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[kinda a rant] The epidemi of the stupid

Posted by WAtheAnum - December 1st, 2021

This might be a text wall im not sure, just warned here again.

But yea...i kinda have to leave this here since im kinda done with this shit.

Yes, im talking about corona and the epidemic world wide - or at least the "german part" of it.

I mean look, let me explain the comming outburst of rant with some word and you will see...

Here in germany, the infection numbers are rising - like srsly hella fast rising. We all know its a fucking death epidemic so how it comes their are people, still running on the streets down there and be like "this whole thing is a joke"? Even our politics dont really try something against the epidemic but only want us to use our "natural common sense".

WELL look how far it brought us dear politicians!

Im srs here to say that, sure, even i think everyone in this world should have a working brain "SOMEWHAT" which also means they SHOULD have said "natural common senses".

...Why the hell does politicians ABOLISHED the mask requirement in schools and public transport IN SAID MIDDLE OF AN DEATH EPIDEMIC FFS?!

...Why does parents want "now" their childs to come back stay at home and not go to school "right now" BUT before they actually PROTESTED ON THE STREETS that they childs "getting stupid" since they were sitting "only at home"??

...WHY THE FUCKING HELL do people still travel VOLUNTARILY into called "heavy epidemic areas" at other ends of the world JUST BECAUSE they wanna have "A VACATION", NOT even CARRING about that they HIGHLY potentionally COULD get infected with OTHER, MORE DEADLIER variants of the SAID FUCKIND DEATH VIRUS AND POTENTIONALLY NOT "JUST DIE" FROM IT BUT INFECT OTHERS WITH IT AS WELL!?!?

Im super fucking serious here. THIS kind of stuff let me not just facepalm but reconise AND understand the old Einstein-quote more and more:

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about th’universe!"

Are people growing into idiots? are they BORN that way? Srsly, Everyday i watch the news here and and i can only puke the more i see and hear. "more infected day by day", "politicans THINK about to make a mandatory vaccination", "politicans wanna bring back the mask requirment in schools"...LIKE WHY THE FUCK WAS IT ABOLISHED IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!?!?

Am i to stupid to understand that? Or are people WILLINGLY to ignorant to use their BRAINS for ones? I mean, in such day, THINK, we cant sadly rely on politicians if they do shit like "THIS". Like: IF the politicans SAY, as i go with this sample now, that we dont need to wear masks in schools, do you guys REALLY think in this TIME right now its actually "GOOD" to "obey" that shit???

I srsly cant anymore and dealing with such shit let me sometimes think i should run for the chancellery...


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