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Newgrounds double standard rules are idiotic

Posted by WAtheAnum - May 15th, 2022

I dont wanna point fingers here but the problem is i kinda use some only as samples just to see how stupid and idiotic the literal double standards of the page is - again, no hate against the creators of said or shown stuff but it feels like if someone "else" does that, stuff gets taken down by the mods and admins WHICH is right to do so because youre using something which is against the rules but than, if you look around, a lot people STILL dont care and upload it - and it STAYS on Newgrounds.

SO yea, about that...

"Dont use copyrighted music or we get the stuff you uploaded down from here!"

About that...

"Dont upload screenshots!" (here said i tried to upload myself some and they got deleted so i know what im talking about)

Just look for "Secondlife" here as ONE sample and viola~


A hole bunch of pictures from Secondlife...

Again, those are just some samples but this literally feels like a fucking double standard. You cant take stuff down just from SOME people and from other people, it stays for the same fucking reason the other persons stuff got taken down.

This is called a double standard ffs. Stop this bullshit. If its in the rules and against it, it should be taken down - everyone on this page should be handled equally and has the same rules to obey.



That's what the Elite Guard Barracks are for!

Also, typo (This is called a double standart ffs.)

yeaaaa i duno why i used a D insteed of a T there. might be the german thing or that im unsure because some actually use a D insteed of a T. duno.

aaand whats the guards doing?

@WAtheAnum They report and whistle rule violating NG content, such as stolen games, copyrighted music, reuploads of blammed stuff, and other non-animations, and the list goes on.

well than someone should maybe tell them about my stuff i have shown here as sample.i dont want to harm the creators but again as i said - rules are rules and everyone should be handled equally. everyone has to obey them and it makes no sense that some stuff - even if it is good - stays if it still violates the rules of the page.

as for me, im not someone who is a group person i guess. ^^;