Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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WAtheAnum's News

Posted by WAtheAnum - May 30th, 2019

For people who enjoyed my last simple erotic game and likes simple gameplay + a touch of furry erotic in general might enjoy my downloadable game "Shade Runner", which you can get here:


Posted by WAtheAnum - May 8th, 2019


Ok i actually took some time for the journal since i didnt want to write it down to early nor to late, which it basicly is "now" X3 but hey its never to late to write a update ey?

So yea, whats new n stuff~

First of all im a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit worried about my laptop. its now not only getting old but i think i have to get a new one "soon". i dont say the old one makes now problems, not "big" ones at least, but lets say.....i can "hear" its getting old...

only problem: money. i dont have the money to get myself a new one tbh and i duno how i should get the money in the first place <<; which might be a big problem...

About life, well, i try to help my family here a bit more since my dad still has his problems and my mother actually needs a operation at her knee since her knee is heavyly damaged. So this also keeps me "busy", helping inside and outside the house and keeping stuff running.

Artwise, i got myself new gelpens, Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint Tintenroller (thanks @ cartoonwolf), since my older ones i used are pretty much...well....empty. Those are actually good so far, now i only hope they dont fuck up after i use rubber on them (for cleaning up the paper from the pencil sketch).

I sure have also some ideas i will draw in the "near" future, one of them is already in work but this time, i dont actually tell what i will draw, for now.

I also got asked about my teased "big project" or if the game i was working on was this said project.

First, no, it wasnt.

Second, Well as i said i sure HAVE the idea and i might work on it or not, which is the problem, it will take a LOT time and i would work on it for a long long time and would maybe draw this project only. So i duno still.

About the said game, im a bit disappointed that it is pretty much sitting in the dust right now, pretty less downloads or views (namely the Project bomberman 2 one).

This is also a reason why i really lose motivation to work on any game.

If its to small - noone looks at it or plays it for long

if its to big - noone downloads it or views it anyways

the only thing people look at if i would write "POOOOOOOORN!!!!" on it in big letters - looking back at my already created 2 small ero-snap games or "Shade runner" which got already over 1k views and lots of downloads, thinking about its basicly nothing more then a synthwave-pac-man game...

So yea, i will see if i "will" work on a new game but that for sure another day and if it would be for sure another sequal to one of my other games - and i sure hope its also playable viva browser. If not, well people still can download it anyways.

So yea, thats all for now. wish ya all the best and hope you do this for me as well ^^

Posted by WAtheAnum - April 27th, 2019

I finished my game today. so in case you want it, go here

It already got a small quickfix (Version 1.0.1) so that it should be able to run smooth again. just download it there and enjoy ^^

jesus this took me a week of work, i hope people enjoy it...

Posted by WAtheAnum - April 2nd, 2019


April fools day is over and its kinda time for a new journal now eh?

So yea, since i wrote in my last journal that i was kinda sick, yes. march wasnt really the best month for me so far. dad went to hospital, glady we drove back home with him (so he had not to stay there), i felt sick, other stuff also happend but meh, to much to tell and count up now at least.

Some in regular:

- I finished still some good amount of pictures like the mini furiotic series. i still HAVE some other ideas i will try to draw and will go on with that.

- One of my close friends is thinking about to throw the towel in a thing she normaly did "so long" now. I had to help her out but to be fair, i cant tell "what" we were talking about so its her thing now and i only tried to help.

- One of my other friends and great artists came back to DA. Still, it seems like he is a bit down and so i tried my best to cheer him up, for the better.

- Way to many good games came out like the new Toejam & Earl game, Yoshis new game or Risk of Rain 2 - and i got all 3! SO MANY GAMES XD

So yea

right now, im "fine". Spring is finally here and that means i will sure work more in our garden and clean up the mess the winter and weather left outside.

Artwise - Well, as i already said i have some ideas i will give it a try. April is also the month of Easter which sure means there will be another Easter Bunny picture around Easter time. I also still have my "big project" in mind and think about if i have more time to finally give it a try, said again, it will take a lot time if i really start that one. At this moment i might sound like a broken record a bit but, to be fair, i duno if people would enjoy it as much as i might do. Sure i could say "fuck it i do it for me" (which i mostly do anyways) but more like i want to draw this project 1:1 as i have in mind and i will try my best with it and not just "jump over it" and in the end it doesnt look good or doesnt tell the "story" how i wanted it to show people, if you know what i mean.

Anyways, Stay tuned peeps and enjoy ya day ^^

Posted by WAtheAnum - February 28th, 2019


Ok where should i begin...

I go with the title and try my best to explain that:

First of all, if peopel followed my journals on serveral pages, my dad was in hospital this month and came back but was NOT cured. they told them in the hospital that he needs to go to a special doctor for his health problem - which is actually a HEART & LUNGE problem. It all sounds kinda bad in the first place but right now, we all duno actually "what" he has - thats why he has to go to this specialist in march so THIS month. it can be that hes just there for 1 day or for 4 weeks, the gap is pretty big here. even with the status he has, we dont know what it actually could be, the only thing we know is that is gladly not cancer but something with to high presure in his lunges and a very rare "sickness", at least thats what the doctors in the hospital here said.

