Sup ppl. Name is W.A. the Anum. Call me Walter or just "W" if you want. I create a lot stuff, mostly artworks or games. In the past i also recorded music and made pen and papers. I create such things mostly "for the fun" so i hope you stay and enjoy.

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WAtheAnum's News

Posted by WAtheAnum - April 18th, 2020

Well than.

After some hours of waiting and getting a Win 10 reinstaller set up on a SD card, i found out that not only did the virus delete the systemfiles, systembackups and like - it already eated up steam and some installed programms.

So i had to plain delete all dates viva the windows 10 reinstall program, meaning, all what i counted up in the last post is lost forever.

TBH, its not "that" much. Sure, its a lot work till i got my computer going "as i had it" but now at least it boots up the system and RUNS.

Sure, mostly i hate that the game i worked on is pretty much GONE, meaning that the game i had in mind will be now lost forever, but else i think im "fine" (saying that VERY carefully).

So again, what (might) be lost forever:

- All games i worked on the said months

-- Starvixen which will get no future update (so version 1.1 is the final version)

-- Stiff Digging 2s datas are lost as for me, i hope glichydust still has a copy of them which i will ask in a min

-- Most importantly, the game i was working on is totally gone and "whiped". there is no chance or backup from it. All i MIGHT have is a very early "version" (if you even can call that) of a "proof of concept", nothing else. If i can find the data, i might upload it and show on what i tried to work on. If i want to work on it "again" i have to begain at "ZERO" aka with nothing.

- Some musics which is not to hard to get again.

- Gamesaves and steamfiles which i have to reinstall (which will take me ages by a internet speed from about 2GB/1 hour...

- All original artfiles.

-- HERE PLEASE LISTEN: it would be nice if someone would be so nice and could download my pictures on pages like Newgrounds, Inkbunny or DA (since here they are uploaded fullsize coz FA smallers the format...dont ask me its FA not me) from this one up: https://www.deviantart.com/watheanum/art/BEEzzz-810847482

and put them in a file like a zip or rare file on dropbox (or any other hosting side) so i can download the pack. i said more about it here: https://www.deviantart.com/watheanum/status/20417695

And yes, i offer some steam games in case someone would be that nice and helps me out there.

Still, the original files "might"be lost but at least i have the files with the background and like - just as backup.

- Installed and registerd programs are lost and needs to get fixed/reinstalled.

- All my digital background (used and unused) are lost.

- fanarts & commissions i got in this time are lost (i got gladly some back already, thanks to some people)

- All other "not so important" files (other pictures swf or nsfw, some text datas) are also gone forever but im sure i can find most of them again somewhere.

So at the end, it was sure a hit for me, mostly for the game i worked on which is now gone forever. im sure people WOULD have liked it...

Stay tuned for more in the near future and wish me some luck that i get my PC running well again and all the stuff i need back...

Posted by WAtheAnum - April 18th, 2020

Ok guys n girls, this is REALLY important.

Last night i got a virus attack on my PC and it seems like there is -NO WAY- to save ANY datas which were on it.

This means: my new computer will be BLANK and reset from the very beginning.

---So before you guys ask, im right now sitting on my old outdated Laptop (which still barely works...) which i now try to update and get running. That means i need to update a lot stuff on this one too.---

SO how big IS the lose?

Basicly, everythingwhat i got and did AFTER -AUGUST 2019- is pretty much gone.

Counting up:

- All Artistical files are lost from there.

-- GLADLY to say that i uploaded basicly all artwork i did as "smol" version. So the base versions might be lost but the edited versions "with background smallen by 50%" are there. So here i can say, its not a to big lose and i might download all the art i uploaded since myself and copy them on a external hardrive which i ordert.

-- Artwork i commissioned/fanart is also lost. i have to check my pages if i actually did commission people in this time coz im not sure. If i did im sure i will find them in my fav gallerys around my pages. In case i DID commission you or you made a fanart from me, PLEASE leave a comment so i know where i can find it (best with a link to it).

- Game builds & datas a LOST

-- THAT basicly means ALL new builds from the games i had are LOST in total and also means i C-A-N-T update them coz the builds i "might" still have from them on my old laptop are pretty much useless.

