall back into the "lets draw lots of adult art" thing and yea, sure, i did draw mature art again but gladly stuff i can live with and worked fine out. But with some pictures i drawn this month i got ideas for some other actual Re-drawns and other things i wanna draw as well - WELP at least after the UPCOMMING month since its Lemmings month woo!

SO what do i have in mind for that?

Im honest here, not much since the last 2 years i DID draw already the 2 big Lemmings Pictures i wanted - A poster for Lemmings 1 and 2.

So this years Lemmings Month will be different handled and might have also some "Naughty" stuff in it as well, kinda like the One i did upload today heh. But im sure i have SOME ideas which are also fun and cute AND both X3

So yea, i hope you had a great month so far. It would be nice if you leave me some feedback and comments if you like ^^

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 26th, 2022

Ok im not sure where to put this since its basicly somewhat about games but also a bit of a "vent":

lately i got into Pokemon unite abit again so what i show you is just from the last days playing and from nearly every match (at least the ones i won).

I mean i duno if people here do play Unite but, i think a lot people dont understand it? I mean i know moba games and played such for a longer time - LoL is a good sample i played back in the day for a really long time (i gave it up since it got way to toxic). But...

Im serious, just LOOK at this pictures: https://imgur.com/a/EnXfZyG

Will you notice something? Here important to say but i dont know actually which: SOME are from the "random" battles, SOME actually from rang battles in the higher super league. Still, Do i do something wrong? Am i the only one "playing" the game??

I mean i already "vented" already about unite a wile ago but right now i feel like this only proves my point. A normal match is basicly for me like this, lately: I as someone who "mostly knows" (if you know what i mean...) that i basicly cant trust any of my teammates since...well i mean the pictures basicly explain what i mean...So i go "Jungler" - or in the games case, Sprinter. In case: https://unite.pokemon.com/en-us/pokemon/zeraora/

I learned to play "Zeraora", a pokemon i dont even know about (which seems to be a problem in this game since a lot "people" seem to pick only their fav pokemon and still doesnt understand "their roles"...). So At first i had no real idea how to play said pokemon but quickly learned how it works best: Be quick, do damage, get out. And thats what im doing: if you know moba games im basicly "ganking" all the time since even the enemy team doesnt understand "what" im doing - "roaming". I dont have a "line", i walk around in the middle area, for the most part, and look where people need my help...and well as you can see it works fine.

Im mostly, if i begin a fight, already 2-3 level over my enemies, since i "farm" the other monsters in the middle area and try to get the "buffs" from the bigger monsters as well (if my team isnt that "stupid" and LET the buffs for me ffs), and only "score" if i have the time for since, again, im not there for it, i try to "hinder enemies movement": Killing, away from letting them score.

Still, is it just me or was that already "to much" for people to understand?

The problem and answer is: yes!

Pokemon players, for the MOST part, never played a moba or never had the intention to do so, they dont know what basicly ALL the words i said mean.

Just for some samples so it makes it easier to understand for SOME words (just for some and i try to be easy):

"Jungler" (or in this games case Sprinter)

Basicly the guy which doesnt stay on one of the main lines. Hes the one which levels on his own and comes to "gank" if people on their lines need help.


Basicly a surprise attack from the Jungler (from the most time). He "suddendly" comes into one of the lines "out of nowhere" wile the enemy didnt suspect it. Such attacks are mostly quickly done and the jungler will mostly do a lot damage, if not surpress the enemy just with his presents alone.


This means basicly you dont have a main possition somewhere, you walk around and "do your thing", which is most fitting, of course, for junglers since they mostly "roam around the map" to get their farm.


Farm means killing monsters to level up quickly. In Unite, there are 3 areas to "farm": the 2 Lines which have monsters to kill and the middle area. Important here is that the people on their lines should NOT STEAL the farm from other areas. As sample, the jungler is REALLY IN NEED of his farm. DONT. STEAL. HIS. FARM. He needs to get some levels quickly to help you out else he takes more time farming and wile he does he cant help you - so DONT STEAL IT.

"Buff Monsters"

Buff monsters, in Unite, are the 2 strong monsters on each side of the area. Those help, mostly the jungler, to get quickly some level ups and killing monsters FOR said exp which he needs. A good team leaves them for the said jungler because the team knows the jungler needs said buffs. Without the buffs, the jungler will REALLY suffer with his farm and you might lose the game because YOU just wanted a quick kill the jungler actually NEEDED insteed.

If that was already to much for you, than you might can see what i try to say here...

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 18th, 2022

Oh well...

Keeping it short, yea it seems like my harddrive for my artwork and co aaactually begins to "slowly acting up". i checked it with some PC programs aaaaand yes...doesnt look good.

Since im no PC geek, it seems like its also not repairable damage so i have to get myself a new one...

The problem is im right now a bit short on money, well after all my medical stuff im doing no wonder..., so it would actually be nice if you could be so kind and help me out a bit. Im srsly asking nicely because right now im trying to save all my stuff from the said damaged harddrive so that i dont actually "lose" something.

How you could help me, it would be nice viva donations at my Ko-fi or direct at my paypal, if you want so i can buy be as quick as i can a new harddrive. Thank you guys of course in advance for any kind of help.




please ask me for that per note, comment or IM (similar, you know what i mean :P)

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 6th, 2022

Well last year, it was basicly OX so everyone had drawn its character in a cow-bikini. I did this myself only with my Lemmings special picture since, at the time - again -, everyone was doing it. I will do it maybe this year for another special but no promisses given here.

But THIS year, its the year of the TIGER and OH BOY can i already forecast the furry fandom will be flood with Tigress art and stuff from kung fu panda...

Im srs here, i can make a bet here. We all know how the fandom works and how "imaginative" the people in there are...

