Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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Well april and into may i think

Posted by WAtheAnum - May 10th, 2022


Ok im honest here, April was a month which went horrible for me, at least for myself as in here at my place. I dont wanna here begin with a long wall of text "already" but people which MIGHT remember the "ID post" i made on my FA account saw that i was really so down that, in other words, wouldnt be sitting here writting. Yes, i was actually "that close" to end it all since i couldnt take jackshit anymore. They were days in April where i was sitting on my bed and asked myself "why" at all. In "why" do i even exist anymore or similar questions.

I tried to come back up at least a little bid and now i feel slightly better - at least over all im a bit more happy and relaxed but still not over the hill with this crap.

But i try to get my head elsewhere with my drawings or doing some work on other stuff, like my games as for one good sample.

With that in mind, last month i did already create a smaller, new game just for easter to enjoy - namely "Fly-Attack" which is a homage to "Gnat-Attack" from the good old Mario Paint. I enjoyed working on this game tbh and its still a fun timewaster. In fact, i thought about to updated ones again this month with new flies to swatt heh. I already got some ideas for new flies so stay tuned if you enjoy this game.

As for another game, i created finally something like a preview trailer for Daredevil 2 which you can check out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehhpKRll-k4

I tried to work on this one as well but have still to wait for some sprite art for the bosses. It still comes along pretty good and now, nearly the shop is done as well and a working savestate is also there. the problem is as always "when it will be done", i duno but i still enjoy how far it went heh.


As for other stuff, here said i know that April was really an oddball for my artwork overall since i barely really drawn characters im more known for or pretty much nearly none of my "usual" characters. Sure i drawn some but like none of my fluffy furry girls (ex. Faly) didnt make it this month. To be honest, i needed a change of pace and it helped me to calm and work on my design for most characters - overall i still drawn sure some pictures people enjoy and some of my "lesser drawn characters". That said, i noticed some people want me to come back with more Spy Vs Spy art which is true, i dont draw much of as right now. Its not that i dont want to, more the fact that i need "fitting" ideas for them so here said: Ideas for my said Spy Vs Spy characters are sure welcome and would bring them back for sure.

As for SAID ideas i have which i could draw is maybe a Bikini series? I mean my idea letter is kinda "empty" since all i wanted to draw is now done - last on the list was the bad luck kitty (and that i think about some Spy Vs Spy ideas) X3

So yea, duno! We will see i guess.

as for my health, i still have my wound on my leg but i bandage it so its not that terrible anymore and feels better. It might will never really heal 100% but at least i try to take care about it more (tbh, since the beginning of this year i try to and i try better things which work different. my doc also couldnt do much different stuff than just banadge it so yea, now i do it myself). So we will see how that works out.

As for how all stuff is...

As i said, i still have my moments but i try to come over them. Its nice that i found some new friends viva an old friend of mine already which are nice to talk to. It also seems they like my art and told me im "way to underrated". I mean, again, i never say im a "super good artist" or something but if i think about i draw now over 17 years...heh, i think im doing good so if you enjoy what im doing im happy but always remember, comments, critique and feedback is always welcome. :D


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