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Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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Monthly Journal ;P

Posted by WAtheAnum - December 8th, 2019


Advent advent~

Im kinda a bit sorry im "already that late" with my monthly journal but i had a pretty good run with stuff as you might saw already that i drawn a lot pictures last week (every 2nd day). Reason is im in a good mood and got some ideas in mind. i try to keep this a bit longer going but might take myself a break around xmas since i need a bit time to relax :3

So yea, im kinda "ok" now and feel ok, not "super alright" but at least good. Got some ideas in mind for art, some games to play and even in my family all the stuff is kinda nearly back to "normal" now.

ONE OTHER IMPORTANT THING i want to talk about again is that I still help out Faly selling her SFW/NSFW calendar for 2020. I had a talk with her some days ago and we try to sell the calendar till end of this year. So if youre interested, go here for more infos and a sneak-a-peak. Already saying here, its really worth it and just 5 bucks.

go here:

So what else will be happen this year and what might be intresting for you guys?

As for said ART ideas, i still have some good ones

- I try to draw the bad luck kitty as for next week soon (since friday the 13~)

- a kind of Re-drawn! from a VERY old picture which i made ones for Christmas, i dont wanna say right now which but i sure enjoy the idea myself already XD

- Another Re-drawn! but with Faly~

- MAAAAAYBE a Furiotic?

As for THIS section i already try to talk abit about stuff i TRIED to do this year but either was not able to or gave up on it.

Maybe people remember i often wrote about a special project at the near beginning of this year and that i duno if i should work on it or not. This was basicly the idea to work on an actual COMIC from my Spy Vs Spy characters FUSE and Ms. FIRE. I already had something like a storyline going which pretty much shows how this both come closer and how the "enemy system" in their world works. I even had pannels and stuff in mind since i would have tried to make the WHOLE COMIC TEXTLESS - like the classic Spy Vs Spy comics.

There was even a small romantic part in it (and a bit nsfw stuff too). MAIN problem was that i would have basicly ONLY drawn this comic for at least 3-4 month, drawing nothing else but only the comic. If you know me, im a guy who sure is for quality over quantity but still wanna have stuff done fast. Look at my Spy Vs Spy game as sample: the 1.00 game was made in just 3 and a half day. I go with a game sample since people also asked me to make more "bigger games" lately.

As for Games, I already had a LOT for this year in mind but either was not able to work on them or might work on them next year, as for one sample, here is one idea i had in mind which sounds at least "funny" the more i think about it since i really thought about this one game for a long long time now

Meet Tommy & Hermann, 2 farmers who runs a bigger farm and do also a lot stuff viva biplane to get stuff for or on their fields. Hermann, the older ones of the two, is a old war veteran which tries to run his life now peaceful and quite. Tommy, for Hermann someone like his trusty arm and "could be his son", is more of an adventures day dreamer which sometimes even dreams on the fields or even at the back of the biplane.

One day, (here i dont have much details but still) a near nation declares war and Tommy & Hermann had to defend one day their farm. As one day, their farm got bombed and they nearly lost everything that day, left was a bit of their farm and, gladly, their Biplane. Hermann, as old veteran, sure knows where to keep his old trusty weapons and was ready to not only defend ones the land which was his own but was now up to revenge - sadly this old farmer was already old and not more in the state as a "fighter"... So Tommy insisted sure to help his old man, after all, the farm was something like his own home. So they had the idea to use the Biplane to fly, which would be done by Hermann, and one would be the Gunner for this, which would be tommy.

As for the game, i thought acutally something like a mix between old shootin ups + pong. The base idea was that the Biplane is something like your "base" or "paddle" wile actually the "Ball" would be Tommy with his gun. Tommy sure is not acting like a "ball" but more of a person with a parachute which jumps to the enemy planes and kepps them shooting down. Hermann is not armed well (hes the pilot and its a farmer biplane~) and so the game would act as a great 2 player coop game wile tommy would take care of the bigger planes, jumping around with his parachute wile hermann actually has to CATCH Tommy before he falls off-screen and tacking care of the maybe smaller enemys which could get tommy in his parachute with an ease.

You might can see i put some thoughts already in it X3 So maybe i work on it some day but i thought i give you the idea.

As for another game idea which i will for SURE work on, hopefully next yea, will be "Daredevil II". Daredevil 1 was ones made as hommage for all games like berzerk but as for Daredevil II, I had actually something like rouge-like gameplay in mind with stats and powerup elements. I dont wanna spoiler here to much but the work with my latest updated game with glitchydust, Stiff Digging 2, proven me that i can try to work on some bigger games and its sure worth at least a try - which was mostly the reason why i gave up on bigger games since i never really saw any worth behind. So stay tuned who knows what next ^^

I still hope you guys have a good winter time so far ^^