Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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Posted by WAtheAnum - October 29th, 2018

Sadly for me, it was to big for flash and it doesnt work propper in H5 so i had to create a download version. Still, its nice to play this way AND in fullscreen mode too! :D

Sprites and Game

Done by me (yes, even the Lemmings one is redone and resized by me ;P)

Title Art (commission)


"The Internet"
Montezumas Revenge on the C64 (coz as gimmic~)

Musics by

8bit Betty
Kevin Mcleod
Lemmings are Original by Sony (i think now?)
Also: Even if i mark it as "Fangame", it kinda feels totally different to the original game. Im just a Fan from Lemmings and already created Games from Lemmings in the past....buuuuut those there more like the original and more...."meh" compared to this one.

Oh boi, There we go again. This time i actually tried to mix a lot type of games and creating basicly a "rouge-lite/-like" game. I took elements from "Spelunky" but add the focus on the "Lemmings" gameplay plus digging and collecting money.

I came up with this little Game which i lovely call "Underfoot". :3
The goal of the game is to survive the underground, collecting money, getting stronger and sure reach the exit.
The game has 10 Levels wile the 10. Level is kinda the "Last level" (you will see what i mean if you reach it). I builded in a ingame manual which explains the basics but i hide some mechanics so you have to find them out yourself. ;3 IF i have a better idea, i might add more "endgame content" but im bad at designing "bosses" or like and since this game is about "digging" and not much "fighting"...well i duno tbh...
And yes, the warning at the beginning is NOT a joke. Im srs there.
Im sorry if i didnt do better but i tried with this game to do something good. i had a lot fun working on it and maybe i update some stuff, like fixing the prices of the shop or droprate(s) BUT for that i actually need some feedback, which i hope i will get so i can fix the prices and the droprates if people say, as sample, they get way to much money or way to less, depending how they played.

Again said, this game is about DIGGING, not "Rushing". You sure have a timelimit but you should USE it, not "waste" it. Every second can be used to dig and collect money, which you need to get better stuff in the shop :3

I hope you enjoy it and that i really get some good feedback ^^
Also If you enjoy, Make a screenshot from the winning screen so i can have some stats to compare ^^

Posted by WAtheAnum - September 17th, 2018

As you might saw (or didnt...) here


Next to my flash games i created (so far) this bigger game, based on a C64 game from 1984 named "Spy Vs Spy", more known from the Mad Magazine Comics.


The reason why i am so proud is it also got honored by one of the original creators from the original game from 1984. Not only that but i really put A LOT effort into it that this game comes somewhat close to its original. Sure, i know its not splitscreen but i can tell you it makes a lot fun playing with 2 players together against each other.

I know that might sound like a bit "advertising", where you might be even right but i sadly cant upload it on Newground since

- the game mechanics are broke in the flash version, i duno why but i tested it but they dont work.

- i used music without permissions. i tried even to ask some of the artists but i got no respont so far, which is just sad. sure i could "cut out the music" but then something will be missing (if you play the game you might will see what i mean)


Again said here, it is a freeware fangame and im sure people would enjoy it more if i would be able to create a "online playable" version for flash but then i have to redo the whole game "just" for the flash version - which i dont see is really worth it if i might risk that the mechanics are broke again at the end.


So all i can say is, if you are able to play with a friend on 1 PC, you should please give it a try and might give me some feedback. It would be really nice of you since i try to work on this game to improve myself and even work on a new game "like" this.


thank you!

Posted by WAtheAnum - August 30th, 2018

im a bit confused about the uploading art tab


"This is not a sketch, please include it in the Art Portal."

maybe i dont understand this sense but, do i have to check it IF i want to show it in the Public art tab.....or not check it?


Im a bit confused by that tbh...coz i checked them which seems....logical...?

Posted by WAtheAnum - August 29th, 2018

Well hello everyone here on Newgrounds. After people told me i should "try" to get here a account on Newgrounds for my games i make, i give it now a try. So yea, be ready to get spamed by some games from me the next days lol XD