So all i hope is that my dad will be well soon...i really hope that since he already talked about writting down his last will -.-;


About my artisical stuff, i take sure sometimes longer breaks from it since i need to focus. its not like i dont want to draw but, you see, i have some other things to do which...well...."keeps me busy".

Also another thing about my art, i actually teased since beginning of the year that i would begin a big project if i have the time for or like. The problem about it is that, I really wanna do it. Really. I just duno if i would finish it since it would keep REALLY LONG to finish it. I will not tell "what" it is but it sure effects my art a lot...at least for the time i "work" on the project.

with that said, what will i draw or what do i have for ideas:

- first if all, i will try to finish the Furiotic project i work on. the 2nd part is already WIP and i think it will get at least 2 more pictures PLUS a cute "the end" picture, which makes it 5 in total

- After that, i have 2 other funny ideas i will work on. one is kinda a redrawn, the other more a joke i liek to make.

- After that i actually have written down here "Dont forget easter bunny" which might means i also draw a easter picture to "get ready" for the time, you know, a "before easter" picture as always

- There is more. I also wrote down "Krystal, Renamon, Okami". Which might means i will draw those ones again IF people like those art i did already from and with them.

About another thing, since someone actually poked me, whats with project "Talvion"? Well to be honest, the last time i worked on was last year and i pretty much put it "on ice". its not like i dont WANT to finish this "game", more like im fucking bad in pixel art and even worse if we talk about spaceships and lasers. With that said, i still have the files and stuff for it but i doubt i will finish it since if i would, the ships would look like fling dicks...in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

Other Games? Well i began to fool around with the program last month and maybe, MAAAAYYYBE i will finish another game this month, at least around easter at last.

thats all for now. if you have a comment or idea, just leave one for me or my dad.

Posted by WAtheAnum - February 5th, 2019


Well i think i did well with my latest pictures and i had actually a LOT fun drawing every single one of them somewhat ^^

So what i will draw this month?

Ok lets go for the list first:

- I already work on a cute picture for V-Daym before i forget it or have no time for it (reasons later, keep reading)

- A Cowgirl pose picture i had in mind

- Re-Drawn! Another picture from Faly someone told me on sofurry i should re-do and i might give it a try ^-

- A Furiotic? im not really sure about that tbh buuuuuuut its now over 2 months ago i did draw one sooooo....

- A special picture with a character i never drawn before, if im really in the mood for

- maybe another spy vs spy picture OR big project~

About the "time reasons", lately im worried about my dad. Today he went to the doctor he told him he has some real blood problems. Keeping things short, his blood mixture is a bit to "fat" for his veins and the doctor doesnt know why so my dad has to go to the hospital next week. Since we all dont know "what" "produces" this problem we are really worried - even the doctor which said it CAN be a heart- or lungproblem. Next to this they found some blood in his defecation and the doctor said it MIGHT be colon cancer...

As you see, this is still a shock for me and for sure my dad and still hard to deal with since we dont know what COULD happen next. IF (and i really hope so...) hes lucky, its just a infection or/and a flattened vein which would be cured quickly but since the diagnose is pretty much either "all or nothing" you can see why i really try to help my dad out for the next days, which might means i take some days off from drawing to get "right in the head" and can actually focus about the situation.

So yea, thats pretty much all for now and just hope for the best for my dad here ^^;

Posted by WAtheAnum - January 24th, 2019


After my last pictures, mostly the "re-drawn!" series, i have sure some other poses in mind i will draw pretty soon but since i had pretty much a WHOLE lot fun redrawing old pictures from me and pretty much overhaul them and making them look better, i ask myself, maybe you guys have some pictures in mind i should redraw again or give another try. I mean, my gallery on FA, DA, Sofurry and co are pretty big (doesnt count for newgrounds so far X3).

So if you want me to redraw a older picture from me, why dont you link it to me per comment and i give it a shot if i think its worthy to do so? :D

Also, other stuff will come soon! Might be a bigger thing, just sayin~

Posted by WAtheAnum - December 24th, 2018



I wish my watchers, comment writters, fave-makers, all people who enjoy my stuff, the people here, at home, at work or far away from their home, their families and friends, my friends and sure my family a merry little Christmas. May your wishes come true and the days are great for you and your close ones ^^

Posted by WAtheAnum - December 17th, 2018

Since i uploaded now more and more art, i really do ask myself "should i post more"?

Sure some were not up to date (maybe some month old) but if people really would enjoy i could at least upload some (sexy) pictures from all my characters (at least the most of them) so people can see them "in action" or have a new face they might like here. again, im pretty new "here" on newgrounds and i uploaded most of my art on my other accounts already (look my profile) if you really enjoy what i uploaded "so far".


So whats your opinion?

Posted by WAtheAnum - November 20th, 2018

i will soon upload some more art here, i already added some but i sure will at least finish uploading the "with X at the beach" series. its a bit older so the discriptions might be a bit out to date. still, i think the pictures are still nice and, at least for the series, 6 will be uploaded soon. stay tuned.