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[Small game vent?] Am i doing something wrong?

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 26th, 2022

Ok im not sure where to put this since its basicly somewhat about games but also a bit of a "vent":

lately i got into Pokemon unite abit again so what i show you is just from the last days playing and from nearly every match (at least the ones i won).

I mean i duno if people here do play Unite but, i think a lot people dont understand it? I mean i know moba games and played such for a longer time - LoL is a good sample i played back in the day for a really long time (i gave it up since it got way to toxic). But...

Im serious, just LOOK at this pictures: https://imgur.com/a/EnXfZyG

Will you notice something? Here important to say but i dont know actually which: SOME are from the "random" battles, SOME actually from rang battles in the higher super league. Still, Do i do something wrong? Am i the only one "playing" the game??

I mean i already "vented" already about unite a wile ago but right now i feel like this only proves my point. A normal match is basicly for me like this, lately: I as someone who "mostly knows" (if you know what i mean...) that i basicly cant trust any of my teammates since...well i mean the pictures basicly explain what i mean...So i go "Jungler" - or in the games case, Sprinter. In case: https://unite.pokemon.com/en-us/pokemon/zeraora/

I learned to play "Zeraora", a pokemon i dont even know about (which seems to be a problem in this game since a lot "people" seem to pick only their fav pokemon and still doesnt understand "their roles"...). So At first i had no real idea how to play said pokemon but quickly learned how it works best: Be quick, do damage, get out. And thats what im doing: if you know moba games im basicly "ganking" all the time since even the enemy team doesnt understand "what" im doing - "roaming". I dont have a "line", i walk around in the middle area, for the most part, and look where people need my help...and well as you can see it works fine.

Im mostly, if i begin a fight, already 2-3 level over my enemies, since i "farm" the other monsters in the middle area and try to get the "buffs" from the bigger monsters as well (if my team isnt that "stupid" and LET the buffs for me ffs), and only "score" if i have the time for since, again, im not there for it, i try to "hinder enemies movement": Killing, away from letting them score.

Still, is it just me or was that already "to much" for people to understand?

The problem and answer is: yes!

Pokemon players, for the MOST part, never played a moba or never had the intention to do so, they dont know what basicly ALL the words i said mean.

Just for some samples so it makes it easier to understand for SOME words (just for some and i try to be easy):

"Jungler" (or in this games case Sprinter)

Basicly the guy which doesnt stay on one of the main lines. Hes the one which levels on his own and comes to "gank" if people on their lines need help.


Basicly a surprise attack from the Jungler (from the most time). He "suddendly" comes into one of the lines "out of nowhere" wile the enemy didnt suspect it. Such attacks are mostly quickly done and the jungler will mostly do a lot damage, if not surpress the enemy just with his presents alone.


This means basicly you dont have a main possition somewhere, you walk around and "do your thing", which is most fitting, of course, for junglers since they mostly "roam around the map" to get their farm.


Farm means killing monsters to level up quickly. In Unite, there are 3 areas to "farm": the 2 Lines which have monsters to kill and the middle area. Important here is that the people on their lines should NOT STEAL the farm from other areas. As sample, the jungler is REALLY IN NEED of his farm. DONT. STEAL. HIS. FARM. He needs to get some levels quickly to help you out else he takes more time farming and wile he does he cant help you - so DONT STEAL IT.

"Buff Monsters"

Buff monsters, in Unite, are the 2 strong monsters on each side of the area. Those help, mostly the jungler, to get quickly some level ups and killing monsters FOR said exp which he needs. A good team leaves them for the said jungler because the team knows the jungler needs said buffs. Without the buffs, the jungler will REALLY suffer with his farm and you might lose the game because YOU just wanted a quick kill the jungler actually NEEDED insteed.

If that was already to much for you, than you might can see what i try to say here...


Most of the people playing are kid probably but I see what u mean I don't even know what some of this meat before u said it

Thats the problem.
Pokemon is created for childs, "mainly". I sure know adults which also enjoy pokemon but, in any case, the pokemon games are mainly RPG-like games (next to other spin-offs of course) and they dont play CLOSELY to a Moba game. I dont "judge" the people, for the most part at least, but than i think Unite does a VERY bad job explaining the people that "this game" (Unite i mean) is not like a usual pokemon game but more of competitive nature where you need to know already the stuff i said, know your roles and...well all the stuff about mobas - Basicly: Forget youre playing a POKEMON game in total.

But no, try to tell that people which have never played a moba OR even KIDS which doesnt even understand the controls in the first place...