--- FOR THAT IN particular: Starvixen gets NO UPDATES ANYMORE. I lost the gamefile of the last build, the pictures, fixes and extra files. I cant create another upgrate anymore for this game ANYMORE. Thats kinda a shame tbh but, gladly, the last update fixed already a lot and added also a lot. So sadly to say but version 1.1 is now the finaly version...

--- That also means Stiff Diggings 2 main datas are also lost from my end, i HOPE glitchydust has still a copy.

--- AND HERE THE VERY BIG LOSE: Some journals ago i was teasing i work on a new game. Well...you can guess that pretty much all i did for it is also lost forever. It was already 40-50% done and yea...its also gone forever. IF i will start over, i cant tell since i have a lot to upgrate and download again so i doubt i will have the time for it...next to this it was already very deep in the production, i doubt i would restart over. Sure a shame but yea...

- Program installs are lost

- Music is (at least) 99% saved since i upload them on my MP3 player on a monthly base so only the ones from last month (kinda till mid march) are lost. not to big since i have them saved on youtube.

- Steam savefiles AND games are lost

-- This actually will be a big fucker here for me since i have here only very slow internet (for todays standarts) - problem IS: it is not like i dont wanna faster internet, more that we are NOT ABLE to get any faster ones since there IS no faster ones around here....whiiiich is bullsheat. So downloading all the games "again" will sure take some days for sure...mostly the bigger ones.

So thats all i can say for now. Right now i download a Windows 10 installer for my PC on an USB drive so that i can try over again. Its all i can say and do for now. If i know more i will tell more for sure but as for now thats all i can say. Stay tuned if i know more or "might" be able to even save stuff...just wish me some luck here guys n girls...


Posted by WAtheAnum - April 14th, 2020

As Someone from the Team Fortress 2 Community who also loves the game and played it nearly 2700 hours, With heavy heart i have to say that Rick May, better known as the voice from TF2s character Soldier, has passed away as for the reasons of the Corona virus epidemic...

May he rest in peace.

"You were good son, real good; maybe even the best." - Rick May



Posted by WAtheAnum - April 9th, 2020

Well first things first:

As i told some months ago and i was sure that this would happen, my old homepage is nomore.

It just got deleted from mx old host since they used the flash player to host it - and we all know how that went. So insteed to offer me another "style" of hosting or something (after all, i had my page there since AGES (really)), they just closed their does with said pages they offerd, letting not only me but a LOT others sitting in the dust.

Im not to sad about it but with that said, i had to create something like a "placeholder page" for my stuff or at least the stuff where you can find me.

I mean i still have my old Blog i "barely" use but i doubt i can call it my "frontpage".

As for that, i already made some months ago a page which is called "Carrd" and acts like a virtual card of links & stuff where you can find my stuff without spaming links after links in a journal or like (srsly i think its kinda handy af)


And maybe as you might saw, i had to change the frontpage button with something else - So i made myself now a Ko-fi tipjar. So if youre so kind and wanna buy me a ko-fi, youre welcome to do so. Its mostly there to help me with material costs and helping my friends and people out. I doubt i will get "rich" with this (and i dont wanna) but i wanna give it a shot. At times like this, i think its save to say, "why not?"


As for another "side news": Im working on something big which i hope will be done at the end of this month. i dont say what it is but...let me leave you with "this" for now~

Take it as.......hint...


Posted by WAtheAnum - April 5th, 2020

Ok this might sounds odd but let me explain.

WIth my last picture finished, my last paper block got empty so i had to get myself some new paper to draw on. I got some paper, the kind i normally use since ages (literally) and began to draw a picture on my new block today.

As for some infos, im using the "Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint" to draw and "Faber-Castell super polymer 0.5 HB pencil pen" for my sketches i do on paper and later scan them and clearn them up for the digital colors.

As for Paper, i NORMALLY used "Herlitz 732404 Blanko A4" but it seems like they changed the kind of paper they were using over the year.

How so you might ask?

Easy: my Pencil lines seem to "brush" a bit thiccer around than normal and, most importantly, my inc pen, the Pilot V5, seems like to...how to explain...doesnt "dry" as fast as it used to be on the paper - even SO bad that the lines begin to smear if i went over them with my hands (i mean sure its normal that lines/inc smear if youre drawing them and went right over them with a finger or like but after 5 minutes still???).

So the last picture i drawn on this new paper is REALLY freaking smeared and i have to clearn it up somehow. gladly for me i went digital so i can save it but the sketch itself look...yea...terrible.

