Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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WAtheAnum's News

Posted by WAtheAnum - July 30th, 2020


I leave you with this for the moment~

Posted by WAtheAnum - July 29th, 2020

Well just some more days and this month will also be over so it seems.

With that said, i need to remind me to upload Falys Special calendar picture in the next day - if i foget to do so, someone hit me up pls X3

Well as for august i have some ideas i actually wanna try out if i have the time for and if everything goes well.

AS FOR ART, this month i wanna try something which i wanna call "Cute Naughtys". No, its not a porn series or something. I got the idea from my older art "Fallout Fur" tbh and i wanna try to use a similar style, more "chibi" like and draw some sexual and/or erotic styled poses with my characters. Those might not be "super detailed" (im still thinking about if i use 2 laysers of shading or 1 like the Fallout Fur picture...) but i want to try something VERY cute and sexy in the same time. Imagen a poledancing tiny sexy Amanda as one sample. MAAAYBE i draw even a Furiotic in this style? Not sure but yea, if i go with art details for the next month, this might be the stuff i work over the next month...

WEELLLLLL NEXT to another project i try to work on IFFFFF i really have the time for...

Lately, my unmotivation and boredom hitted me h-a-r-d. I thought back about to create MAYBE a new game. Last game i created sadly went into limbo coz of the virus attack i had back in april. Since, i already got other ideas to work on for a new game.

I dont wanna go much into details but just some said here so you can maybe guess:

- It WILL be a sequal from one of my other games

- Its not a erotic or porn game

- Its not a fangame but one of my series i already have

Again said here, i dont promisse that i finish it or what ever - i just wanna try to work on something IF i have the time and motivation for - which i hope i will get for it "soonish".

ANOTHER bigger thing is that i really play with the opinions to actually LEAVE SOME OF MY ACCOUNTS.

Yes, you read it right.

DA as sample gives me more and more pain than grain. The latest design change pretty much doesnt only broke the community already, it pretty much broke the side.

- First, the birthday dates are not shown anymore

- a lot opinions doesnt work propper

- Adding art to a existing group of your OWN is a pain or doesnt work coz of actual MISSING BUTTONS AND OPINIONS

- Mixed up old and new design problems

- Still confusing rules which doesnt work out of even mods "give a dang" about

Im srs to say that, if i leave a page/account, i think DA would be the first - maybe right after sofurry.

"BUT WHY SOFURRY?" you might ask?

- My fav/view/comment numbers droped to nearly "unknown" status

- It seems like that a lot people i watched there went into limbo or already elsewhere anyways

- Sofurry seems like get the "just kink art for furrys" status. No srsly, i think me with my more "vanilla" art are getting slowly ignored there/feel at the wrong place

What about my other accounts? Lets see:

- FA seems to be my main or base account so far. I like the design and as long as they dont fuck it up, i think i sure will use it as normal

- As for IB, even if i dont get much numbers there, i still have people there which seem to enjoy my art there. Sure it has also some "odd kinks" here and there but i mostly upload my art there and dont look much around

- Newgrounds was normaly for me to upload my games which i still wanna go for as soon as i get my games (again) going. Artwise i duno, i think the "handful of people" which enjoy my stuff can still enjoy it? I mean i dont get really much FEEDBACK there or comments, votes OR LIKE (HINT HINT) but eh. As "page" its a nice one to enjoy actually

- Gamejolt is again something i sure stay and use just for my (bigger) games and nothing else

So yea i think the other accounts are save.

IF you might think now that i leave "this account" and wanna know where else you could find me, i could spam you with all my account links but to keep is short, just use my carrd and you see where you can find me, keeping stuff easy and simple:


Else, if you have ideas again, what i could draw or work on, leave a comment.


Posted by WAtheAnum - July 14th, 2020

If people follow me, i drawn kinda a small beach series with all my female characters. Right now i had the idea i might draw now all of my MALE characters in this "series" as well but i had also something in mind what people would "really" like to see, which is a original character of course.

So this is kinda a voting which character you would like i should add. characters like Krystal, Renamon or others like lopunny, lola bunny, Minerva Mink or Okami.

The choise is yours If yu just vote for them ^^

Said here, i pref if its more "furry like" characters or maybe "human" ones and not to odd looking or "to much anime" like. AND said here, for sure, i sure didnt draw all characters which people might vote for or even the ones i counted up as sample already.

Still, i wanna give it a shot so leave a comment for your vote and maybe a sample picture of the character iffffff its more a rare one. ^^

Posted by WAtheAnum - July 5th, 2020

Im srs to say, if you have about 1 1/2 hour time to spend on a Documentary, i would say watch this. Its really intressting if you want to learn abotu furry, are a furry or questioning all the furry stuff.


