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"full audio source: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/5Vb2pO7KQ_g "

nah man i would go so far and say full audio source would be this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPRQr8R4R-4

(yea, glad someone takes the copyright rules for real here on NGs...)

midgetsausage responds:

I was referring to the audio of the two frogs fighting under the rain, since it's not just me splicing together recordings of angry frogs I made myself. so no thanks, dipshit.
The description also clearly says "music used: Underwater theme + Bonus Room theme (restored), both from Super Mario World"

srsly here, this could have been a gif...

ChuchoZepa responds:

Certainly........... it is, but to take advantage of it I added sound, i think i should make a tik tok account lol

even if i know the song n stuff, it would be at least nice if you would CREDIT it. I mean i remember NG even said somewhere that you shouldnt use copyrighted music in the first place but still...

yea, how about writting it below would one thing to do? Or how about i just take your animation without your permission and slap a different music on it? "my creation than" am i right?
Srsly dude, its not that hard.

Alakamame responds:

Don't worry there, pal
I'm working on something to fix that right now c;

this is kinda wholesom´ and i like it.

I think this guy would win a gun fight with a knife. XD

Well i guess F F´d the F off by now. XD

alone the fact that i know how much work animating something can be AND that this is animated so smoothly...i can already think that this was a LOT off work...and because JUST of that knowledge alone does this deserve 5 stars from me mate.

the fact that NFTs are basicly buying placeholders infront of things they think they get but are just used to identify said placeholders and STILL people think that...wait you dont know? Oh Well than:

a lot people THINK with NFTs they get what is "shown" but those are just placeholders. yes, you heard it right. If you buy yourself an NFT which shows some art or gif or mostly something similar, that doesnt MEAN youre the owner of said thing. YOU did only buy the PLACE which "identifies" WITH it. So basicly: Youre buying a SEAT INFRONT OF AN placeholder with the worth of, you guessed it, nothing . You dont get the art, you buy a little bitplace on a lobbyline which is worth nothing. Its literally like "buying a place on the moon". The sellers dont have (mostly) the rights to sell it and you will never really own it in the first place.

There IS actually a whole video about what NFTs are and this is really well explained, you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/XwMjPWOailQ

I have to agree with @JoeyTheMarillFan there. I dont get this whole "I HAVE TO GIVE IT 5 STARS NOWWWWW!!!!11111one" thing anyway. Sure, if its THAT good, its worth giving 5 stars but IS this worth 5 stars for real? No.

Its a short 4 second animation which basicly isnt even 2 seconds long. Is it well made? Well yes but is it something special to roll the dice for 5 stars on? No.

Sure, now some fanbois will get mad about but look at it this way: Someone works really hard and created a T-rated animation which is super clean made, is over 3 minutes long and tells a story about 2 people about a sudden topic very well - gets only 3 stars in the voting.


Someone animated some bouncing BOOBS just for 5 seconds! 5 STAR VOTING WOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Srs to say, if people only give it 5 stars "Because IT HAS TIDDIES!" without even giving a real feedback nor review, how should an artist even learn from his/her misstakes if all we give them are only horny comments which basicly tell an artist "nothing at all"?


small EDIT for @DaCouchPtato :
"if they don't like it, then don't look at it, it's that simple."
You do know reviews are there to make and express peoples opinions right? We all dont think that a 4 seconds animation worth 2 seconds in total can be compared with a full-blown animation which is super well made and over 5 minutes long - and not M rated. We all dont just think with our dicks but actual BRAINS you know~?


Another edit since people dont get it:
This has nothing to do with "mature" art, this has nothing to do with short animations. Its about being a fanboi and immature horny which doesnt really give anything than only 5 stars without contrast, review or feedback. If you, by now, still didnt understand it, you might should think longer about what i wrote and stop using your last braincells for wanking your nuddle off.

They are far, more worthy animations AND art in ANY rating which you cant compare with this AND are worth 5 stars more than a 4 second animation loop of just some bouncing boobs...


Another edit for @DrCoeloCephalo (mostly coz of his face vote and his "review"):
""Oh no! A sexy animation is getting good reviews!!"
Sex sells. Get over it."

Nice "review" there and nice 5 stars. You basicly are the best showcase of my review there.
Literally. Why? Welp, because youre literally one of those persons which dont give a crap about said things in my review. If you think a 4 second animation of some bouncing boobs is EQUALLY worth a full blown 4 minute erotic animation than you have pretty low standards in quality BECAUSE if this "should" be the new standard (aka if every big creator sees that "such stuff" gets high votes wile other, better quality stuff gets nearly or no votes AT ALL), guess what other artists will do in the near future if THIS becomes the new standard, mate. Deal with it.

ifffffffffffffffffffffffffff you think about it, this video hits the nail prettttttty much on its head...

Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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