It really seems like Herlitz changed their kind of paper so i need some other paper to draw on.

It WOULD be nice if you guys could tell me some paper blocks (please blankos and maybe with some links) you use to sketch on. Im sure willing to try new stuff but i dotn think i wanna draw on said paper again since...well...if i would still be drawing on the FULL traditional way i guess i could have thrown away the sketch tbh...

thanks in advance for every help.

Posted by WAtheAnum - April 1st, 2020


Well to begin right with the stuff, i hope youre al fine so far and be somewhat save at home or where ever you "have to be" .

I know we all giggle around the "Corona jokes" (like the toilet paper things and co) but i still hope you guys take it srs somewhat. If people already died from it, i dont think its the right time to joke about it. So be save, stay at home and dont get sick. :3

With that said, hello everyone to the next month, april.

I hope that the first april wasnt to hard to you guys with all the april fool stuff around - i as for myself didnt made such joke mostly coz its not the right time for one right now. I had one in mind but again, i didnt coz it wasnt the right timing for it.

So yea, April. Mostly we should think about the Easter time for the most of us people here.

But to begin right aways...

I have no freaking clue what i could draw over the next days. Normaly i wanted to draw something today (since it would be "the time") but i have no ideas what i should draw. My "Idea note" letter is empty. literally.

I got only 2 ideas in my mind so far which i dont wanna tell here rightnow coz i duno if i could go for them or better let them be, as for now.

So yea, artwise im burned out right now...Cant tell if i "finally" need a break or meh.

As for GAME wise ideas, i actually got one since march but its complex to work on. I had a game in mind at least on what my game would be "based" on (i already even requested some music for this game and got some nice for it) but the problem is i was not able to think about "how i could actually BUILD it".

To give you some hint, i was searching for the last 2 weeks a GOOD and EASY to use random Maze creator/generator but was sadly not able to find one which i could use for my program - or one which was at least EXPLAINED how it works...

Just today i got an idea how i could work on "something like this" on my own and i might could work on my game. It would take me a long wile (it would be a bigger game somewhat) but if i really dont get any idea for art soon i might go for it. Duno yet.

So yea, if you have actual IDEAS what you wanna see or have some QUESTIONS to ask about me or my art or characters, dont be shy to ask now.

Why that?

I have to remind you that I draw now Anum Chaos (my artwork universe) 15 years - so yes, it is its 15th anniversary (might note my banner change on Newgrounds).

So...yay i guess XD

Maybe i do a special series for it or something another day. So yea, stay tuned, ask stuff, give me ideas, etc ^^

Posted by WAtheAnum - March 1st, 2020


Febuary is over and with that said Lemmings month is done.

Said that, i had a lot fun drawing Lemmings over the month and it reminded me on the "good old times" of my artwork where i had a lot more fun drawing stuff "just for fun" and for the sake of drawing something which i enjoy just to be myself.

With that in mind, it kinda shows that a lot people didnt enjoy what i was drawing over this month - meaning that the Lemmings i drawn, even the big picture at the end, barely got any view and faves, around 40 views maybe and maybe just 2-4 faves.

Am i mad about it or something that i tell you that?

No, actually i give a crap about but it only tells me how many people here are here just for the boobs of my other characters i guess. I dont really care how many faves and views i got on my Lemmings pictures since i had a great month, no really, i kinda missed that. Doing what i wanted to do, not only "mature" art for the sake of it and relax myself for doing, ending it with a great poster (which someone told me i will get for "my walls"? okey? X3).

So even if all the Lemmings stuff i drawn last month didnt win any award, i dont care and i might really gona draw next year another month like this since Lemmings gets 30 years old~

Said that, i might draw from time to time now MORE of such "projects" just not with Lemmings of course. I had in mind to FINALLY draw maybe my Spy Vs Spy comic another month(s) but sure not this march.

This month might be a bit complex for right schedule since a lot will change for me in real life this month, already beginning next week - next to this, i need a little rest XD Lemmings month really was hard to pull off EVEN if i enjoyed it and had some relaxing moments - but i also drawn like every day, had to ask around for ideas, getting the style right and and and and.

So next week i might take the days off to clear up real life stuff first, after that, i have "some" ideas written down i give a try to draw, here a some of them:

- As for this years valentine, i didnt draw a thing since Lemmings month. So i might draw Faly as angel for the missed valentine.

