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NFTs? No fucking thanks.

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 31st, 2022

Normally i dont create SO fast a new journal if its either not important or something which kinda freaks me out but lately, the whole internet is basicly fallen into this whole topic so i only think its right that i give my 2 cents to it:


For people which doesnt know, i will explain them VERY shortly and easy...

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and you can "Basicly" say an NFT explained kinda like this (here said this is a VERY easy and small sample so people understand it):

Imagen i would sell you a ticket with a number from 1-5 on it for, i duno, 5 bucks each. So i have 5 tickets in total with an equal price each. What i do "sell" you is THIS ticket. With this ticket, you can take a "seat" in a seat line. I dont sell you the "seat" but more the "privilege" to sit on one of the 5 seats i sell you the ticket for. Also remember: you can also trade your ticket YOU have with other people, aka sell, which want your "seat". You can sure sell it for what ever you want if you want which is basicly the "core" of NFTs.

Now lets go forward, Lets say i sold you Ticket nr 2, So you can take a sit on the 2nd place in this said seat line. Till now, you would say "why the F should i buy from you a ticket to take a seat right there? Thats dumb." Which it is but lets say, I would hang up infront of EACH SEAT something to look at, like a picture from me or a short animation, would you maybe than buy it~? You might would think now, ok that is worth it but the problem is, basicly, everyone ELSE IN this seat row can see the picture(s) AND everyone outside from it so why should you still buy this "ticket"? This is where the problem comes because i didnt tell you all that but YOU might "think" i dont sell you just the privilege to sit there, you actually think i sell you the picture which "comes" with it...as PLACEHOLDER.

A lot people THINK with NFTs they buy, they get what is "shown" but those are just placeholders.

Yes, you heard it right. If you buy yourself an NFT which shows some art or gif or mostly something similar, that doesnt MEAN youre the owner of said thing. YOU did only buy the PLACE which "identifies" WITH it. So basicly: Youre buying the privilege to take a SEAT INFRONT OF AN placeholder with the worth of, you guessed it, nothing . You dont get the art, you buy a little bitplace on a lobbyline which is worth nothing. Its literally like "buying a place on the moon". The sellers dont have (mostly) the rights to sell it and you will never really own it in the first place.

There IS actually a whole video about what NFTs are and this is really well explained, you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/XwMjPWOailQ

So whats my opinion about it?

In short: Its a brilliant scam but even if it IS brilliant, it is still a scam but people fall for it like flies. They dont get it and the biggest problem, not just people "create" such NFTs, bigger companies DO this shit as well! Mcdonalds, Konami, even YOUTUBE is about to sell those!

So if youre clever, DONT buy those and dont fall for those only because someone told you too, its stupid to do so and sure not worth it to literally buy nothing.

The biggest problem is also that it is basicly SUPER unsave (right now) and a place for art thief which "try" to sell (or in fact "just use") art they dont own...and another bigger problem is that they are artists even from the pages I have accounts on which TRY HARD to sell NFTs for prices which are around 1000 Bucks up to HALF A MILLION! FOR NOTHING! Just think about that for now.

So yea, my opinion is that i just laugh about people which think NFTs is something they need or is the "new boom" or something. If i want myself a beg full of nothing, i go to Ebay and buy myself a pack of WLAN-Cables...



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