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animation, no problem. all good all fine.

music, ah yes. the copyright bot was sleeping ones again.
srsly, is it just me or when ever youre like (meaning you in the general sense) using a copyrighted music on NG and K N O W the rules of NG, your stuff gets blammed and banned in 24 hours WILE literally everywhere else, you see something like "this" and ask yourself "how"?

I love the raction people sended, most of them have no uploads nor respect music creation so it seems.
Music is not made with a snip of a finger - nor is animation. Using something without permission is like you rip someone off its work and doesnt pay the person, a reason why copyrights exist.

So, now think about what i said and why im not complaining about this animation but of the double standard rules NGs here has. But hey, you do you...

this is basically a gif. not a video, a gif. maybe the last 2 seconds adds more and the fact it has sounds but is it worth 5 stars AND daily first?

No. Sorry, no.

daw...poor healer :c dont make your support sad :c

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OK designwise, it looks good for what it is, but you basically cant get a game over if youre not "forcing" yourself too. You "get" the snacks automatically so there is no real "risk" somewhere. This should have been "fixed" by actually "getting" to press a button to pick them up somewhat.
Next to this, the Snackmachine "bounce" is to less "random" and sometimes, it really, REALLY needs long that something you "need" is comming up.
I only played Normal but it seems like they are no enemies which would "hinder" you to move around. In fact, i put the game on highest speed (20) and Normal, let it run WILE i wrote this review (not joking) and im still not "losing". I might didnt got a lot points but there you might see it just needs "something" to be added here. A kind of power up and some enemies which hinder you for sure or something which stuns you.

Again not bad but it lacks somewhat.

(Oh im also still not losing wile i finished this last lines so... and im already on speed 39 with "only" 1300 points wile its running only in the background.)

ngl its ok for what it is but the controls...srsly, i can see the "re"flashed but, come on, mouse exists, you have a keyboard with way more buttons than 2 as well. for the love of good, those are not good controls for a game which original is suppost to be "fluent" with its control sceme...

srsly, the original this one is based on feels fluent in the walking, shooting, placing ...this feels kinda odd to play.

edit since i got an answer:
"this project was made to follow the control restrictions of the game jam, we are fully aware it is trash, please stop sending us messages and 0-star reviews that it is trash. The game WILL get mouse controls and gamepad support in the future, we DO NOT intend to preserve the bad NES controls!"

You mean this part? Well than why did you release it that way? Maybe YOU should add that the game jam H A D restrictions and WHICH they were insteed of blaming us, the costumers, which literally doesnt know. But you do you and blame US, the people which have to "work" with this controls, right?

JamesTDG responds:

Sounds like we got another person who didn't read the description

Edit: simple, we've been working on adding additional things to update, additionally, our programmer has a life and only gets small bits to work on the code, so we can't exactly rush out updates, hell, we're expecting to miss our June deadline

Additionally, it's kinda expected to read the description, and I made it extremely clear that people needed to read it.

newgrounds when ever someone else or "you" uploads something:

When ever i look on newgrounds:
Literally copyrighted stuff uploaded everywhere.

Dont we all love the double standards~?

Kolumbo responds:

appreciate the concern there, but all copyrighted music has been used with fair use in mind, either being under 15 seconds (ex. gangnam style), or transformative (ex. gta theme)

as far as images go, there are literally games being sold on steam that use windows xp assets & visual style

oh yeah, also: parody


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and not ONE futa tag was given...

creating and using a stereotype plus the fact that its literally everywhere should let someone think though.

not only is it deformed and not sexy but also overused and bummed.

"oh no hes that guy, hes splitting the beans."
Yes, i do. Im sick and tired that people go full on porn mode only insteed of creating something nice anymore. People are literally starving for the older content where "nice and sexy" characters had a good time - people even TOLD me about that and i will follow the call because i dont change "suddendly" my characters into bimbofied, horrible deformed characters they are not suppost to be. How do such characters even walk or exist anyway? Do people REALLY need that much of attention to begin to deform their creations and literally rape them only for some dosh? OR just USE another ones creation and let THIS one get raped, right?

Yes, think about it now.

*is looking for a secret bush in there*

Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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