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[gaming] Pokemon unite was a bad idea...

Posted by WAtheAnum - July 28th, 2021

before i go to deep into it, give me a moment to explain.

First of all, to get THIS out of the way, im not a huge pokemon fan. i dont dislike it but for me, i played the original games and the eevee-remake-version and some side games so its not that i hate them or something i might just dont have a lot of "ideas" if we talk about newer generations. I also dont like the "idea" of an "MOBA" game with Pokemon but, i will explain that in a hot min.

The problem i just have with Pokemon unite is that it is:

1. For free

2. Is a "GOOD" MOBA game

and 3. a lot people still think pokemon is for "little kids"

EDIT: 4. Its actually pay 2 win...​

1. Its Free

Pokemon unite is a game everyone can get on their switch since its free. Which already means you will meet a lot people in there with different "skill level". People which might never played an actual game LIKE Unite or people which are literally overwhelmed with the gameplay since its for sure not its typical pokemon game or like any other "spinoff" they played. This ALSO means: Kids will play it as well. Kids which think its their favorite pokemons and they battle each other...

Kids which doesnt understand the gameplay in the slightest nor do anything to actually REALLY understand what the hell they are doing - more about that in part 3.

2. Its actually a good MOBA

I played it a bit and have to say, it is, SADLY, a pretty good moba game but, as for it is right now , super limited. As i said, i only know some newer pokemons than from gen 1 but even in gen 1 i know we had 151 pokemon...and Unite offers right now how many over all? 20? 25? I mean ok i can see that they "couldnt simply put each and every pokemon inside" but im sure that there is not even ONE POKEMON in Unite from EACH GEN, which is, to be honest, kinda a shame since we are talking about pokemons, a series which literally has, for sure, over 850 pokemons ALONE.

Next to this i have to come back to point 1 (and future 3) that the game is VERY LIMITED again in kinds of communication. Srsly, a lot people seem to ignor the chat, minimap and alike - and those are important since we are talking about a TEAM AND MOBA game. You have to fight as team and know some rules if you have 2 lines you have to defend and 5 people in one team. Sure, you cant 5/2 without creating a 0.5 number so than you have to think logical and again since everyone can get it and we are talking about nintendo, there is BARELY and comunication actually "DOABLE". Sure, you have some shouts you can make but i already WISHED they added 2 shouts like "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY TEAM" or "I ALREADY ASKED FOR FUCKING HELP 8 TIMES! I CANT FIGHT ALONE 4 PEOPLE!" - I think every MOBA player knows what i mean.

Sure, IF you do know MOBA games (like LoL or Dota2), you already see where i might go with this but thats exactly the problem since you just CANT communicate! The shouts you can do get BARELY any attention NOR are they somewhat "big" vissible on the minimap OR screen (yes, you can see small icons and a small shout on the top of the screen but again, it can get easyly ignored, like WAY to easy). Its REALLY IMPOTANT to be able to create "somewhat" a communication with your team and Unite is actually pretty luckluster in that right now, they try but if you try to "spam" the "i need backup!" and that literally is just a "normal white !" sign on the map, it should maybe somewhat changed into "I NEED HELP!" with a louder and REAL "WARNING" jingle and maybe RED marker as warning, it would MAYBE help people paying MORE attention to it than a small white ! on the minimap, srsly (i know this sounds like raging, which it kinda is since i did play LoL in the old days but there, every small alarm had a different color and a noticable loud jinggle so everyone knew what people are "warning"/"mean" if they use such warnings...).

3. "Pokemon is for kids"

And this is the biggest problem. I already hinted it in point 1 that everyone can download it and kids tend to do that to, not willing OR wanting to understand the game and ADDING again the fact that you cant/barely can communicate with your team feels like sometimes youre babysitting. Srsly.

No - this has nothing to do that i rent about "bad players" since im sure in LoL, Dota2 and similar mobas, people begin to learn the game and can be "getting better" in the game since its "build" this way. In Unite, i think a lot kids and people get into it with the mind set still on "pokemon". they are cute they make combat and it only effects "YOU" if you die - which is again in this game wrong since "feeding" (Moba players know what i mean...) is sadly a thing as well in Unite...

I saw people which seem like they "tried" to play the game but didnt got the hang of it, attacking to late, getting no lasthits, running into a 1 v 3 without backup. You know, "this" kind of people and as i said, i think a lot kids actually play this game since, again, the majority sure think still its pokemon, its for kids. I know some adult pokemon fans but they sure dont play moba games so i duno if they are LoL players into pokemon as well (IF you know what i mean with that!).


4. Its actually Pay 2 win...

A watcher from me on FA (thanks again) actually told me about that the game is pay 2 win and linked me this video WHICH i did watch and i also say, you should watch it as well, for real: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyRFGxncuAk

​It leaves me actually speakless.

Its a Nintendo game and they added something like this. Of course, you could say other games like LoL do that as well but they DONT sell items which affect the gameplay but ONLY SKINS. THIS is literally boosting yourself up with money and making you a walking tank. I mean if you watched the video, he spawncamped there full team of 5 man. ALONE. In another match, he made 17 kills. IN 3 MINUTES...

With that all said, i think it was actually bad that Unite came out "for free" and that it has a pokemon setting. Its again not that im against pokemon, its more or less the fact that its just "to good" for its OWN good since childs will get it, try it, dont understand it, do bullshit in it, dont like it and Unite ends up in limbo and all we have left might be the only "hardcore Moba fans" which slowly begin to actually "overrun" the game...


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