Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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"just get blocked"

Posted by WAtheAnum - May 26th, 2022


It doesnt surprise me anymore that if you talk honesty to some people they dont respont anymore but just block you only because of the fear that what people might leave on their page as comment is true.

The biggest grind is also the fact that i cant "name" them because it would be name-shaming and for a lot pages im on its a no-go and that even proofs more my point of people enjoying thier anonymity a bit to much, at least in "this cases" if you wanna talk about someone but cant name them, if you got that.

So said here, i dont wanna rage myself into a mess but i try to keep it short. I got blocked by 2 "super nice" artists for making hints or telling the dark truth in their faces:

- Using stuff you dont own or nor have the rights for using them is bad. People dont support -you- for -your- art but because you keep drawing something they wanna see - a copyrighted characters ass n titis.

This is a long running thing already and im sure people which watch me will be like "here we go again" because even im growing sick of it but this week, i got basically blocked for mentioning that the artist...lets call him "mr R", should stop using copyrighted characters for his own but could insteed use its own creations because im sure he has the knowledge of it - nah, i got blocked without a word. This shows me only that some patreon artists doesnt "want" to create their own stuff but only milk the newest characters till the last drop. Im 100% sure everone knows which characters i DO mean and i dont need to name samples or artists - again even if i would, its name-shaming again so i dont.

- A lot people struggle in life to get or earn money to survive or even pay for a sudden bigger "event" which sadly (for the most part) happend in their life wile other artists begging here for money just to get one of its ocs drawn in a...lets say "special way".

Yes, this is something i also dont like but people wink it of that people like me are just "envy" or similar. Let me use a sample, a personal.

Last year, my father died. i was, and still am, in a bad situation which basically breaks my mental health to a limit and my pysical health is basically "non existend" - at least at this point. Earning money "in this state" is basically not possible - just go out and ask for someone for a job with basically pysical problems which go so far that you would just kill yourself for standing in the wrong place. Im sure you will get a job super fast~

So that i basically was asking for money to pay for my dads funeral was a no-go for me but i had to - and before this sounds wrong here, guys, im still happy people helped me out for every single euro i got. Srsly, at the end i was literally crying that i basically sold myself in the internet and went that deep that i actually "begged" people to get money. Sure, it was a thing to understand, i had to pay a funeral and i sure had not the money for it...but than at the other end of the pages you have accounts on you see people, opening a donation to get their fucking OCs preggo for 2.000 Bucks.

I hope someone can understand the frustration level there. Some people went BALLS deep to actually even "thinking" to beg for money because they are in real need of it...wile other people go this mile i guess...

Be 100% legit here: Who would you help?

Someone who really needs your money for something really really important

Or porn?

Be 100% legit here because im sure a lot would go for the porn.

Anyway. As i said before i dont wanna go into this to deep but only wanted you guys to share my thoughts of the week. It feels more and more like that im right to say im glad im not part of this fandom because of this shit. I cant "blame" all and everyone for this 2 ones but than again, im sure they are a lot more which would do 100% the same to someone "like me", who might has not a big name on its tag but sure a long history to write - which, at this point, i might even have the will to write down but than, name shaming will be a thing for sure since i hate it to put a leaf infront of my mouth only to kneel down and obey the fake-masquarade a lot pages and this so called "furry fandom" (for the most pages im on) is playing...its getting really sick and im sick of it anyway.



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