- That said, i also got 2 other Lemmings pictures in mind i might draw, One will a picture i posted on DA just drawn a bit more "sexier", the other has something do to with LEMonade (got it~?)

- A Spy Vs Spy picture for me and an friend of mine since she already reminded me on the good old times where she did draw my Spy and i drawn hers X3

- Another picture which might take a bit longer i dont really wanna talk about "now". I try to bring a character "back" which went somewhere in limbo, sadly, since the said character doesnt have boobs and if a character has no boobs he is not intressting, so it seems...

thats all what i had written down artwise. I got another idea i wanna try to work on this month, again, if all is ok and "real life" works out for me this month, which would be a new game. I already asked a bit around for music permissions so i already got the main theme for the game. I dont wanna tell what the game is about right now but if i would finally be able to work on it, it might be my biggest project -yet-, bigger than Spy Vs Spy or Stiff Digging 2 for sure.

So stay tuned and leave a comment how was your Lemmings month? Is there something you wanna see more about? Ideas? stuff? feedback? would be nice to know from you guys ^^

Posted by WAtheAnum - February 10th, 2020

Today i had a hard day so i wasnt really able to go on or "want to" coz i was so OK, i went to bed and was really like fuck the world i gona sleep now.

Now, after my dog barked in the night i had to go out with him, took my cup of coffee and took a seat down here and turned on my PC, it seems like the Steam game (last journal) with all the stollen stuff was taken down.

I tried to find its storepage but it seems not like to work anymore.

I guess we finally did it.

TO BE HONEST, at the end, there was just so much shit going on with this game. People told me more and more about it, shown proofs and artists were not happy about it.

I had to overwork my review SEVERAL times to count up all the stuff which was wrong with it - Basicly, the dev didnt create a thing.

You can read my review about the game here (please give it a upvote coz we did it yay! XD)


As for keeping it a bit short:

- The dev used art with several art from original anime characters or even characters from other games like Rias Gremory, Kurumi Tokisak, Hong Meiling and D.Va from overwatch which was already against the legal rights.

- The art was stolen and reported to and from the artists - so the dev had no right to use them at all.

- the "base game" was just a cheap asset flip with nothing changed at all, just used, again, stolen pictures insteed of the ones which were in the asset which means he had no right to sell the game in the first place

- The game was a rip off from another, free game you can play online since 2018 (at least).

At the end, the "only" thing the dev could have sold in the first place was the bad stock music he used.

I hope just that this shows steam that their quality control is pretty much not existant if the players had to do their job. I mean i bet if i wouldnt have had rememberd one of the background characters, the dev would have had comin away with the shit he pulled off.

Still, im glad people supported me. Now it is down (so it seems) and i hope it teaches such "devs" something...

Posted by WAtheAnum - February 9th, 2020


Posted by WAtheAnum - January 31st, 2020

Next month is pretty much already knocking on the door and so i already began today with this months project.

About it a bit, this month will be a full month of "Lemmings" art work. Only.

Well...NEARLY only since we have a Friday the 7th in febuary and you might know what that means and who will be there~

But yea, what is my project for this month?

You remember "Lemmings 2 - the tribes"? A old classic next to the original. What i wanna try this month is drawing the main poster just in my style. So it will be not a 1:1 redraw more of a reimagen in my style. As i said, i already began and its not that i will draw 1 picture of it with 12 lemmings on it, no, i draw every single lemming on a solo picture so i can put details on them and that they will look better and more detailed if i put them all together in this big said poster :3

PROBLEM here is, ineed a bit help with it to "complied" it. Im looking for the talisman which you can see here in the background of said poster (SAMPLE):


I need a picture of it were i can see it full, maybe even that i could use it as background and put it into it (aka: i need JUST the talisman as transparent picture so i can place it in my poster as background-drop if you know what i mean).

I already tried to look around for it but it seems like i cant find a "good" picture - it sure should be big.

With that said, get ready for a lembuary.

Also as small side note why i got the idea and how:

1. The original Lemmings got released in 1991 on the 14th of FEBUARY. ;)

2. I was watching a lot Lemmings stuff lately and even got my self a small lemmings umbrella figure here :D

So stay tuned to see some odd and funny lemmings faces, beginning with Lemina~