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this is my kind of humor and i love it XD

im kinda disapointed that noone, so far, took the opportunity and created a friday night fuCkin. its not that hard to make an N into a C there, people XD

wow. content or characters from a patreon user which are not owned by any 3rd party or copyrighted or trademarked by any big company?

im impressed... but just a bit coz i know the next project will be back the same, sadly.

kiiiinda a bit short, else everything is fine.

as funny as this one is, as true it also is...

oddly my review got deleted coz i went to extreme, i guess. well, if it was the case lets just say "i dont like dickgirls" since that is THAT SHORT that it doesnt need further explanation. but than: maybe TAG that "stuff" right...

(also i was not able to read the 7 messages which i got here since well...review went byebye~)

the problem is that im german and sure know the "missheared lyric" stuff. sadly, again, since i understand it its only half funny.. for me at least. doesnt mean its bad though but eh, ruins the fun if you understand it.

at least you have fun with your kink.

hard to think about that they "just" closed the books. its not even like that...well...that they "closed the doors" of the flash building - they blow it up. Flashplayer doesnt work ANYmore. Odd to think about that i tried to ignore the fact that it will be gone soon and now...its...gone. i deinstalled the flashplayer today knowing that i will not be able to see many many childhood memorize ever again.

thanks weebl for this nice video.

1 min animation.
30 sec credits.
30 sec someone in a car having a musicial breakdown about the grinch,

BrandyBuizel responds:

honestly the animation drags on, we should add more of a breakdown at the end

Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

Walter Alb. @WAtheAnum

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a bit from anything

Done already~


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