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wonder when do we ever see a original character from you and -not- a copyrighted character.
Said here, i REALLY wonder if someone "would" delete all the copyrighted characters from your gallery, how much of it will be left after that.

THIS should a point to think about "changing" something and not just build your whole artwork on other peoples creations AND advertising your patreon with said characters which are 100% not yours.

edit for the "voters" there:
there is no reason to feel "mad" about my comment. Think about it that way: you create something on your own and someone somewhere "just takes it" and "uses it" to make money with it -without- your permission. How do you think that feels? So and now, lets talk about copyrights and this artists gallery again...

Edit coz of the answer:
"I draw original characters all the time. Designed three this week alone, and seven last month."
Where? On newgrounds there is nothing from those to see, at least not from "this week". And you created "whole" 7 last month? Wow, should i go now over the gallery of yours again and make an comparison and contrast of how many copyrighted charaters ONE of those "original characters" comes? TO many i can tell you.

I mean, i had time to just DO it for so people recognise on what you "build" your art...
evidence could be shown here: https://imgur.com/nEl2GwR

TwistedScarlett60 responds:

I draw original characters all the time. Designed three this week alone, and seven last month.

the discription of this picture is the same as watching an advertising for toothpaste: its pretty blank.

so the people which ALREADY do support you on PATREON are literally "quite fuqed" and dont get those hm?

Srs to say, if that isnt calling the word "greed" i duno anymore.

5+ Edits on Patreon
lets play the guessing game ones again and you can slowly see what im MaYbE try to say here.

- more wet version
- lingerie version
- more blushing or actual "cumming" version
- since noone HAS a dick there is a futa version
- last are a mixture of all the 4 said before

i can bet money on it here and im sure thats sad about it...

"4+ Edits on Patreon"

let me guess...
- without dick
- with cum
- with lingerie
- Something inbetween, most likely lingerie without dick or something

predictable "edits".

TwistedScarlett60 responds:

Well, we got a fair amount of milk, pregnancy and futa edits too. These edits typically aim to please niche fetishes.

i duno why i always like the design of this somehow cute character but thiiiiis time i cant give full stars coz im really not a huge fan of nipple piercings ^^; as for the thicc part i still kinda works.

oh look, someone else said the joke already i said last time and you pissed me on for that?
as MichaelSimkins SAID THERE:
ELVES are NOT MONSTERS same as DRAWFS are not MIDGETS. You might should change your name of the "game" to "Fantasy Girl 1000" IF thats the name youre going for~

Calling an elf a monster is like calling a drawf a midget....

edit since i got an answer:
ELVES are still not "MONSTERS". And who should know that you use them for a game if the discription is AS BARE FUCKING BONES as it can get? There is NO WORD about "ITS FOR A GAME" or something like so dont piss me on but give INFOS than.

TwistedScarlett60 responds:

Bro, this is the third time someone posted something like this. I'm allowed to make a game called "Monster Girl 1,000", and add Elves into it. These are not mutually exclusive ideas.

how to be a patreon artist:
"lets rape some copyrights. All.the.time!"

E rating.
yeaaaaaa...bout that...

Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

Walter Alb. @WAtheAnum

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