After i watched this myself i still dont really feel in touch with the fandom which exists NOWADAYS coz it seems like the older fandom was just way better. I was even so close to call myself "bruned furry" after all they told here in the movie but reading about them was kinda more like that "those" were kinda to extrem - the idea behind was sure ok but the execution....eh....no.

Anyways, it kinda let me think about it and might left a small mark on me coz it let me think about "where im standing at" here in this fandom...

SO again, maybe you should watch it as well, i can only say do if you have the time for. leave a comment below if you have any stuff to say about.

Posted by WAtheAnum - July 1st, 2020


Well some weeks ago i pretty much had really not much or no motivation to do anything. Right now all i can say now is that i feel a little bit better and actually got some ideas for my art at least like finishing the beach themed "stuff" i draw right now with all my female characters. So the next pictures will for sure be one of my characters i didnt draw "right now" around the beach side ^^

As for other stuff, well, there is not much to talk about. I got not really any idea for a new or good game i could work on or like neither do i play a lot games right now. I sure enjoy some and test some (its steam sale so...duh XD) but i really think i need to change a lot stuff. Not only gaming wise but more or less life wise coz HEALTH wise i have to be careful. I really need to change something somewhat but since we have the virus and this death epidemic around, times are hard to do so tbh.

So yea, i duno what else i can say here now but only maybe say if you have ideas what i could draw or which picture i could REDRAW let me know about. ^^

I also thought i might should take some commission and ask what people are willing to pay for and who would want one tbh. I duno. X3

Stay tuned! :D

Posted by WAtheAnum - June 7th, 2020


Im kinda sorry for this late journal. Normaly i write every new month a new journal for some status updates n like. It not only helps keep me going, i can tell you guys whats going on at my side and what i could do or i am tring to do.

As for last month, it was kinda a bit of a mess. If i look back at my pictures as one sample, i mostly drawn the more lesser known from my characters so it seems...well and okami X3. I still think it was fun to do so.

As for THIS month, im not quite sure. I have some art ideas but since some weeks i kinda hit a huge wall of being unmotivated. Everything i try to do or wanna do, i somehow dont "wanna" do if it is drawing, gaming, even helping here in the house. I duno WHY but im more or less just sitting here and be fucking bored and dont do a dang thing.

Its not like i feel ill or im lazy, its more like that i duno why i just dont wanna do stuff, what ever it will be in the case of "doing" something.

So said here, i "hope" i feel better soon that i can say what i will do in the (near) future. I have some ideas for art, thats for sure, but i also hope i DRAW them.

Another idea was also that i "might" try to work on a new game, not quite sure yet coz well the "unmotivated" problem but yea, i got some ideas for some stuff i could work on. Since the last problem with the last game i had (the virus attack on my pc...), i make now monthly back ups from my datas so that i dont have TO much loses of something like this should happen to me again. So if i would go and work on a new game i sure would try to make back ups from this as well.

Oh well, i keep you guys in touch if i feel better, i just hope i get my motivation back...

Posted by WAtheAnum - May 5th, 2020



SOUNDS intressting so far but i cant imagen a full (around) 1 1/2 hour long movie about a comic where there is normaly no word spoken. Sure, im a fan from Spy Vs Spy BUT, again, depending "how they make it" (animation movie, 3d movie, real movie) i can say that some might work out and some.....not so good.

Still, we will see. Im sure intressted how that one goes tbh.


Posted by WAtheAnum - May 1st, 2020


Well after all the stuff which happend in April...urg...i think its the best to move on.

My Pc is stable and works fine. All programms and datas i could get back are back. I already have the plan i will make monthly backups from now on (at least i try) so that i dont lose to much if something like that happens again.

As for the "losely output", its not repaird but i use a dongle/USB Wlan stick which seems to work fine for me so no big deal i guess.

And now to some other stuff:

As some of you might know, Deviantart is about to change "soon" and its classic style will be gone in exchange of the god awful "eclipse" design. I already saw a LOT people on DA not only raging about it but literally hating it, want it gone, post eclipse has to go-pictures and stuff like. A lot also said if it comes they go and leave - and thats actually a opinion i have in mind too. As i already said in another journal on DA, DA has a lot other problems before they should change their design first which already was BAD and ugly as it was "new" years ago and they didnt change a whole lot since. Yes, it seems like they pretty much IGNORED their user base and be like "fuck you guys we just do it anyway.".

