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Full on - Lemmings Month progress and how good it feels~

Posted by WAtheAnum - February 8th, 2023


First things first

I know that not everyone likes it if i draw Lemmings or Lemmings in general. Again, You have to remember im an old school gamer and basically grown up with old classic games and thats one reason why i like the small cute greenhaired fuzzballs. I still understand if not everyone likes them but, again, I do this month mostly for me and, of course, for the people which enjoy such old stuff.

Though, i have to say it here that i actually never felt better than today to say and draw my Lemmings - in fact, i already did draw nearly of all my ideas i had for this Lemmings month that im actually surprised that its not even the middle of the month yet.

I already have another Lemming in the making, the Asia tribe, and 2 other ideas written down. IF i do another "grande finalle" for this year, which ends mostly up with 2 Cute Lemmings in a "private situation"~, i actually duno. MOSTLY because this time i dont have really a lot "Female" Lemmings for that part. Right now i have drawn 2 Female Lemmings, The School And the Playboy ones, but the School one...im worried this miiiiight get me into trouble so i dont wanna use her but the Playboy one is the only Female one "adult" enough to maybe use for such special picture - again, not sure but than im sure it would be mostly welcome┬┤d to be drawn (IF you know what i mean).

So yea, i still have 2 (+ 1/2 which is already in progress) Ideas for said other Tribes and maybe i add another one since there is still so much time left. I dont know tbh, i will see.


ANOTHER info is, i actually got ask as of late why i dont draw my OTHER stuff "that fast". Heres the thing: My other characters sure have more details, for the most part, and i draw them in a big picture so you cant compare a smaller-scale drawn Lemming with a full blown half- or full body pose of one of my other characters. The only charaters which are similar in "how easy" they are to draw, next to the Lemmings, could be my Spy Vs Spy characters BUT here is the problem its hard to get for THOSE actually "fitting" ideas because they are from a different and WAY older universe than the Lemmings. I mean with the Lemmings, i can basically do everything, keeping in mind that they are maybe as big as a Smurf or even smaller but with my other characters or said Spies, its a different story.

So yea, pls dont try now to "rush" me with my other art only because i enjoy drawing Lemmings in Simple poses. You cant compare such easy drawn stuff with my more complexer stuff ^^; PLEASE understand that!

SO thats all for now, stay tuned for more Lemmings AND if you have an idea for a Tribe i should represent, MOSTLY with a Female Lemming (if possible), leave a comment with an idea! I sure would enjoy your ideas hahaha ^^


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