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[Some stuff is actually important] April Stuff?

Posted by WAtheAnum - March 31st, 2022


Well march is over and we head now to april, easter month and here said i have some important stuff to say:

A bit ago it seems like gamejolt from ALL the places changed their TOS as for "what" kind of games you will be able to download there - In short, they listed my 3 adult games "privat" so i from what i know is that noone can see them if they are not directly linked to them - next to this thier pages WILL be deleted ones and for all at the end of this year, making the games not more downloadable in the slightest because they will be deleted.

So in case you STILL want my games - and in hope the links still work - i link to you the 3 games i made:


You can still play it on my Newgrounds just in case but if you wanna a downloadable version:


- Shade Runner

The first of all games i made in this kind, it was a bonus game i made for the furiotic pack as extra ones - maybe you remember. Still, you can get it here:


- StarVixen

The one which got the most love and attention since it is actually a pretty nice shooter i ones made - sadly i couldnt update anymore side i had a virus attack which got also the base files for it. Still, if you wanna download it:



WITH that out of the way i can also go into the other topic that i actually began to work ones again on my game which was now sooooo long on hold: DareDevil 2.

Yes, in the last weeks some stuff was already added so that it comes closer to be finished which is stuff like a working savefile, over half of the ingame-shop and a working credit page. What is missing is for sure still the rest of the shop, a "how do you play" section and, of course, the boss fights.

Here said, i duno STILL when its done mostly because my friend which works on the boss sprites has also a real life :3 (i dont blame him here, im really glad he helps me actually) So i might said easter but i doubt it will be the case but still: i HOPE at least this year for sure since basicaly 85% of the game is for sure ready.


Next up would be the what i would draw this month. I honestly dont have any clues next to, of course, another picture with my easter bunny since we have easter in april, duh.

Else i actually thought to draw again my lesser known characters for ones like my Enderwoman or, "finally", My Spy characters again. I ALSO had in mind to draw another "bunny" picture this month but im not quiet sure yet, so we will see.


ANOTHER fun think i had in mind was actually a small question line for my watchers because i just want to know and, who knows, it might end up in a special picture or something:

What i wanted to know from you guys is actually this :D

- Which character of mine would you like to have as actual friend and why?

- Which character of mine would you like to hangout with/cuddle/play games/similar and, of course, why?

- Which character of mine would you actually like to have "it" (you know what i mean~~~) with and why~?

Here said, of course, you can answer all 3 question with 1 and the same of my characters but than i want a good answer for "why" hehehe ^^

This would be nice to know so i can grain some feedback in a fun way and you guys might end up with a nice picture to enjoy, who knows :D


Thats all for NOW since i have no idea what else to write. Hey im honest at least ok? XD Enjoy ya day, get a cookie, drink some milk, stay save :3


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