I know DA is owned by someone else (i forgot the name, sorry) and thats the main reason why they change to eclipse but even if they are owned by someone else, they also should listen to a already long and old running user base. I use DA now since Jul 17 2007 and pretty much since, it went downhill with the page. Mods gave a fuck about reports and just kicked pictures WILDLY of their page, the rules are very oddly where you draw maybe a picture which is adult/mature and SET it in said rating and its kicked of the side coz it IS adult/mature setted - and most of all, why changing a running system if it works fine for ages?

I can understand it a change if it needs a overhaul or just to give the "Base" of DA some new fancy design but basicly is still the old one - but eclipse looks like they try give a old person a new coat which in the inside has other problems you just cant hide under this coat...

So im not "set" yet if i leave DA or stay on it but, as for that again, i already posed it in my last DA journal that i mostly do a lot stuff for my art EXTRA on DA like censoring it or changing some details, adding it to groups or like. And again, my lovely post i made about the rating system which is just a whole mess:


As for other threads, what will i work on next or do or RL n stuff?

Frist, as for RL, im now in a smaller "medical examination". I have to take some medicine every day since my right leg has a opening which "refuses" to heal. Its...leaking over a week now and the "sore water" (i hope thats the right word) drips out of it like hell. i already got a association for it and now the medicine which i have to take on a daily base. It doesnt hurt or something but imagen a water tap which is closed but every ones a wile a drop of water sill comes out - thats my leg.

So yea, hope that will heal soon.

As for other stuff, like my art, i got some ideas i try to work on like:

- I got some ideas for Lemina and some "Lemmings action" which i work on soon

- A Spy vs Spy picture which im not quite sure yet which pose i gona draw...

- A picture with another more known character~

- Another Furiotic series MAAAAYBE

As for the Furiotic, i heard some people asking me if i might make another Movie since Falys new model looks "hot" (nicely said since a lot used other more...."adult words" if you know what i mean lols).

Here i ones said to another watcher directly that im sure, Faly would create already a lot "solo" videos since...well...shes Faly. As for more "real" furiotic movies, the problem is more from my end since my model and stuff is getting OLD. I didnt changed my model since SOME furiotics, basicly its the one i use since....Furiotic...which was it? 17? I know its OLD...basicly from 2012 if im right and yea, i sure could use it coz i know some people like it but it sure does look odd next to Faly more "modern" Avatar. The problem here is: I dont use SL so often anymore. Everything i did in there closed or changed so why bother. Sure, i jump in there from time to time and have to try it out more often but the problem is also, if i WANT a new avatar i need money for it and there is literally no reason to put money into something i dont use anymore (or not so often anymore).

So if i would say and be like "I might do another Furiotic movie, i need a better looking avatar" and thats basicly what i try to say. I Sure need L$s for it So if you guys want me to get a better avatar and create a new movie (or even MORE, i know Faly would like too), donate me some L$s ingame. Name is "Walter Fanwood" and as i looked around avatar bases, i really need SOME good L$s for a good looking one.

SO yea thats all from me for now. If you have an idea or wanna talk about stuff, leave a comment! :D Have a good one ^^

Posted by WAtheAnum - April 21st, 2020

Yesterday i tried to let my pc get repaired this lose "screw". i found it was the wrong word, what i was meaning is the "input" or "output" (not sure which si right here, the one ON the pc) you put the antenna on, so sorry for the confusion. Anyways, i brought my PC to a IT repair store but there they told me its not repairable, at least not if i would know someone who would alsobe good in IT stuff -and- is also able to soldering THAN maybe it could be repaired. He also told me he couldnt put a wlan card into my pc since i dont have enough slots for it so that was also no opinion.

But he also told me that it wouldnt be worth repairing but more using a wlan usb stick or "dongle", which i got myself (a pretty good one) and it works out for me. The damaged output isnt repaired BUT the IT guy told me it woundnt effect the PC in the long run - I asked my friend and he told me the same.

So basicly, my wlan input doesnt work anymore but i got a dongle for it which means i can go online again with my PC woo~

After that, i told my friend to help me installing all the stuff "as it were" viva teamviewer and boom:

BASICLY everything (programwise) is back to normal.

Sure, i will need DAYS (coz of the freaking slow internet) to install my steam games again but so far, the PC runs smooth again. No aftermath of the virus so far - so i guess its for sure gone for good.


I sure lost some datas and i cant get some of those back, ever.

- Steam gamesaves MIGHT be lost some (at least THOSE which doesnt use cloudsave), have to check after the "days of reinstalling them".

- Programm SETTINGS are lost BUT i think i can work them out again. Mostly GIMP might be a problem to place and put stuff again the way im used to but eh, it should work out fine.

