Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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Posted by WAtheAnum - March 19th, 2023

Thiiiiiiissss....ok...how should i start that...

Ok let me try it this way.

FIRST of all, i T R Y to go with samples here. I dont name original names (EVEN if some people kinda deserve to be named here) since i think what happend should stay "as it is right now" since the people and persons got "punished" already enough, at least "hopefully".

So...im honest here.

I always disliked the way how people just "create" something and sell it for a quick buck. Of course, they have all rights to...but what if they dont~?

A wile ago, again im going with different names and samples, an artist i follow got into something said artist didnt want to but did it to proof a point.

Heres the situation (which IS real though):

A more "known" artist did create an adopt for sale for around 300+ bucks. It was a furry. the design (this is the sample here now) was a bunny character with lila main fur, front white fur, darker purple feet and hand paws, long black hair and brown eyes. The sale went on and the "adopt" got sold for around 500 bucks.

Here is the thing though. 2 days AFTER the said adopt got SOLD, someone left a comment at the said mroe known artists page and posted a comment WITH a link that the adopt he just sold was very very VERY similar to someone elses, not really much known artists creation.

It indeed was: it was also a bunny character with lila main fur, front white fur, darker purple feet and hand paws and long (a bit mure curvy) black hair. Literally the ONLY differance was the eye color, which was green on this ones artist creation. Else it was "LITERALLY" a near perfect 1:1 creation. Imagen Garfield, just with an eyecolor change to make it more simple here.

And here is were the fun begins...

Said more known artist means he didnt know and he still sold his creation wile some fans from the other not so much known artist actually said he literally tried to rip the other, not so much known artist off.

In fact, the not so much known artist got TOLD about this and even he was like, yea...this is a bit "to" similar for a "unique" design there.

And oh boy, shots were fired but HERE is what i call "a dick move"~

The more known artist literally SAID and LAUGHED that he disrespected the lesser known artist for "trying" to "ruin his image" by calling him "thief" for stealing someones unique creation qhich is just an "odd coincidence" - in fact, some of his fans tried to attack the lesser known artist...because why not i guess.

And here i say, hats down to said lesser known artist~

Do you guys know what he did~? He actually, went on COURT with this :3

And hes the reason why for the most part at least from what i KNOW and HEARD: It was not even the reason that this other more known artist stole his creation, basically. it was more the reason because he thought he could get away with it AND being a literal asshole. :>


Sorry but i loved that the lesser known artist went on court for this AND WON. YES. The More known artist told on court that he actually D I D know the design and that it somewhat exists but not a lot people were didnt know of the said lesser artist so he though he can just take it and nobody would care. Yes, this is what was told on court.

At the end, the known artist lost and had to pay the lesser known artist 60.000 Bucks for Copyright infringement and "slander and public insult" (i duno the real word of it which brigns you on court) XD

Im srs i love that the lesser known artist won and only shows yes, even if youre more known and do create adopts, you might should check twice what design you try to sell.

I posted this also because i saw designs, VERY PLAIN AND SIMILAR, which people try to sell but im sure is existing somewhat. Im not nameshaming here but just as hint here: A cat furry character with long black hair and normal white fur is sure already taken, as for ONE plain sample here...

Again, not nameshaming but...





This is just one sample and what i basically try to say is: if you create adopts, make sure that it is LITERALLY U N I Q U E . Such simple design is very similar to other designs and, even if in my sampel the design is somewhat simple, check always TWICE noone took it already.

thanks~ XD


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