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 3rd, 2022

Well im glad i survived the jump into the new year and i already found something where i think i should play, as often, the cards open on the table.

Adult and Mature art.

I dont know about you but, the most artpages (or pages which allow uploading art) i have accounts, there is an amount of mature and adult art. I mean, yes, even my art is basicly 75% mature art, some adult art and sometimes general but im honest here:

The more and longer you look around such art (including mine somehow) the more it feels like the adult and mature art "thing" is getting somewhat stale.

Dont get me wrong here, im sure as everyone else (if hes not gay or similar), i love to see some cute and sexy body and thats one reason why i also draw my charcters in such cute playboy-like poses: I love them dayum cute.

But...somehow, it feels like a downer lately since a lot people either "over use" a lot characters or basicly do "the same" over and over again.

You need some samples?

Last year, the jack-o pose was a thing. At first, i even didnt get the trend but i sure saw the pose for the first time and it was cute to look at - sadly just like 3 weeks later, EVERYONE i was watching at this time basicly used and drawn it. It wasnt new at this point nor intresting to look at nor "sexy" anymore since a lot people mostly over used either their characters OR, how else should it be, the characters which were "known" and "used" around said time. That was also a reason why i didnt draw said pose coz i actually grown sick of it seeing it: it wasnt new and if everyone is literally using it there is no need for another sheep which follows the herd.

As for the other sample is that a lot people just over use characters which are in at the moment - or, a more known word for it, "milk them till they are dry". A lot people, as sample (me as well), enjoyed last year the small internet series "helluva boss". And yea, since i have a lot accounts on furry-like pages, you can GUESS how many people literally farted out Loona art...

It felt for a moment like that this is the "new bitch" character in the fandom, next to Krystal and Renamon - and yes, if you saw such art again and again and the character as well, you know how quick it the character got basicly stale...

Even worse, some tried to create their own "reincarnation" from Loona...you know those, the "totally original and sure not based on this one character" kind of characters...

Granted, i basicly did this as well with my Lemmings Lady Lemina or my Spy Vs Spy characters Fuse and Ms Fire but here i can at least excuse myself a little bit:

- Lemmings DO look basicly "all" like the same. Its literally their TRADEMARK to have green hair "somewhat" and a long blue dress so judge me there.

- The Spy vs Spy characters DO have the "big noses" AND are just Black AND White. Changing that would kinda ruin the flow or the "style" over all so basicly, this universe is already super limit for "creating" such characters WITHOUT ruining the universe they are "based" on.

I know this sounds maybe like a bad try to excuse the style and look of my characters BUT, im 100% sure not every "hellhound" you have to create in the universe of "helluva boss" HAS to be a gothic girl, has white hear and red eyes...so about that.

So yea, there you have it. Again, dont get me wrong, i still enjoy mature and adult art and im also sure i will keep drawing such art but it feels like nowadays, for me at least, that you look around the pages youre on and just "nod it off" if you see such art coz either, you saw such art already, similar art, growing sick of the character which you saw already in you-duno-how-many-times-and-versions-from, most mature art feels kinda "soulless" drawn, mature art is nothing more than a girl with cum everywhere for no other fucking reason that the artist "THINKS" creamy cheese over a female body is "sexy" (Hint: its not.) or you kinda, like me, grown out of it - or just simply sick overall about mature and adult art.

Again, i duno if its just me but if not, youre sure welcome to leave a comment or some feedback of course.

Posted by WAtheAnum - December 31st, 2021


Welp, in less than 10 hours, for most of us, the new year will begin and 2021 comes "finally" to an end...

Let us ALL be honest here:

2021 wasnt good, simple as that. For a lot people it was less "painful" than 2020 since they finally understood, as sample, that "Corona" is a real thing and kills people and not just a beer-mix on the shelf you could buy. For others, like me, it was even worse for either personal reasons...well...MOSTLY personal reasons i would say.

Still, I stood my ground "somewhat" and made it so far but sure know i have to tackle some stuff in the new year and HOPE, it works out well:

- First of all my health problems got over the year, how else after all what happend, worse. I already got "offerd" help (i cant really say if that was an offer tbh) so i try my best to tackle that down first

- ...which ALSO means i try to get FINALLY my leg fixed - people might remember the picture i have shown of it some weeks ago. Yes, its still in that "state", no, it doesnt really real, no, it doesnt really hurt a lot (gladly).

More plans and ideas i had for 2022...well i made a whole video about it which you can see either HERE or just at my latest uploads on all my accounts (ex. newgrounds since there they dont like video linked pictures i guess so yea, here you go, click there):


Here said again, i didnt cut anything out and its a bit longer (around 18 mins long but actually the whole story what happend to me in this year).

But...let us be real again:

Yes, we all have "High hopes" for 2022...but will it really be different? I mean if i just think about germany and how the actual situation around here IS right now, the new corona omicron is now around everywhere in germany, the inflation rate here gets over-the-top high, prices to just pay or buy simple stuff rised, people moving out everywhere and now the new politics which do more for other people and forget for which country they got literally voted for...

...doesnt sound so good over all...

So yea, honestly here, i dont have high hopes FOR 2022 but said here, i think every year could be better than 2021 by far...at least for me i guess.

So with that said, i wish you all a good, smooth and healthy slide into the next new year. Let us all hope that 2022 will be better and hope that it will actually be, at least a tiny bit. For me, for you, for all of us.


Posted by WAtheAnum - December 24th, 2021


I wish everyone a happy little merry christmas (or what else youre celebrating around this time)!

I know as for me, i dont will get a lot gifts nor a ...well "super good" christmas feeling over all i guess. I still try to enjoy it as it is i think.

Else, stay save everyone, stay healthy, enjoy the days! :3