- Some internet bookmarks but i dont even remember the most of them so they were maybe not so important...*shrug* eh...

- Maybe some music but already back on track~

- My base art pictures but here i downloaded the uploaded versions from Newgrounds (the UNcensored ones~) and DA so here i can say at least i got the pictures back but couldnt update them in the future - well i was not up to anyways but still its a lose. Sad but not to hard, "GLADLY" not so hard.

But here is pretty much and is still for me the biggest lose, which are all my created own gamefiles. THOSE are gone forever. Im not able to update some games anymore Like Starvixen or Stiff Digging 2.

As for Stiff digging 2 im sure glitchydust has still all datas saved and i still need to ask him - as for Starvixen, i have to say here again, i dont update it anymore so Version 1.1.0 Is the final version. As i already posted on Gamejolt, i COULD update it with the old file i have but than it would be totally different from the 1.1.0 version we already have, meaning all the pictures, damage output, enemys, sounds and stuff WOULD be totally different. With that in mind, i better called 1.1.0 the final version and MIGHT build a sequal or "similar game" some day but for now, Starvixen version 1.1.0 is the final version coz of the base gamedata & extra datas lose i have.

And here comes now the biggest lose for me:

Ladys and gentlemen... You might know the stuff im working on, my artwork "universe" i call "Anum Chaos" (basicly all my anthro characters "world") has its 15th anniversary this year. Yes.

As for that let me give a little bit of a history lession here (lols). Normaly, Anum Chaos was another idea back than for me for a new game. They are even still some old trailers that i really worked on it just for some shits n giggles.



I sure had a WHOLE story in mind and characters and like (those were to see in the old artwork) but i never had the feeling for it to actually "create a full game" for it. creating a good game is a lot of work not really a lot people know or understand. Back than, i finished a game, a bigger one, right before i pretty much wanted to begin with the new project anum chaos. As for that, i can show you the old title of the game i made before, which was "The king of the rings". I worked on THIS one already, pretty much alone, 2 years.


The game was ok as it is but thats another story - i wanted to jump now on the game for "Anum Chaos" with full force. I created the characters, the story, some other stuff. Hell it was a lot work already back than.

But in the time i worked on the game, i kinda was stuck in the art. I loved the art and improving it. So basicly, i stoped working on the game just to keep on working on the art.

With that in mind, after 15 years, i basicly thought "ok its about time i create at least SOMETHING for my Universe"...

And so i worked on a smaller game the last weeks (well...BEFORE i got this virus...) on a game i called "Dungeon of FEAR".

And well....all i worked on is now lost. ONLY thing which is left is kinda a VERY early versions "demo" or "proof of concept", which you actually can get and try out for yourself down below. Its not much coz it was a VERY EARLY VERSION and was just made coz a friend of mine actually wanted to check it out. So basicly i can say thanks to my friend that he bugged me that much that i can show you guys this small thing. Here said, its a "game file" so i CAN NOT USE IT TO CREATE A GAME WITH OR "KEEP WORKING ON IT". As for that i would need the basefile which is lost forever.

So here you can "check out" the proof of concept yourself:


As for the white screen for the text, its in german (so maybe someone who speaks german can help me trans. it better)

basicly, it works as manual which says what you have to press:

Control with the arrow keys

S to start

R to reset the level (redo the maze generator a new)

1-8 so give a look at the powerups (JUST IN THE HUD, they were not working back than (one reason why the pickaxe isnt working...))

So with all that said, i think if i keep my pc on for some days, leting it download some last programms and the steam games, im pretty much "back to normal".

Still, im sorry that the game i was working on is lost. I wish it wouldnt and it would worked out better but yea...sometimes, something will change your plans i guess....

Posted by WAtheAnum - April 19th, 2020

After the hard reset from my PC yesterday i tired today to boot it up and set all my programs a new on it. problem here is, that it seems like my wlan from my motherboard is kinda damaged? there is one of the 2 yellow screws where you place the antenna on VERY lose. in fact its so lose its overtightened (hope thats the right word). So i cant screw it back in so its not lose anymore or even screw out. I will contact a friend so that he will check on it. If thats not helping i might need to bring my PC to an IT guy somewhere. But yea, hope it will be easy fixable but right now i cant do anything with my pc without Internet on it. I have no Lan cable here around so i ordert myself a long one that i could use "just in case" but not all the time since it would be though 2 doors and i cant leave my cable be for to long heh.

So yea, hope this will be easy fixed coz if not i might have to send the PC just for this screw back to my other friend viva post...and i dont that tbh... :/